Common Injuries in Rear-End Car Accidents

Common Injuries in Rear-End Car Accidents
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Common Injuries in Rear-End Car Accidents
  • Rear-end car accidents, while often considered minor, can lead to serious injuries 
  • Rear-end car accidents are often the result of negligent driving behavior, such as drunk driving, distracted driving, and aggressive driving
  • Injuries to the neck, head, and face are typical in rear-end car accidents
  • Car accident claims involving rear-end collisions benefit from the services of a personal injury lawyer in regard to establishing negligence and valuing damages

Rear-end car accidents are generally considered the most common type of auto accident. In some cases, a rear-end collision is only a fender-bender with limited property damage. Depending on factors like speed, vehicle size, and whether or not vehicle occupants were properly restrained, a rear-end auto accident can also result in serious injuries.

The aftermath of a rear-end car accident is a stressful time for many of our clients and their families. At Cellino Law, we aim to provide the exemplary legal support that our injured clients depend on to recover the compensation they are entitled to in a New York car accident lawsuit.

For a more detailed look at the personal injury claims process and an assessment of your rear-end car accident case, we encourage you to schedule a free case evaluation by calling us at (800) 555-5555 or completing our online form.

The Anatomy of a Rear-End Car Accident

A rear-end car accident describes a collision in which the front of one vehicle collides with the back of another vehicle after the first vehicle fails to stop in time. While low visibility and slick roads caused by inclement weather can play a role in this type of crash, more commonly it is the actions of a negligent driver that are responsible. 

Drivers may leave inadequate space between their vehicle and the vehicle they are traveling behind for a number of reasons. Often, the following driver is distracted by their phone, a passenger, or another source, causing them to speed and crowd the first car. Tailgating can also be intentional, like when an aggressive driver grows impatient with a slower vehicle.

Alcohol is another contributor to rear-end car accidents. Drunk drivers can’t accurately judge distance, leading them to follow another vehicle too closely. In any case, failing to leave adequate space for a safe stop can have devastating consequences for the occupants of the leading vehicle. If the following car is heavier, the occupants of the front car are at an even greater risk of injury.

Whiplash Injuries Are Caused By the Rapid Overextension of the Neck

Although whiplash injuries are one of the most common car accident injuries, it is not well understood. Whiplash is typically attributed to the strain placed on the muscles, nerves, and tendons of the neck when an impact from behind causes the body to violently lurch forward and then snap back in quick succession. Symptoms usually resolve within weeks with treatment at home.

Insurance companies have become increasingly skeptical of whiplash injuries, which can make it difficult to recover compensation for whiplash-related damages in legitimate cases. Medical records are an important part of establishing the credibility and severity of your whiplash injury.

Serious Impacts in Rear-End Car Accidents Can Cause Coup Contrecoup Brain Injuries 

The same type of motion that causes whiplash injuries can also lead to a type of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) known as a coup-contrecoup injury. An impact from behind can cause the brain to collide with the front of the skull, and then promptly crash into the opposite side of the skull. This means that coup-contrecoup brain injuries have two impact sites.

Coup-contrecoup injuries are related to concussions, a relatively mild form of TBI. Like all Traumatic Brain Injuries, coup-contrecoup injuries should be taken seriously and evaluated by a medical provider immediately. The risks of permanent brain damage may be higher with coup-contrecoup injuries as one area of damage may be identified and the other overlooked.

Motorists Are at Risk of Sustaining Facial and Dental Injuries in a Rear End Car Accident

When one vehicle rear-ends the car in front of them, the momentum propels the occupants of the front vehicle forward. If the impact is significant enough, the occupants of the front seat may be thrown into the hard surface of the dashboard or steering wheel. This can break teeth, noses, and other bones, inflict deep lacerations, and cause other injuries

Injuries to the face and mouth can impede speech and eating as they heal. Survivors may require reconstructive surgery to improve function and appearance. The cosmetic aspect of facial and dental injuries should not be discounted, as a missing tooth or prominent scar can have a profound impact on an individual’s self-esteem as well as the treatment they receive from others. 

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At Cellino Law, we understand how stressful it can be to meet the demands of filing a rear-end car accident claim while simultaneously recovering from painful injuries, balancing a tighter budget due to lost wages, and dealing with the mental exhaustion of the entire situation. Our team of personal injury lawyers is eminently qualified and comes highly recommended.

We pledge to provide outstanding service as we work to maximize your compensation. If you have been injured in a New York rear-end car accident, you may be entitled to recover compensation for damages like medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Schedule a free case evaluation with one of our experts by calling us at (800) 555-5555 or completing our online form today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to hire a rear-end car accident attorney in New York?

Car accident attorneys recover a contingency fee rather than bill clients at an hourly rate for their services. The fee is taken out of the final settlement as a lump sum payment to the car accident lawyer for the services they have rendered, so clients do not have to make any payments prior to their claim being settled. The amount is about 33% of the final settlement.

Is it illegal to tailgate in New York?

Under New York Law, tailgating is illegal. A law enforcement officer can ticket you based on this offense alone because it endangers other motorists. It is usually punishable with a fine and points on your license, although repeat offenses may dictate harsher penalties.

Who is at fault in a New York rear-end car accident?

The overwhelming majority of the time, the driver of the following vehicle is at fault in a rear-end collision. Usually, they were driving too fast to allow the space needed to stop. Under certain conditions, like in a multi-car pile-up or in a case where the leading car was braking-checking the following car, liability may be shared among more than one party in a personal injury claim.

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