The Latest Advances in Injury Treatment and Technology

The Latest Advances in Injury Treatment and Technology
Calendar icon September 5, 2023

The medical field is constantly evolving with new techniques for injury treatment and innovative technologies to improve patient outcomes. In a situation where another party’s negligence severely injured you, medical advancements can play a role in repairing the damage or saving your life.

If you sustained a spinal cord injury in a car accident, developed kidney cancer from workplace exposure to toxic chemicals, were permanently disabled by a defective medical device, or were otherwise injured, you could benefit from emerging treatment options and modern equipment.

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The Latest Advances in Injury Treatment and Technology

Artificial Intelligence Has Been Used to Detect Tumors and Sepsis

Early diagnosis is often key to treatment efficacy, and AI is being used as a tool to assist medical providers in identifying cancer, infections, and other health issues in their beginning stages. The AI program is fed information that then allows it to recognize patterns in individuals.

Thus far, AI has mostly been applied to medical imaging like MRIs. It has shown the ability to detect cancer and may become a useful way to track the growth of cancer, determine the type of tumor, assess the risk of recurrence, and even train new providers on how to review scans.

AI has also shown success in catching sepsis. This is a life-threatening condition prompted by the body’s exaggerated reaction to an infection, such as those caused by defective Paragard IUDs. AI helps mitigate issues with diagnosing sepsis, like the vague symptoms present in the early stages.

AI remains controversial, particularly in the context of healthcare. The hope is that it can be used in conjunction with providers’ expertise to make the process of diagnosing patients more reliable, accurate, and faster to boost successful treatment outcomes and reduce complications.

Brain Implants Shown to Improve Mobility in Paralysis Patients

Paralysis is caused by an issue in the nervous system, impeding the nerves’ communication with the muscles. It may be permanent or temporary. In addition to reducing quality of life and having a high price tag, paralysis commonly creates other physical and mental health problems.

A promising new implantable device may be able to restore function in patients with paralysis. Researchers are developing implanted electrodes that interpret signals from the brain and translate them into movement. In testing, patients were able to exhibit some motor control

Once this technology is further developed, approved, and distributed, it could be transformative. Patients who have experienced paralysis from car crashes, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, and other sources could potentially regain their ability to live more independently. 

New Antigen Tracer Promotes Targeted Treatment of Cancer

Researchers have developed a new technology to locate cancer cells in the prostate by harnessing the applications of a PET scan. The scan uses a radioactive tracer that attaches to a common biomarker for prostate cancer known as PSMA, plus an additional type of scan.

The tracer highlights the location of PSMA, exposing the cancerous cells. From there, providers can begin to determine critical information about the cancer. This may include its exact location, how advanced it is, or if it is spreading. Then, they can treat it more precisely and effectively.

This technology has proven to be highly accurate. For patients who have developed prostate cancer from workplace exposure to carcinogens, taking a defective drug, or using tainted water or other sources, this can make a huge difference in terms of survival rate and long-term quality of life.

Organ Transplants From Animals May Be the Near Future

In a groundbreaking surgery in 2022, a patient received a heart transplant from a pig that was bred to be a donor. The transplant was successful, but the patient later died, likely from immune system issues. With this data, researchers are working on safer animal organ transplants. 

The implications of being able to harvest animal organs are significant. With a larger pool of organs to draw from, we could dramatically reduce the transplant waitlist, which outpaces the number of willing donors. This also lessens the need for human donors, who are put at risk of postoperative complications.

Patients typically need organ transplants after chronic conditions compromise functioning or after an acute injury. When animal organ transplants become a more viable option, people like a Camp Lejeune survivor with liver cancer or a motorcyclist with a damaged kidney could benefit. 

FDA Approves Low Maintenance Injection Treatment to Lower High Cholesterol

Inclisiran, a new injection, has proven effective at reducing low-density lipoproteins, a cholesterol type, when used with statin therapy. By receiving injections only twice a year, patients with high cholesterol can lower their risk for things like heart disease or stroke.

This injection is becoming available at an opportune time. The public has become increasingly concerned about environmental causes of common health issues like high cholesterol. As a result, a spotlight has been cast on exposure to a class of toxic chemicals known as PFAS

These “forever chemicals” are in a staggering amount of everyday products. They have been linked to high cholesterol and many other serious health conditions. New methods of reducing cholesterol levels are essential in offsetting the impact of exposure to contaminants like PFAS.

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