Parking Lot Accidents in New York: Who Is At Fault and How to Determine It

Parking Lot Accidents in New York: Who Is At Fault and How to Determine It
Parking Lot Accidents in New York: Who Is At Fault and How to Determine It

Various factors contribute to parking lot accidents in New York. Drivers may be speeding, driving under the influence, issues with their vehicle, and so on. But, what about parking lot accidents? These are areas where drivers tend to drive slowly and the chances to hit someone are low, but not entirely excluded. Pedestrians and vehicles move slower in such places but, parking lots also have rules just like streets and highways. If you were injured in any parking lot accidents in New York, you should discuss the details with an experienced NY car accident lawyer.

What Kind Of Accidents Happen in Parking Lots?

One of the most common kinds of parking lot accidents in New York is the “backing-out” collision. In such accidents, a driver that is driving backward out of a parking space may hit another vehicle, which may be parked or also moving. The driver who was going backward is almost always at fault in such crashes. There is one exception and that is when two drivers are driving backward at the same time and hit each other at the same time. In that case, both drivers are at fault. In general, any time a driver runs into a legally parked vehicle, they will be liable for hitting the parked vehicle.

How is Fault Determined in Parking Lot Accidents in New York

Traffic accidents in parking lots, just like the ones happening on the street, are subject to an insurance company’s fault determination rules and the guidelines that insurance adjusters use to decide which driver is liable. If you were involved in any parking lot accidents in New York, and if the damage is small without any person injured, the best way to settle it is to cooperate.

The insurance company will take statements and consider the damages to determine liability. If the insurance company determines that you are at fault, you have the right to appeal the company’s determination. Such appeals usually involve a third-party mediator.

In case you are injured in a parking lot accident, or if you think that you may be injured, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Make sure not to speak with the insurance company, sign any document, or admit any fault, before consulting with your personal injury lawyer.

Even if you feel well, make sure you get a medical check by a licensed healthcare provider. Don’t try to shrug it off even though you feel well, there may be internal injuries. Even the smallest soreness or small pain may turn into a serious medical condition. Without a medical examination, you won’t be able to collect a high settlement, since the insurance company will not believe you that you got the injury in the said accident.

How To Avoid Parking Lot Crashes If You’re a Driver

New York City has numerous and large parking lots with vehicles and pedestrians that move in every direction. The best thing you can do is drive cautiously. However, even this is not a guarantee that you won’t end up in parking lot accidents in New York.

Be extra careful when driving in reverse, literally drive at a snail’s pace. Check your mirrors and look for moving cars, pedestrians, or other moving vehicles. The low speed is extremely important. Sometimes even if things seem clear, there may be children running and kids are not visible in the mirror. Even if you hit someone, you won’t injure them harshly if you drive slowly.

Driving in reverse is quite challenging when you have to move out with a row of other vehicles behind you. And if another vehicle is backing out, things are even more complex. Make sure you stop and wait for the other vehicle to leave the place, and then drive in reverse.

Every driver should do anything they can to avoid potential collisions.

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