T-Bone Accident Lawyer In Rochester, NY

While fast-paced living and hurried motorists are parts of New York culture, especially in urban areas, lots of vehicles in close proximity present significant danger for drivers. State roadways are filled with commercial and passenger vehicles vying for space. One mistake can lead to an accident with devastating injuries. T-bone accidents are some of the worst crashes for vehicle occupants. These collisions can have awful outcomes even at slower speeds.

Unfortunately, passenger vehicles are not designed to take forceful broadside impacts. When a driver isn’t taking the proper precautions to protect your well-being and slams into the side of your car, you may need to file a personal injury lawsuit to get full and fair compensation for your losses. Cellino Law has been defending injured Rochester, NY, drivers for years, and we know how to make your case.

What Is a T-Bone Accident?

T-bone accidents are known primarily as intersection collisions because that’s where most occur. Most vehicles cross each other at four-way stops. When the front of one car runs into the side of another car, this impact line makes the shape of a “T” between the two vehicles. If significant speed is involved or the offending vehicle is larger, the chances of injury are much greater.

What Are Common Causes of T-Bone Collisions?

Drivers commit a number of infractions that cause T-bone collisions. These are the top reasons for side-impact accidents:

Driving in poor weather conditions is another factor in side-impact crashes. Drivers are expected to be in control of their vehicles at all times. While unintentional accidents happen, a driver who disregards or violates traffic safety laws can be held liable for harming you.

What Injuries Result From Side-Impact Accidents?

You and your passengers can be severely injured in a broadside crash. Though a car’s frame is intended to safeguard you from harm, it could hurt you or other occupants as the metal is pushed inward by force. While many newer cars are manufactured using crumple-zone technology in the front and rear to absorb impacts, the sides of cars have limited capability of deflecting another moving vehicle. You are highly vulnerable in T-bone collision to some type of injury, and these are most common:

The extent of your injuries largely depends on the circumstances surrounding your accident. You may be lucky and walk away. However, if severe injuries occur, most require long-term healing, and victims deal with considerable pain. Some damages are permanently disabling.

In the wake of serious physical injuries, the issues of pain and suffering are sometimes not given adequate attention. Lawyers know that psychological trauma following a T-bone accident is likely enduring and necessitates professional treatment. We fight for compensation that encompasses your current and future health needs.

Why Are These Crashes So Dangerous?

In 2020, 5,475 occupants of motor vehicles died in side-impact crashes. These accidents are among the most hazardous to drivers and passengers because the sides of a car have limited structural reinforcement. The blow to a person’s body can be violent, even with side airbags.

It is terrible to be inside a vehicle and see a car come directly at you or those you love without the ability to do anything. This is a moment many crash victims relive over and over as intrusive thoughts replay the scene. You could receive damages for post-traumatic stress when someone’s negligence causes your mental health to suffer.

How Is Fault Determined?

When drivers run a stoplight, fail to yield, speed through a crossway, or disobey other traffic safety laws that endanger other motorists and pedestrians, they can be held liable for their actions that cause harm. However, intersections are problematic because T-bone crashes may involve multiple cars making it difficult to decipher which driver initially caused the accident. Even when the accident involves two vehicles, there can be shared responsibility for what transpired. Having a lawyer handle your case is crucial to determine liability correctly.

Comparative Fault

New York follows the pure comparative negligence system. In personal injury cases, fault is assigned to each party. Damages are then divided according to each party’s percentage of fault. With this system, an individual who bears 99% of the responsibility for an accident can still recover damages.

No-Fault Insurance

New York is a no-fault insurance state, meaning a driver’s losses are covered through their insurance policy, no matter who is at fault. The system is designed to provide prompt payouts for economic losses so that individuals can regain health and productivity as soon as possible after an accident. Policies include coverages for personal injury protection, liability, and uninsured motorists.

Non-Economic Damages

New York law allows for a non-economic damage recovery through a personal injury lawsuit in cases of serious injury. Damages are based on the circumstances in the case. New York law does hold that proof of serious injury must be met before a case can proceed. These injuries often severely diminish a person’s quality of life due to ongoing pain and suffering. Damages related to emotional suffering are pursuable in a personal injury case.

Why Is Working With an Accident Lawyer Advisable?

Personal injury claims are complicated and require careful legal research and evidence gathering. When the other driver disputes liability, investigations become increasingly complex. Experienced lawyers are well aware of the tactics used to shift responsibility. An attorney handling your case establishes your legal standing to seek the compensation you deserve. You get time to heal while your case is ably managed for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

In personal injury cases, most attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you don’t pay fees unless your case is settled or won. An attorney reviews your case to see whether there is cause to proceed. If you are hurt in a T-bone accident due to someone’s carelessness, you need an attorney to protect your right to fair compensation.

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Filing a Case?

New York allows victims who suffer personal injury three years to file a case. A statute of limitations is put in place to provide victims ample time to file while providing a reasonable limit for complaints. It is best to talk with an attorney soon after your accident and get your case underway.

Why Does Having The Right Accident Attorney Matter?

Cellino Law has a wealth of experience handling personal injury cases, so we know how to help our clients. We understand how all-consuming a serious injury is for an accident victim. You don’t have to go through this difficult time without professional support.

Liability is a thorny issue in T-bone accidents. Insurance companies stop at nothing to place at least some of the blame on you, but we protect your rights at every turn. We will take your case to court if a fair settlement can’t be reached. Most prospective clients feel like a weight is lifted after speaking with a knowledgeable attorney. So, let’s talk about your accident and what comes next. We offer a free case review to get started.



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