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Garment District car accident, Manhattan, NY

New York City’s Garment District draws thousands of tourists and visitors each year, making it a hub of activity for those who appreciate fashion and the unique shops the area has to offer. However, like many other areas in the city, the Garment District often experiences heavy traffic, and accidents occur there often. Here at Cellino Law, our lawyers stand ready to assist car crash victims and those who need a car wreck lawyer near the Garment District to answer questions about injuries, property damage and how to proceed after an accident. 

What Is the Garment District? 

The Garment District lies in the heart of Manhattan and plays a major role in the global fashion industry. From textile manufacturing to clothing design, the district is a hub of fashion-related stores, warehouses and showrooms. Many people visit the historic area to shop and view historic buildings and landmarks that honor the area. 

Drivers in the district will probably encounter a large number of pedestrians who use public transportation to visit because non-commercial motorists cannot park in the district from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, according to the City of New York’s website. The presence of pedestrians, along with busy Manhattan traffic, can make the area difficult to navigate. These conditions can lead to a car wreck in the Garment District, and those involved might not know how to proceed. Crash victims can protect themselves in several ways before contacting us for a car crash lawyer in Garment District office locations. 

What Actions Can Manhattan Motorists Take After an Accident? 

When accidents in the Garment District occur, motorists can protect themselves with a few simple actions once the vehicles and their occupants move to a safe area to take stock of the damages. While they wait for authorities and medical assistance to arrive, those involved can build a positive foundation for a future personal injury lawsuit by knowing what to do and say. 

Avoid any admittance of guilt 

Drivers involved in the accident can avoid future legal trouble by avoiding any admittance of guilt on their part. Injured parties might take even general apologies as an admission of guilt or blame, so they may want to stay as silent as possible until the authorities arrive. 

Take photos 

Photographic evidence is a powerful tool in any court case, so drivers may want to take pictures of their injuries as they seek medical attention. They can also ask friends or family members to take photos of any damage to their vehicles as well. Photos of intersections, traffic signage and crosswalks may also provide proof of how a Garment District car accident happened. 

Ask for an exchange of information 

According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, drivers must report crashes that cause damages in excess of $1,000. Obvious severe damage to either vehicle or a crash that caused injuries that could lead to legal action in the future, so motorists may want to exchange information, including: 

  • Driver license numbers
  • Insurance information 
  • Names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses

An exchange of information can protect everyone involved in a Garment District car accident, but motorists may want to refrain from oversharing, such as admitting fatigue to the other driver or another piece of information that might incriminate them. 

Visit a doctor 

Car crash injuries may take hours or even days to present themselves, especially in cases of soft tissue trauma, such as whiplash. Shock may also reduce or mask symptoms of injuries. Visiting a doctor as soon as possible after a crash in the Garment District can help those injured document their injuries and provide medical reports to a car wreck lawyer near the Garment District. 

Safeguard medical information 

After a Manhattan car accident, the family and friends of injured loved ones may want to know all the facts about the wreck and what injuries occurred. However, discussing any information with loved ones could cause privacy leaks that affect an upcoming court case. Only injured drivers, their doctors and a medical proxy, if any, need to know. 

Does Personal Injury Protection Cover All Damages and Injuries in New York State? 

Because New York is a no-fault state, all residents must carry Personal Injury Protection to cover the cost of injuries to themselves and their passengers or injured pedestrians. This includes a variety of circumstances, including: 

  • The cost of medical treatment 
  • Lost wages 
  • Transport to medical treatment facilities 

PIP does not cover damage to vehicles or other property and exists primarily to cover losses of the policyholders and their passengers, as well as any pedestrians that experience injuries due to a wreck. This coverage also pays drivers even if they have personal medical insurance. The New York State Department of Financial Services notes that PIP covers up to $50,000 per person

Why Do Motorists Need a Car Wreck Lawyer Near the Garment District? 

Because New York motorists must carry PIP, they may not feel the need to hire a lawyer after an accident in the Garment District. However, their injuries may eclipse that coverage and they may need to sue other motorists to cover additional expenses. Speaking to a lawyer in the district can provide injured drivers with a variety of benefits when their PIP coverage cannot satisfy the cost of their losses. 

Evidence collection 

Our car crash attorneys know what kind of evidence to look for while building a case. They track down and speak to witnesses and collect police reports and medical bills as proof of fault or loss. They can even serve subpoenas to call in reluctant witnesses. 

Complete representation 

When crashes in the Garment District happen and driver injuries eclipse their PIP, insurance agents who represent other drivers may push for a settlement out of court. Our attorneys here at Cellino Law know how to handle calls and letters from these companies and defend our clients from unfair settlement offers during a time when they may feel particularly vulnerable. 

Building a solid case 

Injured drivers may find it difficult to gather all the information and documents they need or have the experience to represent themselves in a courtroom. Our attorneys can take the puzzle of a car crash lawsuit out of their hands and build a case built on individual facts and current New York State motor vehicle laws, as well as local Manhattan traffic codes. 

Safeguarding cases 

Because technology and social media changed how people interact and discuss their lives, it also affects the way injured Manhattan drivers might discuss their crash with friends and family. Our lawyers can safeguard upcoming cases by advising clients to avoid social media or discussing any facts that could have a negative impact. Even the most innocent comment on a social media page open to viewing by almost anyone can appear accusatory or as an admission of guilt. 

Contact Us for Garment District Personal Injury Assistance 

Manhattan roads are difficult to navigate, even for the most experienced drivers. When accidents happen in the Garment District, injured motorists may not know how to proceed or where to turn when the cost of their injuries eclipses their PIP. Call us here at Cellino Law at 800-555-5555 or send us a message online today for further information and assistance regarding a Garment District car wreck. 



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