Sample of Results

Sample of Results


A 24 year old law student suffered permanent brain damage in an automobile collision. The insurance companies refused to fairly compensate and offered 6 million dollars before trial. After a two week trial, a six member jury deliberated four hours and rendered at that time the largest verdict in the County.


A 44 year old man was rear ended by a tractor trailer on the I-190 in Tonawanda, New York. He suffered spinal injuries and had lumbar and cervical spinal fusion operations, developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and could not work again in the medical field.


A physically challenged young woman in Nassau County, New York was scalded by a home health aid while being bathed and had multiple skin grafts. The case settled just before trial.


A woman was crossing a rural street in Suffolk County, New York in the middle of the night and was struck by an oncoming car. Her injuries included* memory loss. The driver said the plaintiff came out of nowhere. An accident reconstructionist showed the driver to be at fault.


A 52 year old construction worker was struck by debris dropped by another subcontractor suffering multiple injuries including a fractured calcaneus and hip both with surgery and a brain bleed.


An 80 year old man had his toe amputated on a job site in Greece, New York.


A construction worker was electrocuted and seriously injured on a job site in Canandaigua, New York. The case settled during the trial.


A 50 year old CNA was injured when her vehicle was struck by a car making an improper turn. She had a cervical fusion and missed time from work. The insurance company offered 10,000 to settle before trial.


A pedestrian that was crossing a street in Western New York was hit by a car that ran a red light which resulted in spinal injuries; cervical and lumbar fusions.


A woman was driving back to New York City after picking up her son at college when she was hit head on by a wrong-way driver. She injured her neck and had a cervical spinal fusion.


A college aged man was injured when he was rear ended by a drunk driver sustaining a brain injury which resulted in him being unable to complete graduate school.


A man was a passenger in a car struck by a MTA bus in Queens, New York and suffered a neck injury.


A 13 year old girl with scoliosis underwent surgery by the chief of orthopedics at a major university medical center. Due to improper surgical technique, she suffered trauma to her spinal cord and neurologic damage.


A 34 year was driving in West Seneca, New York and was T-boned by a car that ran a red light. He underwent cervical fusion. The insurance company offered 7,500 to settle before trial.


A 21 year old was driving his motorcycle in Queens, New York when a limousine turned left in front of him. He fractured his femur and tibia, shoulder, ribs, pelvis and had internal bleeding.


A woman was attacked by a dog in Rochester, New York sustaining bite marks and lacerations which resulted in scarring.


A man was a passenger in a car struck by a box truck that made a left turn in front of the vehicle causing the accident. He sustained a neck injury and had a cervical fusion. He did have prior neck injuries and was not wearing his seat belt.


A 15 year old suffered a broken arm in football practice which was mishandled by the orthopedist. The injury worsened due to the doctor’s malpractice resulting in multiple surgeries.


A 31 year old woman was shopping in a retail store in Hamburg, New York when she slipped and fell on water that came from the ceiling. The landlord knew about the leak but did not fix it. She injured her low back and had a lumbar fusion surgery and needed future medical care.


A 35 year old construction worker fell from a scissor lift due to a defect in the construction site floor. The injuries included a fractured hip requiring surgery.


A 21 year old was struck by a vehicle that disregarded a red light as she was attempting to enter her lawfully parked vehicle In Rochester, New York. She sustained a crush injury to her right leg requiring an above the knee amputation.


A 27 year old construction worker fell from a ladder injuring his knee and lower back. He also had motor vehicle accidents before and after his work accident where he also hurt his back. He had a two level lumbar fusion surgery. The insurance company blamed the other accidents for the surgery.


A 41 year old carpenter slipped and fell on ice on a construction site in Jamestown, New York. He required a cervical fusion and his future employment was jeopardized.


A female in her early 20’s was rear-ended by a tractor trailer when she was stopped at a stop sign which caused her vehicle to explode in flames. She suffered severe burns throughout her body. The case was aggressively pushed through the court system and just short of the trial at a mediation session, the case settled.


A worker fell into an unguarded construction site and broke both wrists which were surgically treated.


A 67 year old pedestrian was crossing River Road in Niagara County, New York at night time outside of a designated intersection and crosswalk when she was struck by a vehicle. The driver had two alcoholic drinks but was not charged with DWI. She sustained multiple fractures including her leg which required surgery and had a brain injury.


A 46 yard old was operating her vehicle in Manhattan when she was struck by a privately owned garbage truck making an improper right turn. She suffered low back and neck injuries and underwent both a lumbar and cervical fusion.


A construction worker broke his forearm and had surgery when struck by an excavator on a construction site.


A 19 year old college student was stopped in traffic in Ontario County, New York and was rear ended suffering spinal injuries. She underwent a multi-level fusion of her lumbar spine and needed future medical care.


A 26 year old was rear ended by two vehicles on the I-190 in Buffalo, New York. She injured her spine which resulted in surgery.


A 44 year old was operating his vehicle when a tractor trailer improperly merged into his lane on the Cross Bronx Expressway. He sustained low back injuries and had a lumbar fusion.


A motorcyclist was injured when a van made a left turn in front of him in Manhattan. He suffered bilateral femur fractures, a fractured arm and wrist fracture, lower leg fractures, respiratory failure, spinal fractures and a pulmonary contusion resulting in multiple surgeries.


A woman was injured in a T-bone collision resulting in the loss of vision in her right eye.


A 31 year old woman fell in a grocery story and she suffered neck and back injuries. She had injections and a lumbar spinal fusion.


The mishandling of high blood pressure by the obstetrician during the first time mother’s pregnancy led to early separation of the placenta and decreased blood flow and oxygen to the baby. The baby suffered decreased oxygen requiring an emergency C-section.


A man went to the emergency room complaining of stomach pain and was misdiagnosed by the physician who missed that he had a bowel obstruction. The bowel ruptured resulting in multiple surgeries.


A 34 year old IT employee was involved in T-Bone collision in Lancaster, New York when a dump truck turned left in front of him he needed cervical fusion and a lumbar laminectomy.


A 40 year old union worker fell from scaffolding while replacing a bridge over Elmwood Avenue near Route 198 in Buffalo, New York. He sustained spinal injuries and underwent a lumbar laminectomy and discectomy.

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