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Using public transportation in Manhattan is a puzzling and often frustrating affair, and using rideshare services like Myle can make traveling around the city more enjoyable. Myle offers a wide variety of ride services, from non-emergency medical transportation to luxury services and shared rides to locations all over Manhattan. Myle’s contracts between the company and their passengers appear quite binding in regard to passenger injury, but our attorneys at Cellino Law can advise you regarding rideshare injuries, including how to proceed after an accident occurs.

Manhattan Myle accident lawyer

Ride Share Risks 

Myle covers its drivers with a variety of health insurance options, but as a rider using the service, you may take on a number of personal risks or experience bodily injury during a car accident, including:

Injuries to the neck and spinal cord may not present themselves until hours or days after the accident due to shock and the adrenaline you might experience.

Using Myle Vs. Driving a Personal Vehicle in Manhattan 

According to the Transportation Alternatives website, in 2022, car crashes in New York City killed nearly 200 people, a rise of almost 30% since 2018. Distractions inside your vehicle, fatigue and the actions of other drivers all put you at risk when you drive a personal vehicle, which may increase the chances of injuries stemming from a car wreck.

Using Myle transport services in Manhattan allows you to relax while others drive, taking the pressure of crowded streets, hundreds of pedestrians who share the borough’s roads with you and the overall complexities of driving in Manhattan off your shoulders. While leaving the driving to Myle’s employees can eliminate some possible dangers, the sheer population of vehicles in the area may still leave you vulnerable to injuries sustained in a Myle accident.

New York’s No-Fault Laws 

The Department of Financial Services for New York State notes that you must report an accident and any injuries sustained no more than 30 days after the incident. Because New York is a no-fault state and Personal Injury Protection insurance covers up to $50,000 per person, including coverage for your lost wages and medical bills, PIP covers the cost of any injuries you experience during a Myle accident, at least in most circumstances.

If your injuries exceed the sum of $50,00 and you pass that threshold due to an extended stay in the hospital or emergency surgery, you may have to turn to Myle itself and prove that the driver caused your injuries because of negligence, and our attorneys here at Cellino Law stand ready to assist you.

Myle’s Accident Policy

When you request services from Myle, the company’s terms and conditions state that any injury claims must stem from you as an individual and that you waive the right to join class-action lawsuits against Myle. The terms also state that you agree to settle any disputes with the company via arbitration instead of in a courtroom setting. However, depending on the circumstances of the crash that injured you, speaking with our attorneys may allow you to further pursue compensation if the cost exceeds your PIP coverage.

How Our Attorneys Can Assist You After a Myle Car Wreck 

Myle offers a variety of different vehicles for transportation in Manhattan, from plain sedans to luxury vehicles that provide seating for groups of people. While some rideshare accidents may occur as the result of a chain-reaction wreck or some other action that does not pinpoint the driver or vehicle malfunction, our attorneys can lend assistance in several ways if you believe negligence caused your injuries.

Complete legal representation and protection 

After an accident, our attorneys can represent you in a variety of ways, from handling calls from insurance adjustors to speaking on your behalf regarding the accident itself. This can offer you peace of mind as you heal from your injuries.

Gathering evidence 

Our Cellino Law attorneys can gather evidence to reduce the burden of proof that falls on you, the plaintiff, in a personal injury lawsuit. While Myle’s terms and conditions note that the company solves disputes with clients via one-on-one arbitration, our attorneys work with you to gather a variety of evidence that may support your case, including:

  • Photo evidence of the crash scene 
  • Speaking to eyewitnesses 
  • Speaking to insurance representatives 
  • Gathering your medical bills and proof of injuries 

Our attorneys work to gather evidence that improves your chances of winning compensatory damages in a Myle car accident in Manhattan.

Seeking compensation for future medical care 

When you get injured in a rideshare accident, you may require future medical care that includes physical therapy and monthly appointments with different doctors who evaluate and monitor these issues. Your PIP insurance may quickly eclipse the cost of this treatment, and our attorneys can place a value on it. Some of these injuries can include the loss of a limb, brain or cranial trauma and injuries that affect your mobility.

Myle Driver Responsibility 

While Myle’s terms and conditions protect the driver, he or she also carries a fair share of responsibility to keep you safe when using the company’s services. For example, all Myle drivers examine and inspect the vehicles they use to ensure that all safety features and parts remain in good working order.

Myle drivers must also produce a valid and current New York State driver’s license upon your request and for your inspection. However, Myle does not hold itself responsible for any untruths a driver may present regarding the status of a driver’s license. False statements related to driver inexperience that caused a serious car accident in Manhattan could create grounds for legal action.

Beyond Arbitration: Filing a Personal Injury Case 

Myle notes that any issues that arise from an accident involving its drivers or vehicles are subject to New York State law; for instance, you may have to turn to your PIP insurance to cover your medical bills and lost wages. If the cost of your injuries drains your insurance coverage and you believe the driver acted negligently, speaking to one of our attorneys may help you make the most informed decision about your legal options, especially in light of the wording in Myle’s terms and conditions, which severely curtails such actions.

When you visit Cellino Law, our attorneys can advise you regarding the conditions of a Manhattan Myle car accident and gather information about the incident. They may ask you what you remember about the accident, why you believe the driver was at fault and whether the arbitration regulations in the company’s contract prevent you from filing a lawsuit. Our attorneys can also assign value to your case and accompany you to any arbitration proceedings to ensure you have fair representation in these matters.

Contact Us for Rideshare Car Wreck Compensation

Myle provides on-demand transportation for a variety of reasons and to a large array of destinations all over Manhattan. When rideshare car accidents happen, the language in Myle’s terms and conditions may make it difficult for you to seek compensation for your injuries if your PIP does not cover all costs. At Cellino Law, our attorneys can help you understand and choose options that can help make you whole again. Call us at 888-888-8888 or message us online to discuss your case today.



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