The Role of Weather in New York Car Accidents

The Role of Weather in New York Car Accidents
Calendar icon October 26, 2023

New Yorkers can suffer serious injuries from a traumatic car accident when a driver engages in reckless driving behavior that can lead to them striking another vehicle. Drivers who fail to account for poor weather conditions can lose control of their vehicles and cause New York car accidents.

Poor weather conditions in New York, such as heavy fog, high winds, rain, and wintry conditions, can affect how someone should drive. They can lead to low visibility, slick driving surfaces, and road closures, which New York drivers must know about before driving.

New York drivers who do not change how they drive to account for adverse weather conditions can cause car accidents and be held liable for damages in a car accident claim. If you were in an adverse weather car accident, you could speak to a New York car accident lawyer today to learn about your options for pursuing compensatory damages.

The Role of Weather in New York Car Accidents

Adverse Weather Conditions in New York Can Cause Car Accidents

Drivers in New York must adjust how they drive during poor weather conditions to avoid causing a car accident. New York can experience adverse weather conditions depending on the time of the year, such as wintry conditions during the winter, rainstorms during the summer, and fog during the fall.

Poor weather conditions are a common cause of car accidents in the United States. According to the US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, there were 1,235,145 weather-related car accidents in the decade between 2007 and 2016. This accounted for 21% of the car accidents in the United States over that time.

Many New York drivers have suffered severe car accident injuries because of poor weather conditions like high winds, fog, ice, sleet, heavy rain, and snow. Avoiding adverse weather car accidents involves practicing defensive driving, preparing for the weather conditions, and following road rules.

How Can Fog Affect a New Yorker’s Driving?

Everybody living in New York is familiar with waking up for their morning commute and coming outside to foggy weather. Autumn is the most common time for fog in New York because of longer and cooler nights, warmth leftover from summer, and calmer winds.

Dense fog in places like Upstate New York can create a dangerous environment for driving. It can lower visibility, making it difficult for New York drivers to see cars, pedestrians, and traffic control signals in front of them. This lowered visibility can lead to a New York driver crashing into a car in front of them they didn’t realize was there, resulting in a rear-end accident.

Safe driving techniques for driving during foggy conditions include slowing down below your normal pace, using low-beam headlights and fog lights, and leaving a lot of distance between your vehicle and another car. Use these tactics to avoid causing a New York car accident.

Preventing New York Car Accidents During Heavy Rain

Rain is one of the most common weather conditions that can affect New York driving. Heavy rain can affect visibility much like fog, but it can also lead to slippery driving surfaces that affect a driver’s ability to control the wheels of their car. 

Wet roads can reduce a wheel’s traction and lead to hydroplaning, which is when a car loses contact with the road and causes the driver to lose control of the car. Heavy rain can also lead to flooding that creates dangerous road conditions, much like New Yorkers had to deal with in September 2023. 

Avoiding a New York car accident during heavy rain involves using safe driving practices to lower the chances of losing control of your car. The following are some ways a New York driver can prevent a heavy rain car accident:

  • Drive slower than normal
  • Give yourself more time to stop because of the slowed stopping speed
  • Use headlights to increase visibility
  • Turn off cruise control
  • Avoid driving through big puddles
  • Use your windshield wipers
  • Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and other cars
  • Take your foot off the accelerator when hydroplaning

Wintry Conditions That Can Cause a New York Car Accident

During the winter months in New York, drives have to contend with various poor weather conditions that can cause car accidents. Heavy snow can affect vehicle maneuverability, as large quantities of snow built up on streets can reduce speed and roadway capacity.

Ice can also form on roads and streets during the winter, causing slippery conditions that can reduce a driver’s control over their vehicles. New York drivers must also contend with slush, a combination of melted snow and ice, that can cause slippery conditions.

New York drivers should drive slower, ensure their vehicle is properly maintained, and increase their following distance to account for wintry conditions. Practicing safe driving habits during winter conditions can help prevent New York car accidents and serious injuries.

Who Is Responsible for a New York Poor Weather Car Accident?

Following a car accident from poor weather conditions, victims may want to know who can be held responsible. They may suffer significant car accident damages that they want to pursue compensation for.

In most cases, drivers are the party most likely to be held liable for a poor-weather car accident in New York. Drivers who engage in reckless driving behavior during adverse weather conditions can cause car accidents. New York drivers must account for weather conditions, they can cause car accidents they can be held liable for.

It’s also possible to hold a car part manufacturer accountable for a poor-weather car accident if your car had defective car parts that prevented you from driving safely. New York car accident victims should hire a car accident lawyer to help them determine who the at-fault party is.

Contact Cellino Law for Help With Your New York Car Accident

At Cellino Law, our New York car accident lawyers can assist you after an adverse weather condition car accident. We can help you sort through who caused the car accident and can help you begin the process of pursuing compensation for damages.

Our New York car accident attorneys have decades of experience and can help put you in the best position to recover fair compensation for damages, such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Contact Cellino Law today for a free New York car accident case evaluation by calling us at (800) 555-5555 or leaving a message on our online contact page.

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