5 Secrets Insurance Companies Keep About Crashes

5 Secrets Insurance Companies Keep About Crashes
5 Secrets Insurance Companies Keep About Crashes

Insurance companies rule the world when it comes to car crashes. They know all the tricks, and loopholes and they do well with keeping people away from fair compensation. How?

They keep major secrets when it comes to your crash and the injuries. Victims often think that their insurance company is their resource for a fair payout. That couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have been involved in a car accident in New York, a dedicated car accident lawyer is your best chance to receive fair compensation for your damages.

1. Statements Are Rushed for A Reason

The first thing that your insurance company asks for after notification of a crash is a statement. This is on purpose. They want a statement before you’ve had a moment to think or rest.

A rushed statement is often full of appeasing comments such as, “Yes, everyone is fine,” or “the damage isn’t that bad.” That way when you start looking for your compensation they come back with, “Well the settlement is small because the damage wasn’t that bad.”

When it comes to injuries this is a big deal. Most injuries don’t show up right away. So if you’re talking to an adjuster a few hours after a crash, you’re still buzzing on adrenaline. You haven’t felt your muscles scream or your neck pain throb yet.

The secret here is that you can wait to give a statement, and you should.

2. Your Compensation Payment is an Offer

Many people believe that they receive a compensation check. What you are actually receiving is a settlement offer. It’s probably the best-kept secret in the insurance world, you can refuse their initial offer and hold out for a better one.

With a lawyer it will seem like this is suddenly a possibility, but it’s been an option all along. When you receive your check or a rep calls to say, “Congrats, here’s $2,000!” You can respond with, “That’s not right, my damages far exceeded that amount.”

3. They Discourage You from Talking to the People Who Will Help Most

Insurance company representatives employ multiple sneaky tactics. They are known for telling people that they can talk to a doctor if they think that it’s necessary. Additionally, they’ll often tell people that it’s not necessary to speak with a lawyer.

Representatives have been found falsely telling people that obtaining an attorney requires a downpayment, or they’ll take all of the settlement. This is not true, lawyers work with varying standards of practice and ranges of payment.

Talk to the people that are trying to help you. See a doctor or a specialist for your injuries, no matter how minor they might seem now. Talk to a lawyer about your case and learn about what options you have before deciding anything.

4. Evidence is Often Pushed Aside

With a camera on every phone and nearly every driver having a phone, many people are taking responsibility for documenting the wreck. Drivers are encouraged to take photos of the vehicles, the other driver’s insurance information, and the scene itself.

So what happens when you take these pictures? Usually nothing. Offering images to a company will usually result in being brushed off. Reps will assure you that their insurance adjuster will take plenty of pictures of the damage.

A lawyer can make sure that your photos from the crash scene make it into consideration as evidence. Pictures that you took at the scene could help show that you were not at fault. It is critical that this evidence makes it in front of the people reviewing your case.

5. Pressure for Settlement is Top Priority

Right away insurance companies start talking about a compensation check. What this actually is, is a settlement offer. It’s an offer and it’s their top priority. Why? Because they don’t want you digging any further than they’re willing to go.

When you’re dealing with a crash injury it might seem like taking a comp check is easiest. But that’s what they want you to do. They don’t want to investigate further or risk having to pay out more.

Getting a lawyer involved changes that mindset because the priority isn’t on settlement alone. Ideally you would push for compensation that covered all of your damages.

Get A Lawyer Involved Right Away

Work for a fair closure of your case and work away from the many secrets that insurance companies have in place to protect themselves. Focus on your recovery and protecting your financial stability.

Crashes often come with injuries that can affect people for years, and cost them tens of thousands in medical bills. Don’t get stuck paying these bills out of pocket because your claim settled for a low amount.

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