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In case a family member or even yourself have sustained a severe head injury, suffered from a concussion, or traumatic brain injury, after being involved in an accident, then you’ll need a personal injury lawyer who’ll fight tirelessly for your best interest. A Brooklyn traumatic brain injury lawyer will help you acquire the highest amount of compensation possible.

Cellino Law has done an incredible job, by successfully recovering millions of dollars, for various personal injury victims in the city of Brooklyn and also across western New York. Discover the way a professional and experienced personal injury attorney in Brooklyn can help you recover and move forward from the traumatic brain injury that hit you. Contact our Brooklyn traumatic brain injury lawyers any time, to get your free case evaluation scheduled.

Whenever a traumatic brain injury hits it can bring about lots of life-changing consequences. It’s not a wonder, you might never be able to work from then henceforth. Your physical abilities, as well as your personality, may change drastically. So, you might need a lot of support, special and unique treatments, long-term care, and other different types of resources for you to continue your recovery journey. In case a family member is the survivor of brain surgery, you’ll likely face some challenges also.

Let our Brooklyn injury law firm take up your case and represent you. If someone else’s negligence has caused an accident that has made either you or a family member sustain a traumatic brain injury, then it’s important that you receive the right amount of compensation to help you meet all your current and future needs. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Cellino Law in Brooklyn knows the effects a severe brain or head injury can have on you as well as the whole of your family. That’s why we strive to ensure total recovery of the compensation, and also deliver justice.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

According to the Mayo Clinic, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is damage to the brain usually caused by an injury. Traumatic brain injuries result from the collision of the brain and the skull. Each year, these injuries cause approximately 275,000 hospital stays and 52,000 deaths. Accidents can occur as a result of different activities, including playing sports, violent acts, and car accidents. The brain is usually not contained tightly within the skull. And there’s a space around the brain. That’s why, for example when an individual is involved in a car accident it isn’t the neck alone that may snap back. The brain can as well move into the skull and this can result in injuries.

Whenever the brain is shaken, while in the skull, the brain could bleed and bruise, and the tissues may tear. Though traumatic brain injury is a serious condition, it’s very hard to notice since in most cases the injuries are invisible. Starting from the more recognizable and common brain injuries for example concussions to the ones that are difficult to recognize like the Hypoxic Brain Injury, Anoxic Brain Injury, and Diffuse Axonal Injury. No matter the type of injury, brain injuries are hard to deal with and complete recovery isn’t a guarantee.

What Causes Traumatic Brain Injuries?

In most cases, brain injuries result from trauma occurring to the head, especially when some force from an object strikes the head. Let’s look at some major causes of TBI:

In some unfortunate cases, people who sustain a traumatic brain injury die. From 2006 to 2010, falls and car accidents were the leading causes of deaths coming from traumatic brain injuries, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Traumatic brain injury-related deaths in people of 5 to 24 years old, mostly occur as a result of car accidents. On the other hand for people of 65 years and above, the cause is falling.

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In case you or a family member has suffered from a serious injury or death due to an accident, contact the traumatic brain injury attorneys at Cellino Law in Brooklyn by dialing (888) 888-8888 and have your free consultation scheduled.

How Are Brain Injuries Diagnosed?

Tests are carried out by healthcare specialists to assess the physical condition of an individual, level of consciousness, brain functioning, and nerve functioning to diagnose traumatic brain injuries.

Here are a few of the most common tests done to help in the diagnosis of traumatic brain injuries:

The Diagnostic Imaging

In case a doctor suspects a traumatic brain injury, an image of the person’s brain is obtained, by the use of a PET scan, MRI, or CT-scan, in order to have a clear visualization of the injury for proper treatment.

A CT-scan (Computerized Tomography) uses X-rays to generate a 360-degree, cross-sectional image of an individual’s brain The scan might show bruising, bleeding as well as other different types of brain damage.

MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging) uses magnetic fields and strong radio waves to form brain images. As opposed to a CT-scan, an MRI most likely generates a more detailed image of the brain.

A PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scan uses a tracker, that’s basically a radioactive substance to identify brain damage or diseases. A PET scan can reveal to a doctor how the brain is functioning.

The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)

The Glasgow Coma Scale is used to measure a person’s ability to open their eyes, speak as well as move. A doctor rates and categorizes a person’s response, and eventually the doctor comes up with a total score. This score shows the severity of a traumatic brain injury. Generally, a score of 13 or higher indicates mild TBI, a score of 9 to 12 indicates moderate TBI, a score of 8 or less indicates severe TBI.

Physical Evaluation

A person suspected of suffering from a traumatic brain injury will often receive tests with one or several of the following specialists for the evaluation of the individual’s communication, motor, and also cognitive skills:

  • Occupational therapist
  • Speech-language pathologist
  • Neuropsychologist
  • Physical therapist

When an individual’s impairments are identified and evaluated, a specialist is then able to recommend the necessary rehabilitation treatment to manage the resultant effects and to help the person get very close to normal cognitive functioning.

Normally, some TBIs may require more involved care as opposed to others, but those who go for prompt diagnosis and medical treatment are likely to receive the care that’s needed. If you or a family member has suffered from traumatic brain injury or died as a result of an accident, contact the brain injury attorneys at Cellino Law by dialing (888) 888-8888 and get your free consultation scheduled.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Various parts of the brain may be affected, depending on the way trauma to the head occurs. Some kinds of traumatic brain injuries usually subside fast and require limited treatment plus rest. Differently, other injuries are usually permanent and require intensive and long periods of treatment.

A man holding his head after being injured in an accident.

Here are several most common forms of traumatic brain injuries:

Closed TBI

On this, the head receives an outside force. But, the skull doesn’t break. Closed TBIs are classified into severe, moderate, or mild (the concussion).

Penetrating TBI

In this one, a foreign object penetrates the skull, therefore compromising the dura or outer meninges layer (the membrane of the brain).

Diffuse Axonal Injury

What happens in Diffuse Axonal injury is that the brain shifts inside the skull. Once that occurs, the brain’s axons or connecting fibers tear and twist.

Coup-Contrecoup Injury

A bruising pattern occurs in the brain tissues on the opposite side of the individual’s head and also at the site of impact.

Skull Fracture

The skull fragments or disruption of it occur and may result in an infection or damage of the brain.

Intracranial Hematoma

Rupturing of the blood vessels leads to the collection of blood within the empty brain spaces or inside the tissues of the brain.

If you or a family member has sustained brain injuries as a result of an accident, contact Cellino Law traumatic brain injury attorneys in Brooklyn, New York, by dialing (888) 888-8888 and have your free consultation scheduled.

Signs And Symptoms Of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Despite the type of accident causing a traumatic brain injury, there could be a serious impact on an individual’s life. The symptoms may last a couple of months or years, thus affecting lots of capabilities, from the ability to relate well with others to an individual’s capacity to work.

Our attorneys at Cellino Law are experienced and fully understand the never-ending devastation that can result from a traumatic brain injury. Our law firm concentrates on the national practice to provide legal representation for victims of brain trauma. In case you’ve suffered from a head injury as a result of an accident, you may be eligible for compensation.

Due to the complexity of the brain damage, each person may reveal a different sign of damage. Losing consciousness is far from the only way brain damage is proven. Some symptoms may reveal themselves very fast, but others may last a bit longer before they can be noticed, after the accident. Here are several general signs of brain injury:

  • Nausea, dizziness, and tremors
  • Impaired spatial orientation, difficulties with hand-eye coordination
  • Impaired fine and gross motor coordination
  • Difficulties with visually locating objects and recognizing faces
  • Unusually aggressive behavior
  • Losing the ability to speak or slurred speech
  • Poor control over voluntary movements
  • Changes in sexual function or drive
  • Mood changes; anxiety, irritability, feelings of sadness
  • Hallucinations or vision changes
  • Having trouble solving problems, concentrating, and remembering
  • Difficulty with writing and/or reading
  • Chronic low-grade headaches

There are a few other signs. In case you or a family member is experiencing any uncommon motor skill, memory, sleep, or behavior symptoms after facing an accident, see a doctor immediately and contact us for any legal help.

