Workplace Hazards that Can Cause Slip and Falls

Workplace Hazards that Can Cause Slip and Falls
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Workplace Hazards that Can Cause Slip and Falls


  • Employers bear the responsibility of minimizing slip-and-fall risks in the workplace to protect workers.
  • Floors that do not offer traction increase the likelihood of a workplace slip-and-fall accident.
  • Spills, recently cleaned floors, and poor weather conditions can create slippery floors that lead to serious workplace accidents.
  • Inadequate lighting in the workplace conceals hazards from employees, contributing to New York slip-and-fall accidents.
  • The quality of personal injury attorney you hire matters because workers’ compensation claims only offer coverage for a percentage of medical bills and lost wages to begin with.

Employers are responsible for reducing the risk of slip-and-fall accidents for their workers by maintaining their workplaces, training employees to avoid unsafe conditions, and taking preventative measures. If a workplace hazard is the source of your injuries, you may be able to recover compensation for your New York slip-and-fall accident in a workers’ compensation claim.

At Cellino Law, we recognize the importance of obtaining the maximum workers’ compensation benefits possible to account for your economic damages. We encourage you to schedule a free consultation by calling (888) 888-8888 or completing our online contact form so that one of our expert slip-and-fall attorneys can review your case, estimate its value, and discuss your next steps.

Loose or Uneven Flooring Can Become a Workplace Hazard

Workplace slip-and-fall accidents occur when an employee cannot maintain enough friction between their shoes and the floor. Employees may be seriously injured in a slip-and-fall accident if their shoes can’t sustain a grip on unsecured carpet, tile, or wood that shifts under their feet. Mats or rugs can also be considered workplace hazards if not adequately tacked to the floor.

Walkways Cluttered With Debris Constitute Workplace Hazards

Items that do not easily grip the floor, such as a bolt of fabric or a plastic pipe, create a slip-and-fall risk because they interfere with an employee’s ability to gain traction if they accidentally step on them. Heavier or rougher items are more likely to become trip-and-fall hazards because they create enough friction with the floor to remain stationary while the employee falls. 

Slick Surfaces Increase the Risk of Workplace Slip and Fall Accidents in New York

Slippery surfaces, like recently polished floors, threaten employee safety. The lack of traction increases the likelihood that they will lose their footing and fall. Floors may become slick from several sources, like ice or melted snow, spilled substances, and cleaning products.

Slick floors are dangerous enough for employees trying to walk across a flat surface, but a slippery floor is a greater safety risk when a ramp or stairs are involved. Once an employee loses their balance on an incline, it can be more difficult to regain it as their momentum works against them.

Lack of Lighting Can Obscure Workplace Hazards

If employees do not have the ability to see a spill on the floor, a bunched-up rug, or a rogue pen, they are less likely to be able to avoid the workplace hazard. Adequate lighting is one of the most underrated ways to deter slip-and-fall accidents. Still, employers often delay replacing burnt-out light bulbs or neglect to install proper overhead lighting in the first place.

The Workers’ Compensation Attorneys of Cellino Law Deliver Outstanding Results

Workers’ compensation benefits only offer injured employees a percentage of what their medical bills and lost wages are worth. For many families, this creates a stressful financial situation. The slip-and-fall accident attorneys of Cellino Law are dedicated to streamlining the workers’ compensation process and negotiating for the highest level of benefits available to alleviate this burden.

We have been incredibly successful at maximizing compensation for our injured clients during our six decades of representing injured New Yorkers. Our team of personal injury attorneys has built a reputation for superior service based on our unyielding commitment to client satisfaction, relentless work ethic, and specialized knowledge of slip-and-fall accidents. 

Contact Cellino Law About Your New York Workers’ Compensation Claim Today

Not all personal injury attorneys are equipped to navigate New York’s complex workers’ compensation claims process, but our team at Cellino Law has been championing injured workers for over 65 years with excellent results. You can trust us to act with your best interest in mind because we understand that it is a privilege to represent you in your time of need.

Remember that you must report your injury to your employer within 30 days to maintain your eligibility, and you only have a two-year window to file a workers’ compensation claim. You can start the process today by calling (888) 888-8888 or completing our online contact form to schedule a free consultation with one of our reputable slip-and-fall accident attorneys.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to hire a slip and fall accident attorney?

As the client of a personal injury lawyer, you are only responsible for paying their contingency fee at the conclusion of your case. Slip-and-fall accident lawyers recover this fee based on their performance, giving them an additional incentive to maximize your compensation.

A contingency fee is equivalent to about one-third of the slip-and-fall settlement that the personal injury attorney is able to negotiate on your behalf. If a slip-and-fall accident attorney agrees to represent you but cannot settle your claim, you do not owe them any compensation for their services.

Are employers liable for slip and fall accidents caused by workplace hazards?

In most cases, employers are not directly liable for their employees’ workplace slip-and-fall accidents because they are generally covered under the company’s workers’ compensation insurance policy. For an employer to be considered liable, there would have to be evidence of significant negligence beyond a typical level of carelessness or an intentional tort.

What do I have to prove to receive benefits in a New York workers’ compensation claim?

To qualify for workers’ compensation benefits in New York, you need to prove that you were accidentally injured in a slip-and-fall accident while acting within the scope of your job duties and sustained medical bills or lost wages as a result. You are most likely eligible to collect workers’ compensation benefits even if your actions were responsible for your slip-and-fall accident injuries.

Based on how severe your injuries are and the extent to which they interfere with your ability to work, you could receive additional disability benefits. Do not delay getting treatment for your slip-and-fall injuries, or else your employer’s insurance carrier could use that fact to undermine your entire workers’ compensation claim.

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