What You Need to Know About Federal and New York Trucking Regulations

What You Need to Know About Federal and New York Trucking Regulations

New York truck drivers must adhere to state and federal trucking regulations when driving their trucks, as these rules determine how and where a truck driver can operate. These vital rules help to prevent truck accidents and allow truck drivers to complete their work tasks without exposing themselves and others to significant injury risk.

Disregarding federal and state truck regulations can lead to a New York state truck driver breaking the law and committing a negligent driving action that can cause a truck accident.

Some topics covered by New York and federal trucking regulations include how long truck driver shifts can be, punishment for operating trucks under the influence, where truck drivers can drive, how to handle hazardous materials, etc. If a driver disobeys trucking regulations and causes an accident, they could be liable for damages in a truck accident claim. 

New York Trucking Regulations

Federal and New York Trucking Regulations Provide Guidelines for New York Truck Drivers

New York truck accidents can occur when drivers fail to adhere to state and federal trucking guidelines that establish how truck drivers should operate. Many rules cover where truck drivers can operate, how they should drive, and the behavior that can cause a car accident.

New York State adheres mainly to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations found in Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

All truck drivers must be properly registered and pay to file documentation. They must also ensure that their commercial vehicle is adequately maintained and undergo inspections and repairs on a regular schedule. New York truck drivers must fully comprehend the state’s rules and regulations to ensure they do not make mistakes on the road that can lead to severe truck accidents.

Rules and Regulations for New York Truck Drivers’ Hours of Service

New York truck drivers can only drive their vehicles during a work shift for a certain amount of time. Driving a truck without breaks for hours can lead to a fatigued driver committing a negligent driving action that can cause a truck accident.

Truck drivers must only drive as long as they can safely operate their vehicles. They must log their driving time to ensure they stay within what is permitted by New York State trucking regulations. 

Drivers of trucks in New York can work up to a 14-hour shift of continuous driving in a 150-mile radius. After a 14-hour shift, the New York truck driver must take at least ten hours off to rest and return relaxed for the next shift. A driver must do so to avoid being too tired and drowsy to drive their truck safely and cause a truck accident for which they can be liable.

New York Truck Drivers That Use Drugs and Alcohol Can Cause Accidents

Truck drivers in New York are prohibited from using alcohol and controlled substances during their shifts. Drunk drivers who operate trucks can make mistakes, as their vision, decision-making, and focus can be affected by using drugs and alcohol.

New York truck accidents must take drug and alcohol testing before they are hired, after they have a truck accident, randomly as determined by their employer, when their employer has suspicions they have been drunk driving, and when they return to duty after a hiatus.

The New York blood alcohol limit for a Class A, B, or C driver is 0.04 BAC. If a New York truck driver operates a truck with a blood alcohol level of 0.04, they may suffer enough cognitive difficulties not to operate the vehicle safely. If they are caught by law enforcement, they may be subject to license suspension and heavy fines.

What New York Parkways Are Trucks and Commercial Vehicles Prohibited From?

Parkways are open, landscaped highways that drivers can find throughout New York. Despite so many parkways that drivers can use for their commute, trucks, and commercial vehicles are banned from some parkways. Trucks are not prohibited on some parkways to prevent truck accidents.

The following are the New York parkways that truck drivers are prohibited from using:

  • Belt Parkway
  • F.D.R Drive 
  • Henry Hudson Parkway 
  • Cross Island Parkway
  • Jackie Robinson Parkway 
  • Bronx River Parkway 
  • Hutchinson River Parkway
  • Mosholu Parkway 
  • Pelham Parkway 
  • Ocean Parkway 
  • Korean War Veterans Parkway
  • Grand Central Parkway

Truck drivers are not allowed to drive on the above parkways, which is illegal. These parkways are not designed for truck travel, meaning a truck driver illegally driving here can lead to them causing a truck accident. Truck drivers must follow New York truck regulations regarding restricted parkways, or they can cause a catastrophic accident.

Hiring a New York Truck Accident Lawyer

Victims of New York truck accidents can file truck accident claims to hold the truck driver or trucking company liable for damages. Some damages they could suffer include medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Recovering fair compensation includes establishing the at-fault party’s negligence, filing a truck accident claim, and negotiating a fair settlement.

The best chance for a truck accident victim to recover compensation for damages is by hiring a truck accident lawyer. Having a New York truck accident lawyer in their corner can help a truck accident victim, as they can use their truck accident claim expertise and knowledge of trucking regulations to inform the claims process.

They can explain truck accident statute of limitations, help assess the cost of the claim, gather evidence to prove liability and negotiate a fair settlement.

Contact Cellino Law for Help With Your Truck Accident Claim

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