Types Of Truck Accidents

Types Of Truck Accidents
Types Of Truck Accidents

Every time you travel on a public road, you face the possibility of a motor vehicle collision. Of these accidents, some of the most catastrophic involve trucks.

Truck companies and their drivers are liable for preventable accidents caused by negligence. Cellino Law has over 60 years of experience in protecting accident victims’ rights. If you were injured in a truck accident, contact our legal team for a free consultation at (800) 555-5555 right away.

Truck Accidents You Can Trust Us to Handle

Good drivers operate their trucks with knowledge and alertness. They make intuitive decisions, always considering vehicle characteristics (e.g. weight, height, handling) and road and weather conditions. Unfortunately, not every driver has sufficient experience. Even good drivers can make mistakes that lead to truck accidents.


Trucks that tow cargo, such as semi-trucks, are often composed of a cab and trailer. In a jackknife accident, a truck trailer swings out to one side, forming an L- or V-shape with the cab. Besides blocking traffic, this type of accident is often a result of slippery road conditions, braking issues, or cargo shifts or spills.

Cargo shift

Loading cargo onto a truck takes planning and skill. If a loader makes a mistake or fails to secure the items, their weight as they move about in the trailer can affect the truck’s center of gravity. When this happens, truckers can lose control of their vehicles.

Cargo spill

A cargo spill is when items fall off of a truck. Accidents occur when falling objects hit other motorists or drivers swerve to avoid them. Hazardous substances can also damage vehicles, roads, and even waterways.


A rollover accident is when a large commercial vehicle turns over, potentially rolling multiple times. According to a research study, almost 50 percent of rollovers occur when drivers fail to adjust speed properly (for curves, ramps, and road conditions). Other causes include distracted driving, drowsy driving, or over- or understeering.


Compared to cars, trucks require a longer distance and time to stop. If trucks follow too closely or fail to slow down at the appropriate time, they can hit the cars in front of them. Sometimes high-speed, rear-end crashes trigger multiple-car pile-ups.


Truck head-on collisions are among the deadliest types of truck accidents. They happen for various reasons, such as motorists driving on the wrong side of the road, passing in a no-passing zone, or losing control of a vehicle due to mechanical issues or health emergencies.

Wide turn

Large trucks cannot turn as easily as cars, so they usually have to start turns from the lane next to the regular turning lane. Commercial vehicle drivers could hit the curb, other cars, or even pedestrians in their path as they swing wide for a turn.


T-bone accidents (also known as broadside collisions) are named after the T-shape formed by the cars involved. Why might a vehicle strike the side of another car? In many cases, someone ignores a traffic signal or right-of-way turn at an intersection.


Truckers have a “blind spot” where passing vehicles are difficult or impossible to see. If they merge or change lanes while an undetected car is next to them, they can sideswipe the vehicle, causing serious damage and injury. If motorists try to avoid the truck, they could be forced into opposing traffic or obstacles such as barriers or trees.

Cellino Law cares about you, regardless of the type of truck accident that has caused you harm. Since 1958, our lawyers have investigated various types of truck accidents to ensure justice for accident victims.

Why You Should Schedule a Free Consultation

You could be entitled to compensation if your injuries resulted from these preventable accident causes:

  • Speeding: All vehicles should respect the posted speed limits. Some states set truck speed limits lower than those for vehicles with the aim of increasing safety.
  • Distracted driving: Many activities have the potential to take a driver’s attention off the road. Cell phones are such a common distraction that many states have made hands-free driving the legal standard.
  • Driving under the influence: Alcohol and drugs can affect a person’s ability to drive. Slower reaction time, reduced coordination, and poor judgment are only a few of the harmful effects of driving under the influence. Even prescription or over-the-counter medications can produce unwanted side effects.
  • Equipment problems: Mechanical issues, such as brake or coupling failure, tire blowouts, and broken lights can lead to accidents. Trucking companies must be vigilant to ensure the proper installation and maintenance of vehicle parts. In some instances, however, parts manufacturers or distributors may be to blame for defective products.
  • Road conditions: Local and national officials take care of streets and highways. Engineers and planners share responsibility in designing and implementing safe work zones. Poor road conditions or hazardous construction zones could reveal mismanagement and neglect.

Many dangerous situations are due to negligence on the part of truckers, trucking companies, or other parties. A free consultation with Cellino Law’s attorneys can help you get the compensation you need for your recovery.

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