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Woman Killed in a Rear-End Crash With a Truck

Woman Killed in a Rear-End Crash With a Truck
Woman Killed in a Rear-End Crash With a Truck

A woman died in an accident after her car hit a dump truck in the back. The rear-end crash happened on the highway in the Town of Barton on the afternoon of October 14.

The Tioga County Sheriff’s Office got a call around 1 p.m. and responded to reports of the crash on State Route 17C. According to the police, a 2005 Honda Civic driven by thirty-four-year-old Crystal VanDusen was going east when she hit the back of a Tioga County Highway Department dump truck. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

The police closed State Route 17C was closed near Shepard Road for about seven hours.

The investigation into the rear-end crash is continuing and if you have any information about the crash contact the Tioga County Sheriff’s Office at 607-687-1010.

Rear-ended accidents are very common and very often have a deadly outcome (especially if a smaller vehicle hits a larger one).

If you happened to be involved in an accident like this or lost a loved one in such circumstances, you should contact an auto accident attorney. No matter whose fault it was, you have the right to file for a compensation claim. No matter how mild or severe injuries you have, make sure to get medical help after the crash. This report will help you later with the insurance company. Even if the accident happened because of your fault, don’t hesitate to contact an attorney and get legal advice. You may be eligible to get a claim. 

To make sure you’ll do things right, let your attorney guide you. Insurance companies aren’t fond of paying large amounts; your attorney won’t settle until you get your deserved claim.

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Source: https://www.weny.com/story/42772276/woman-killed-in-tioga-county-ny-crash

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