Are Electric Cars Safer? A Look at New York Car Accident Data

Are Electric Cars Safer? A Look at New York Car Accident Data
Calendar icon September 15, 2023

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular as a more environmentally friendly alternative to gas-powered vehicles. While there are undeniable benefits to electric cars, New York drivers should contemplate the possible trade-offs before making the switch to electric.

With more electric vehicles on the road every day, motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians should be aware of the safety implications of sharing the road with an electric car. If a collision occurs, they can be burdened with medical expenses, lost income, and suffer pain from a serious injury.

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Are Electric Cars Safer? A Look at New York Car Accident Data

Electric Cars Are Held to the Same Safety Standards as Gas Powered Cars, But Their Batteries Present a Fire Hazard

New York drivers should be reassured that electric cars are run through the same litany of tests that gas-powered cars are subject to, as well as a set of tests specific to EVs. They must also meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards before being approved, just like gas-powered cars.

That being said, electric cars are run on a large lithium-ion battery, which is a potential fire risk. To compensate for this, electric vehicles are equipped with safety features that turn off the car’s electrical system in the event of a crash or a short circuit to limit the risk of a fire.

Electric vehicle battery fires can be dangerous because they can spontaneously reignite, take longer to put out, and can lead to explosions. Firefighters are trained to be able to handle these types of fires, so the threat will lessen over time. EV ownership has only taken off in New York starting in 2021.

Rapid Acceleration Feature in Electric Cars Can Lead to Collisions in New York

Electric cars are capable of accelerating to maximum speed almost instantaneously. Drivers who are used to operating gas-powered vehicles may inadvertently injure themselves or others if they attempt to accelerate in an electric vehicle without accounting for the quick response.

This could easily lead to a rear-end car accident, particularly if the driver of the electric vehicle were already following too closely. An electric vehicle’s ability to accelerate rapidly can also result in serious pedestrian or bicycle accidents if the driver doesn’t allow them enough time to cross the street.

Electric Cars May be More Stable Than Gas Powered Vehicles

The design of most electric cars places their center of gravity closer to the ground than the majority of gas-powered cars. With more weight concentrated towards the bottom of the vehicle, there is a reduced risk of rollover accidents, which are notorious for inflicting catastrophic injuries.

The implications of a lower center of gravity potentially include better handling, especially while turning or navigating curves in the road. This kind of stability is particularly beneficial at higher speeds, where it is easier for a vehicle to be tipped over by a forceful impact or banked road.

Heavier Electric Cars Can Cause More Damage to Lighter Vehicles

When electric cars were first introduced to the market, most were comparable to the average gas-powered passenger vehicle in terms of weight. The early electric vehicles themselves tended to be compact, and the battery made up the rest of the difference. This is no longer the case. 

Larger models of electric vehicles are now available, such as crossovers and SUVs. The extra weight of the electric battery, in combination with a bigger frame, has rendered many electric vehicles significantly heavier, sometimes by thousands of pounds, versus the average 4,000-pound passenger vehicle. 

In a collision, this discrepancy works against drivers of lighter cars, as well as pedestrians and cyclists. Much like in a truck accident, the heavier vehicle can run the smaller car off the road, crush it, or cause it to lose control. One study indicated that a 1,000-pound difference made fatality 47% more likely.

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With 168,866 electric vehicles registered in New York as of 2023, the safety debate over these types of cars will only become more salient. The car accident lawyers of Cellino Law have been closely observing the role electric cars have played in New York auto accidents.

Our award-winning team is ready to offer you the legal support that you need to recover compensation for your damages after a collision involving an electric vehicle. We understand that the personal injury claims process can be confusing, but we will guide you at every step.

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