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Were you injured in a rideshare accident in New York? Call the Queens personal injury attorneys at Cellino Law and get a free consultation. Unlike other kinds of motor accidents, Uber/Lyft accidents have their unique issues, and our attorneys know how to handle them. Our seasoned Queens Uber accident lawyers will work extra hard to win you the settlement you deserve.

How Do Insurance Policies Work For Ridesharing Drivers Work?

When it comes to insurance coverage for rideshare drivers, ridesharing companies such as Lyft and Uber have distinct requirements. These policies provide coverage depending on different statutes, such as the whereabouts of the driver when the accident occurred.

When the Rideshare Applicant Was Not Working

When the ridesharing diver is not working, or on duty, he or she is accountable for any injury or damage in the event of a motor accident. Note that insurance providers don’t provide coverage for such an incident.

If the Rideshare Applicant Was Working

If the ridesharing driver was involved in a motor accident while logged in for work, then the applicant will have some coverage. For instance, ridesharing drivers based in New York have different coverages, including:

  • Personal injuries – At least $75,000
  • Extra coverage for personal damages – $25,000
  • Bodily injuries – $150,000

Also, Uber/Lyft drivers get coverage for bodily injuries, which is at least $25,000 for uninsured drivers, $50,000 for accidental death, $50,000 for every crash, and $100,000 for unintentional death per collision.

Two drivers exchanging insurance information after an Uber driver caused an accident.

Both Lyft and Uber ridesharing companies provide insurance coverage of up to $1.25 for covering damage of property and for drivers who end up with bodily injuries. However, note that this insurance policy only comes into play, depending on the driver’s activity during the time of the crash. Also, ridesharing drivers are given an extra provision for bodily injuries, which is $50,000. There’s also comprehensive insurance – which only covers damages that don’t exceed the value of the car – and a provision of $1.25 million for coverages that are either uninsured or underinsured.

Things That Ridesharing Drivers Need to Be Aware of

What ridesharing drivers need to know is that their passengers/clients are also covered in some insurance policies. Such policies typically have a coverage of up to $1.25 million. However, the existence of this policy doesn’t prevent some issues from coming into play.

One of these issues is trying to establish the Lyft or Uber driver’s activities during the time that the wreck happened. You will need to know the driver’s whereabouts to determine whether the driver was on duty, and you were part of the collision as a passenger/client on the rideshare. Knowing whether the driver was logged in for duty will help determine the coverage you should receive as a victim. Also, it helps to be prepared to answer any questions that might be thrown your way by the ridesharing company.

Another issue that can arise when dealing with an accident where the injuries and damages exceed the set limit on insurance coverage. Such an issue arises when there are different parties involved in the wreck. For instance, there could have been three passengers in the accident, and therefore, the coverage of $1.25 million is insufficient and can’t cover all injuries and damages. Furthermore, this figure could even be less if the rideshare driver is responsible for the accident. Under such circumstances, the Uber/Lyft driver is required to turn to an alternative option through an at-fault driver’s insurance policy.

Essential Information for Drivers When Hit by a Rideshare Vehicle

When involved in a wreck, before anything else, seek medical attention. If your injuries are not fatal, contact the authorities. The police will then take charge of the scene of the incident, call an emergency response crew if there are injured people, and file a report. Seeking medical attention is crucial, even if you think you’re fine or feel okay. Also, you should take a video or pictures of the scene of the incident and collect contact information from witnesses.

You don’t have to be a passenger of the rideshare to get compensated after an accident. As a driver, you also deserve to recover compensation when involved in a collision caused by a Lyft/Uber driver. However, for this scenario, you must provide proof that the rideshare driver was reckless so that you can get compensation for damage to property and bodily injuries. Be sure to be thorough when claiming compensation because the awarded settlement figure will depend on the other driver’s behavior and mannerisms at the time of the crash. Ridesharing companies like Lyft and Uber can try to settle the matter quickly. But don’t be sweet-talked into accepting any settlement offer until you consult a reliable Uber accident attorney.

