Thanksgiving Accidents: The Busiest Travel Season of the Year

Thanksgiving Accidents: The Busiest Travel Season of the Year
Calendar icon November 8, 2023
Thanksgiving Accidents - Cellino Law


  • New Yorkers should be cautious of the increased risk of car accidents over the Thanksgiving season.
  • Most Thanksgiving travelers are driving to their destinations.
  • With tens of millions of drivers on the road for Thanksgiving, safety experts believe there will be hundreds of fatalities and tens of thousands of serious injuries.
  • Holiday traffic can lead to reckless driving behaviors, including drunk driving and distracted driving.

Thanksgiving has traditionally been regarded as the beginning of the hectic holiday travel season. Airports are overrun, trains are packed to the gills, and highways are clogged with cars making their way to the homes of friends and family. Given the number of travelers on the road and the unfavorable conditions that creates, New Yorkers should be wary of car accidents this travel season. 

A New York car accident can quickly cut a Thanksgiving celebration short with painful injuries, unexpected medical expenses, and lost income. At Cellino Law, our car accident attorneys are experts at recovering maximum compensation for clients who have been injured by the negligent actions of another driver. Schedule a free consultation by calling us at (888) 888-8888 or filling out our online form.

Experts Predict Hundreds of Car Accident Fatalities Among Thanksgiving Travelers 

Estimates from AAA show that a staggering 55.4 million people will travel for Thanksgiving in 2023, with nearly 90% of that group opting to travel by car. As travel rebounds from the interruption of the pandemic, New York drivers and their passengers should heed the warnings of safety experts and reduce their risk of injury by wearing seat belts and driving sober.

The National Safety Council released a grim risk assessment for Thanksgiving travelers who will be driving over the next several days. Data indicates that there will be 507 car accident fatalities during the Thanksgiving holiday season. The NSC also anticipates that there will be 57,800 car accident injuries that are severe enough to require medical evaluation

Holiday Traffic Can Lead to Reckless and Aggressive Driving Behaviors

Traffic congestion is a known risk of traveling in the days surrounding Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t make it any less stressful. When drivers are caught in gridlock, they become more prone to frustration and distraction, especially if they have a longer way to travel. Drivers who are irritated or impatient may engage in risky behaviors like cutting other vehicles off or even road rage.

It is also easy for drivers to become distracted while navigating Thanksgiving traffic. Perhaps they’re mentally reviewing the menu, trying to locate their exit, or trying to pass their kid a snack. All it takes is a moment of distraction or one careless maneuver for a New York car accident to happen. Examples of unsafe driving habits include:

Alcohol is a Significant Factor in Serious Thanksgiving Car Accidents

Drunk driving consistently ranks among the top causes of car accidents across the U.S., and tragically, this pattern is more pronounced during the holiday season. More than a third of Thanksgiving car accidents involved drunk drivers in 2021, according to the NHTSA, which is 5% higher than the average for a non-holiday.

If you are planning to drink over the Thanksgiving holiday, keep in mind that you are impaired long before you reach the legal limit. Consuming alcohol can render you incapable of judging distance and speed, let alone exercising the muscle coordination needed to operate a vehicle safely. There is no safe distance to drive when you are intoxicated.

Why You Should Hire the Car Accident Attorneys of Cellino Law 

No one wants to deal with the aftermath of a car accident, especially during the holiday season. At Cellino Law, we aim to make the personal injury claims process as hassle-free for our injured clients as possible because we understand that you have other commitments. New Yorkers have relied on us for invaluable legal advice for over 65 years to recover fair compensation.

Our undeniable ability to get results for our clients has won us the respect of injured New Yorkers and colleagues alike. We have had the opportunity to litigate some of the most complex personal injury cases, further honing our skills as researchers, investigators, and negotiators. 

Contact Cellino Law For Help With Your Thanksgiving Car Accident

The skilled car accident lawyers of Cellino Law value each claim we represent, regardless of size, because we understand that the outcome of your case can have considerable implications for your health, finances, career, and general well-being. As a client of Cellino Law, you can benefit from our years of experience, access to resources, and detailed knowledge of legal procedures.

If your Thanksgiving travel plans have gone awry, our team of car accident attorneys can help you pursue compensation for your damages. The first step to securing a settlement that reimburses your medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages is to schedule a free consultation with our capable team by calling us at (888) 888-8888 or completing our online form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still recover compensation even if the car accident was partially my fault?

In general, yes, you can recover compensation in a car accident lawsuit even if your actions contributed to the collision. New York uses a pure comparative negligence standard in personal injury cases, which allows a plaintiff to recover the percentage of their settlement that corresponds with the percentage of fault the defendant is responsible for.

Do I need a personal injury lawyer if I was injured in a Thanksgiving car accident?

While you may be questioning whether your car accident case warrants hiring a lawyer, it is best to err on the side of caution and take your claim to a personal injury law firm to be evaluated in a free consultation. The personal injury lawyer will look for several elements in your case to determine if it would be appropriate to file a New York car accident lawsuit to recover compensation.

To begin with, the defendant must have owed you a duty of care, breached that duty with their negligent actions, and you must have sustained serious injuries as a result. If their feedback is that your Thanksgiving car accident is grounds for a personal injury claim, hiring a personal injury lawyer is necessary to ensure you are treated fairly by the insurance company.

How long do I have to file a New York car accident lawsuit after a Thanksgiving collision?

New Yorkers have 3 years to file a car accident claim if they want to remain eligible to seek compensation for their damages. Unusual circumstances can cause the courts to pause or extend the statute of limitations for filing a claim, but you should not bank on this happening.

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