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While going about your daily routine in New York, it is never in your plans to get hurt in an accident, perhaps especially in a parking lot or parking garage. These places may seem tame, but statistics show that the number of parking lot accidents are higher than some might think. According to one source, thousands of people are injured every year in accidents that occur in parking lots.

Far too often, most people in New York are in a rush to enter and exit stores and other businesses. When people move about in a distracted state, collisions are a common result. After suffering an injury, or damage to property like a car, an innocent victim may wonder who specifically may be liable to provide compensation.

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What Types of Parking Lots Accidents Typically Occur in New York?

Even if a person takes precautions to remain safe while in a parking lot in New York, he or she may still be injured in a parking lot accident. After all, no one can control the actions of others. In New York, some common types of accidents that can occur in parking lots include the following.

A pedestrian is struck by a vehicle

Frequently in New York, a car pulls out of a parking spot and hits a pedestrian in the parking lot. Although a pedestrian can sometimes be at fault, it is most often the driver who is liable in pedestrian accident cases.  Since pedestrians are unprotected by a vehicle, any impact they experience in a collision usually results in catastrophic injuries. Children are especially vulnerable to parking lot accidents since they are smaller in stature and tend to be unaware of dangers.

Two cars backing up crash into each other

Although a driver backing out of a parking spot may use the mirror, there are always blind spots. When two cars are reversing from their parking spots at the exact same moment and fail to see each other, your typical parking lot accident can occur. With parking lot accidents like this in New York, both drivers would likely be found at fault. This is because neither driver had the right of way and both failed to be aware of their surroundings while moving.

A backing up vehicle hits a parked car

In parking lots with close spaces, a car backing out of a space might hit another parked vehicle. The driver is almost always found liable in this sort of collision. If the owner of the parked vehicle is not around, the at-fault driver should leave a note with contact information. He or she should also inform the insurance company.

A car pulls out in front of a vehicle

When a car is pulling out of a parking space between two larger vehicles, it can be difficult for the driver to see a passing car. For instance, a driver may be backing out of a parking space. Due to the driver’s limited range of sight, he or she could hit a passing car. Since the car in the lane has the right-of-way, the car exiting the space could be found liable.

Two vehicles try to get the same spot

Sometimes two cars vying for the same parking spot may collide with each other. Car accidents like this occur in New York when both drivers are so fixated on finding a parking spot that they’re not thinking of other drivers looking as well.

When the drivers find a spot, the reaction to park is so quick that they don’t see the other vehicle. Or else both drivers notice each other and rush to be the first to claim the parking spot.

Of course, there are many other types of parking lot and parking garage accidents that occur. Sometimes finding the liable party may not always be straightforward.

A New York parking lot accident lawyer with Cellino Law will know what to do, though. Our lawyers have the resources to do a thorough investigation, analyze the facts, and pursue compensation from the liable parties.

Common Injuries Sustained in New York Parking Lot Accidents

In New York, most accidents in parking lots or parking garages are the result of negligent behavior. Distracted driving, failure to notice surrounding hazards, or even inadequate lighting are all forms of negligence that can result in parking lot accidents.

A victim may not sustain injuries from inside a vehicle during a minor bump in the parking lot. When injuries do result, the following sections list some of the most common types of parking lot injuries in New York.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

If ice or snow is on the ground and a pedestrian slips, falls, and hits his or her head, a TBI may result. TBIs can include concussions and hemorrhages, both of which require rapid medical attention as potentially life-threatening conditions.


When a person’s head moves back and forth with great force, this is known as whiplash. This is a common injury in rear-end collisions. Days after the accident, a victim may begin to experience dizziness or headaches.

Broken bones

Parking lot accident victims can suffer bone fractures externally and internally. Bones in the legs, ribs, and arms, can be broken in a fall or from impact. These fractures can be very painful, may require surgery, and could take some time to heal.

Skin injuries

Parking lot accidents can leave victims with bruises or cuts. These injuries can range from mild to severe. Victims may experience pain, risk the complications of infection, and be left permanently scarred.

What Types of Compensation May Victims Be Entitled to Receive?

Experiencing a parking lot accident in New York can leave a lasting impact on the health and finances of an innocent victim. The law entitles victims to pursue compensation for damages.  Compensation for loss and damages may include:

  • Expenses for medical treatment
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Compensation for wrongful death

Why Contact a New York Parking Lot Accident Lawyer With Our Firm?

Parking lot accidents in New York can sometimes present the unique challenge of finding who is liable for compensation. In cases where a car hits another car, the at-fault party may be obvious.

However, what if a pedestrian experiences a slip-and-fall or property damage has occurred, such as a parked car being hit? In these cases, is the parking lot owner liable if it occurred on private property? What if the parking lot accident didn’t occur on private property, but on government property – who would then be liable?

Such questions naturally come to mind after experiencing a parking lot accident in New York. A New York parking lot accident lawyer with Cellino Law can help you to navigate complexities associated with accidents in parking lots.

When you work with our firm, you will have access to experienced legal professionals who know how to handle personal injury litigation for your car accident in the right way. Call Cellino Law today at (800) 555-5555 for a free consultation



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