To build a winning case, your lawyer will handle communication with both the rideshare company and the insurance provider. These parties will then get to solving the matter by determining which insurance coverage matches your case. Some rideshare companies, including Uber and Lyft, might be unwilling to pay for your claim, especially if your behavior and mannerisms were questionable when the collision occurred. The biggest obstacle here is to determine which party was at fault and whether both drivers did anything to try and avoid the accident.

A Queens Uber accident lawyer showing a client an settlement offer.

Ridesharing companies might use various excuses to deny and avoid paying for many claims, and one of their favorite reasons is that the rideshare driver was not logged in for work when the incident happened. They act this way to shift the blame to the rideshare driver so that his or her private insurer can settle the claim. This only makes filing a claim daunting for the victim since the parties involved want to escape responsibility.

If you’re a driver who has been involved in an accident with a rideshare vehicle, then you need to prepare yourself for the game of denial. This is simply because no ridesharing company or insurance provider will willingly step forward to pay for injuries or damages. Uber and Lyft will refuse to pay, especially if they can transfer the blame to another party. Besides, the other driver could lack an insurance policy that covers such accidents. Luckily, with the assistance of experienced rideshare accident attorneys from Cellino Law, you can pursue your claim and get the justice and settlement you deserve in a short time.

How Can a Queens Uber Accident Lawyer Help an Injury Claim?

Establishing who is at fault after a motor accident, is not easy, more so for wrecks involving rideshare vehicles. Insurance providers will try everything to deny your claim so that they don’t end up paying for the losses/damages and injuries.

With the assistance of an experienced Queens car accident lawyer from Cellino Law, you can rest assured that your case will be taken care of fast, and you’ll get fair compensation for your claim. Here’s what our rideshare lawyers in Queens will do to help your case:

Gather Evidence

Our crew of seasoned attorneys will gather enough evidence to help build a winning case. Our attorneys will go through police reports of the incident and review all eyewitness statements. We will also look into collecting evidence from other sources such as CCTV footage for the crash.

Value Each Case

Here at Cellino Law, there are one-size-fits-all solutions. That’s why we will review even the smallest details of your case, including medical bills and all other costs involved. Our unique approach to each case helps us determine exactly how much you should get for losses, injuries, and damages sustained.

Communicate With the Insurance Provider

Even if you are a self-proclaimed negotiator, never try to handle negotiations with an insurance company by yourself. This is because you could easily end up saying things that could compromise your claim. That is why we always advise our clients to allow our experienced attorneys to handle communication with the insurance company on their behalf.

Build Your Case & Defense

Sometimes, you could be the one being blamed for the wreck. As a driver, you can get distracted or even make a mistake. Under such circumstances, you will need to defend yourself so that you don’t end up liable for losses and injuries. Our lawyers can help you build a flawless defense against all accusations.

Handle Negotiation With the Parties Involved Including the Ridesharing Company

The insurance provider and the ridesharing company will try to stand their ground, which is to refuse to pay for the claim. They only have one goal, to pay as little as they can for the claim. To this end, if they will sweet-talk you into accepting a quick settlement offer so as you can drop the case. However, with our Uber accident lawyers, you can be sure that the settlement you get will be fair.

Be Your Legal Representative in Court

It’s not uncommon for the ridesharing companies and insurance companies to play the denial game. When this happens, victims end up throwing in the towel and thinking that their only option is to accept the little offered to them. But with us, you never have to give up. Besides, we can always forward the claim to court.

What Causes Rideshare Accidents In Queens?

People love rideshare services for various reasons. But while some people might like ridesharing services for helping ease traffic, the reality is that rideshare services have not reduced the number of motor accidents involving Uber/Lyft drivers. Below are the primary causes of rideshare accidents in Queens, NY

The main factors that lead to Uber/Lyft accidents in Queens are:

  • Drunk driving
  • Illegal turns
  • Unsafe turns
  • Distracted driving
  • Over speeding
  • Ignoring the two-second rule
  • Stopping at dangerous spots, such as at tricky intersections
  • Inclement weather
  • Poor road and traffic conditions

Who Is Liable for Injuries Sustained After a Rideshare Accident?

