The Dangers of Rental Bikes and Scooters in New York

The Dangers of Rental Bikes and Scooters in New York
Calendar icon September 13, 2023

Rental bikes and scooters are favored by commuters and tourists alike as a convenient alternative to expensive rideshare services, crowded public transportation, or a long walk on foot. Their increased popularity in cities like New York has raised concerns about safety.

The behaviors of riders who use rental bikes and e-scooters, the reliability of the equipment, and the inherent risks of navigating New York streets as a road user with limited protection from larger motor vehicles all play a role. These conditions can increase the likelihood of a crash.

A personal injury lawyer with experience handling bicycle accident lawsuits or e-scooter accident lawsuits can be an asset if you choose to pursue compensation for your damages, such as medical bills, lost wages, and emotional distress. 

At Cellino Law, we are committed to protecting the rights of all road users. If you have been seriously injured on a rental bike or scooter, we encourage you to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our team by calling us at (888) 888-8888 or reaching out through our online form.

The Dangers of Rental Bikes and Scooters in New York

Damaged Bikes and Scooters Put Riders at Risk of Being Injured in a Collision

Unfortunately, rental bikes and scooters are sometimes intentionally destroyed or broken through reckless operation, which can cause them to malfunction for an unsuspecting rider. For example, a bike with a cut brake line could prevent a rider from safely stopping for a red light.

Rental bikes and e-scooters are supposed to be serviced regularly to avoid these situations, but this is not guaranteed. Riders need to be able to stop, turn, and maneuver easily to compensate for vehicles that require more space. Damaged parts interfere with this ability, jeopardizing rider safety.

Rental Bikes and Scooters May Attract More Inexperienced Riders

People who cycle regularly often have their own bike, which mostly eliminates the need to rent one. It follows that bikeshare users and people renting e-scooters are more likely to be from out of town or have less riding experience. This can make them more prone to falling over or misjudging traffic dynamics

Infrequent or inexperienced riders are also less likely to be familiar with New York City’s bike laws and regulations. As a result, they may inadvertently endanger themselves or others. This can look like riding in the wrong direction, failing to signal a turn, or taking risks in how they maneuver. 

Research Indicates Bikeshare Riders Have Lower Rates of Helmet Usage

A study of another major city with high rates of bikeshare usage revealed a concerning pattern of low helmet usage rates. This may be partially attributed to the inconvenience of carrying a helmet around, especially for tourists, just on the chance that you might rent a bike. 

The other factor that is likely influencing helmet usage is that New York only requires helmets for cyclists under 14, but it is highly recommended for all riders, including rental bike riders. Without a helmet, they are much more vulnerable to head injury in a collision with a heavier, faster vehicle like a car.

New York recently passed laws requiring scooter riders to wear helmets if they are under 18, but the hassle of carrying a helmet and the lack of a universal helmet law also contribute to lower rates of use.

New York Riders Who Rent Bikes and Scooters Are Susceptible to the Same Risks as Other Cyclists

While there are risks that are more common to rented bikes and scooters, cyclists, and scooter users are just as exposed in the event of a collision as riders using their personal equipment. It is harder for drivers to recognize bikes and scooters in their blind spots, let alone react in time.

Even if riders use bike lanes, motorists may turn out in front of them at intersections, swerve into their lane, or open car doors directly into a rider’s path. Bikeshare users and scooter riders don’t have restraints, airbags, or other protection in that event, just like riders with their own bikes or scooters. 

Choose Cellino Law to Negotiate the Compensation You Need for Your Personal Injury Claim

When it comes to hiring a personal injury attorney, the key is to find a firm with the right combination of experience with legal procedure, specialization with cases like yours, and sufficient resources to mount an effective case. At Cellino Law, we can offer all of that and more.

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Renting a bike or e-scooter is a great way to shorten your morning commute, explore New York City for the weekend, or simply enjoy the outdoors as you go about your day. However, these activities can leave you severely injured and drowning in medical bills after a crash.

The personal injury attorneys of Cellino Law have years of experience managing bicycle accident claims, and we are familiar with the unique complications that rental bikes and scooters add to a case. We are the team you want representing you when a driver’s negligence has upended your life.

At Cellino Law, we take every case seriously and devote the appropriate time, effort, and attention needed to maximize compensation for our injured clients. As your negotiators, we will not shy away from escalating your rental bike accident lawsuit to trial to obtain a fair settlement.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team to schedule a free case evaluation by calling us at (888) 888-8888 or reaching out through our online form. We can guide you through how to file a claim, what damages can be reimbursed, the services our team can provide, and the value of your claim.

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