How Does A Traumatic Brain Injury Impact Your Life?

A traumatic brain injury can cause very different results. Though, in most cases, an individual requires to master how to manage as well as cope with the permanent mental and physical impairments they suffer.

The consequences of traumatic brain injury may be either long-term or short-term, and are likely to affect the following:

  • Coordination and motor skills, such as holding and grasping objects, posture, and balance.
  • Communication skills, including understanding, expression, or speech
  • Mental behavior and health such as acting out, changes in personality, depression, or anxiety.
  • Cognitive processes, including reasoning, concentration, and memory skills
  • Sensory processing, including sight, hearing, touch, smell, or taste

A traumatic brain injury may cause serious financial strain for the injured person and also their whole family. Intense medical care and treatment may be needed to manage a traumatic brain injury, and that could add up to the expenses. Remember, the effects of traumatic brain damage and the associated disabilities are likely to hinder a person from working or making career advancements as they were expecting. A person can also find it very difficult to perform routine tasks. Participating in activities that were previously a regular part of life may also be impossible.

How Do You Prove Your Traumatic Brain Injury Case?

To effectively prove your traumatic brain injury, a lot of resource input is needed, for example, the expertise of medical professionals and other specialists. In some cases, you may find out when it’s very late that you have suffered from a brain injury. So you should visit a doctor when you’re involved in an accident for a thorough checkup.

We’ve access to several leading brain injury and accident authorities. We’ll capitalize on their expertise to build a formidable claim for you. It will include the current value of your injuries plus the future projected expenses for long-term medical treatment, the lost income, and a lot more.

Why Should I Consider Hiring A Lawyer For A TBI Claim?

Cellino Law only hires highly experienced lawyers. The selective process we use is very effective considering that our team has won many cases. We’ve also been able to handle matters out of court thus saving our clients much hassle, money as well as time. Our lawyers have succeeded in prosecuting all types of personal injury cases. Our intense negotiations may help minimize the financial burden resulting from the injury.

A lawyer filing a claim for a client who suffered a traumatic brain injury.

We team up with you to explore all possible options, then explain every detail to you on what you can expect as you work with us, plus chances of succeeding either in or out of court. You don’t have to deal with all these alone. Contact our team of TBI attorneys for an accurate assessment of your case.

How Much Compensation Can I Expect to Receive for My Brain Injury?

Brain injury victims usually receive substantial financial awards as a result of them being greatly incapacitated. They also receive support because they will have to settle expensive medical bills for the rest of their lives as a result of the injury. The specific amount of compensation you’ll receive as a result of your brain injury highly depends on the specific details of your case, the seriousness of the case, and the total impact a brain injury causes on your life. Your case may be worth thousands or millions of dollars, so you never know. It just depends. You could be eligible to receive compensation for the following:

  • All your medical costs, including long-term care expenses
  • Loss of earning capabilities
  • Replacement services
  • Punitive damages
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Do you want to find out the value of your case? Contact the personal injury lawyers at Cellino Law and have your free consultation scheduled.

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Whether you suffered from a traumatic brain injury resulting from a slip and fall, a car accident, or a different type of accident, you’ll soon come to realize that the insurance company isn’t worried about your best interests. No matter the kind of injury, the insurance company usually aims at ensuring they pay the least amount possible on your claim.

The insurer might try to claim your brain injury is not very severe or say that you had a pre-existing condition. They could also try to challenge the overall impact of the brain injury to your life, and thus attempt to force you to settle for little compensation. Never allow the insurance company to deny you what you genuinely deserve. Our Brooklyn personal injury lawyers are aware of how important the outcome of the case is to you, and they never mess up on anything.



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