While any ridesharing driver could be involved in a wreck, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is liable. Vehicle accidents are messy and stressful. Besides, many factors contribute to a collision. In the state of New York, the law requires the party responsible for the wreck to pay a settlement fee as a way to compensate the victim for their losses and injuries.

A woman holding her neck after a car accident.

Other parties who may be held accountable for a vehicle accident include:

It is imperative that you allow an experienced third party to handle a rideshare accident you were a part of so that it can be easy to determine the at-fault party. Your attorney from Cellino Law will investigate more about the incident and help determine the responsible individual or entity quickly.

How Can One Seek Compensation if a Rideshare Driver Caused an Accident?

If there’s irrefutable proof that the Uber/Lyft driver is to blame for a vehicle accident you were part of, then you may get compensation for bodily injuries and property damage depending on the activities of the rideshare app at the time of the wreck. Below are other actors to know:

Driver Not Using Rideshare App

The ridesharing driver must be logged to the rideshare app when working. If a wreck happens when the driver is not logged in, then the driver’s private insurance policy will take on the responsibility of settling the claim.

Rideshare Driver Waiting for a Ride Request

A Lyft/Uber driver is covered by the rideshare insurance policy even when they are waiting for a client/passenger to request a ride. This kind of coverage, however, is secondary, which means you can benefit from it if the driver’s private insurance policy is insufficient.

Ride Request Sent to a Rideshare Driver

If an Uber driver receives a ride request, then Uber provides coverage of up to $1 million. This amount is used to cover various things, including third parties involved, the driver, and the passengers on board.

Can I File a Lawsuit Against a Rideshare Company After an Accident?

Normally, you cannot file a lawsuit against the rideshare company after an accident. That is because most of the rideshare drivers work as independent contractors. The objective behind this move is to reduce liability cases when rideshare drivers are involved in a wreck.

Injuries Commonly Caused by Uber/Lyft Accidents

There are times when injuries sustained in an Uber/Lyft accident are severe. That’s precisely why you need an excellent lawyer with an impressive track record to help you with the matter and get you the highest possible settlement for your claim. With Cellino Law in your corner, you can get compensation for suffering the following injuries:

A driver using the Uber app to navigate a client to their destination.

Sometimes, injuries sustained after an Uber accident can make it difficult for you to come to our office, especially if your injuries are severe. Luckily, you don’t have to come to us because we also visit our clients. Contact our lawyers at Cellino Law Firm if you need them to come to you. Whether you are hospitalized, or you are at home recovering, we will send our attorney to come and assess your case and provide you with exceptional legal advice.

What Are the Damages That Exist After an Uber Accident?

If someone is liable for the wreck, then it is your right to take legal action. Pursue the matter, and the best place to start is by contacting us or by visiting our office. Cellino Law firm will guide you on what you need to do so that you can get fair compensation.

If another party like the Uber/Lyft driver is liable for the crash, then you’re within your rights to take legal action. Seek compensation for your losses and injuries, and an excellent way to achieve that is to call or visit us. Cellino Law Firm will help you get sufficient compensation for the following:

  • Emotional distress
  • Disability
  • Property damage
  • Medical expenses
  • Suffering and pain
  • Lost salary/wages
  • Loss of the ability to enjoy your life

Insurance providers will employ different tactics to try and refuse to take responsibility for your injuries and damages so that they pay you as little as they can. But with the assistance of an experienced legal representative, you can prevent such as scenario from happening. Here at Cellino Law, we will work with injury professionals to strengthen your case. Furthermore, our lawyers are adept at handling motor accident cases in Queens, NY, so you can be sure you will be getting nothing short of invaluable legal advice.

What Is the Value of My Rideshare Accident Case?

How much you get as the settlement will vary depending on many factors, including who the driver was during the accident and the driver’s condition at that moment. If you are a victim of an Uber/Lyft accident, you can be awarded compensation for the following:

  • Broken bones
  • Loss of pregnancy
  • Disfigurement
  • Disability
  • Amputation and loss of body parts
  • Death
  • Minor damages and financial losses exceeding $50,000

With the assistance of an experienced Queens personal injury firm, you can get compensation for all the damages, injuries, and losses you sustained. So, call or visit us today!



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