How Do Car Manufacturers Test Safety Features?

How Do Car Manufacturers Test Safety Features?
Calendar icon October 4, 2023

Modern vehicles contain a host of safety features that would have been unthinkable just a few decades ago. Before a car hits the market, each new safety design and mechanism must first endure a litany of tests performed by car manufacturers and the government to ensure their effectiveness.

As a consumer, it can be informative and reassuring to have a more detailed understanding of how car manufacturers vet the vehicles they produce. However, it is still important for New York drivers to remain attentive rather than rely solely on their car’s safety features to avoid car accidents.

While reckless drivers are usually at fault in car accidents, manufacturers can also face scrutiny over defective designs. If you were seriously injured in an auto accident because a safety feature malfunctioned, you may be able to recover compensation in a product liability lawsuit.

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How Do Car Manufacturers Test Safety Features?

Leading Safety Features in Newer Cars Protect Occupants

While traditional safety features like airbags, seatbelts, and even bumpers still protect passengers in the event of a crash, technology has played an increasingly significant role in keeping drivers and their passengers safe. Recent safety features include:

Many of the newer safety features are focused on increasing visibility and notifying drivers of potential hazards. The industry has generally moved towards safety features that prevent collisions rather than exclusively focusing on reducing the damage inflicted in an auto accident.

Understanding How Car Manufacturers Evaluate Safety Features

Car manufacturers use a variety of tests to develop and refine safety features that they intend to install in their vehicles. Manufacturers approach testing with the perspective that each vehicle should be pushed to the limit of its capabilities, though most consumers will never have cause to do so. 

The goal is to ensure that each model meets or exceeds government safety standards and can withstand typical use from consumers. Obviously, they also want to avoid having to issue a recall or incurring product liability lawsuits based on a defective safety feature.

To compile a comprehensive evaluation of a vehicle’s safety features, car manufacturers rely on a number of metrics. For example, they may look at how quickly a monitor can detect that a driver has drifted out of their lane, how smoothly adaptive cruise control can adjust, or how accurate a rearview camera is at judging distance.

They may experiment with factors like terrain, weather conditions, distance, lighting, and speed on closed tracks with professional drivers to determine the most effective version of each component. Many new safety features involve cameras or sensors, which are often impacted by environmental conditions.

Another way that car manufacturers assess a new safety feature is by taking the test car out for a drive on regular roads. While simulations are helpful, this gives manufacturers a better idea of how a feature will function -or fail- in the real world before they approve it to be mass-produced.

Using Safety Features to Determine a Car’s Crashworthiness 

Tens of thousands of Americans die in car accidents each year. From a humanitarian and business standpoint, car manufacturers are motivated to reduce this number by introducing cutting-edge safety features to their vehicles. One way this is done is by intentionally crashing test cars. 

Vehicles are tested in head-on collisions, rear-end, and side-impact crashes. Manufacturers run their own set of simulated accidents and can make adjustments based on the feedback from crash tests conducted by NHTSA and the IIHS, which are the agencies responsible for vetting vehicles. 

While it may seem like crash tests only help assess the safety features that are activated in a collision, such as airbags, it can also be helpful to understand where preventative safety equipment failed to avert a crash or instances where a more serious accident was avoided.

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