Melville, NY Head-on Collision Lawyer

Melville, NY Head-on Collision Lawyer
Melville, NY Head-on Collision Lawyer

Head-on collisions are one of the most dangerous accidents on U.S. roadways. Rarely do drivers or front-seat occupants walk away from such destructive crashes because the chances of serious or fatal injury are high. According to the 2020 data from the Insurance Information Institute, over 10% of all accidents are frontal impacts. Unfortunately, there is often little you can do to avoid this type of crash, especially when another driver swerves into your lane, leaving limited reaction time. Motorcycle riders fare worse in terms of catastrophic injuries.

When the actions of a negligent driver cause you harm, you want Cellino Law in your corner. A Melville, NY attorney has the experience and knowledge of the law to protect your rights and get you fair compensation. It is essential not to wait before speaking with an attorney. Quick steps are necessary to preserve evidence and let the other side know you won’t settle for less than you deserve.

What Causes Physical injury In a Head-On Collision?

With frontal impact accidents, there are specific issues that can severely injure a person.

Crushed Vehicle Front

A front impact crash puts tremendous force on the vehicle’s body. Speed and mass from this type of collision frequently do significant damage to property and people inside. Newer makes are designed to handle a certain level of crash velocity, but a head-on collision changes the stakes.

At higher rates of speed, the front of the vehicle can collapse and push inward toward the front seat. This means people are vulnerable to severe injuries when their bodies are stopped in forward movement by steering wheels and dashboards. Windshields can also cause serious injury.

Airbag Deployment

Airbags have been installed on vehicles to prevent crushing injuries, but they are not without issues. Airbags may collapse from a faulty deployment, or puncture is possible. Hitting an airbag at high speed can also lead to serious injury. An airbag is meant to push your upper body back when a collision sends it into forward motion. Crash victims can suffer these injuries from an activated airbag:

  • Chest injury (broken ribs, punctured lungs and contusions)
  • Eye injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Whiplash
  • Cervical spine injuries

Seat Belt Locking

A seat belt is designed to hold you safely in place during an accident. It crosses your body at the abdomen, chest and shoulder. In the course of a head-on impact, the device ratchets tightly to prevent movement, and this action causes blunt-force trauma as your body absorbs the strain. Seat belts cause severe injuries, such as fractures, muscle tears, abdominal and intestinal injuries, chest injuries, and spine traumas.

Force of Impact

The physical body is not designed to handle the intense motion brought on by a frontal impact crash. The sheer force causes tremendous harm to a person’s body. The spine is often injured as it attempts to absorb the impact. Closed head injuries occur as the brain is shaken forcibly inside the skull. A Melville, NY attorney looks at all these factors related to physical injury when considering damages.

What Are the Most Common Reasons for a Head-on Collision?

Drivers are responsible for protecting other drivers by following traffic safety laws and remaining focused on the task at hand. When drivers fail to do what is expected of any other drivers under the same circumstances, they are not exercising a duty of care. This is one of four critical elements necessary to prove a personal injury claim. These are ways drivers do not act responsibly in front impact accidents:

There are many types of negligent actions that lead to head-on accidents. A Melville lawyer will investigate what happened in a crash that led to your injuries.

Can a Party Other Than a Driver Be Liable?

In a head-on accident, the responsible party is not always the other driver. There are a number of different companies and agencies that take part in keeping vehicles and roads safe for drivers.

Vehicle Manufacturer

A vehicle manufacturer must produce vehicles that are safe to drive. If an accident occurs because a manufacturing problem causes a driver to lose control, this can be a cause for suing the producer. Malfunctions and defects are governed by New York liability law. An attorney uses applicable laws to support your case.

Tire Manufacturer

Tires are made by companies separate from the car manufacturing process. Tire producers can be held liable if their products don’t meet the threshold of product safety. An investigator can look for unusual wear, bulges and problems outside of normal maintenance.

Road Construction Company

Road construction happens every day on U.S. roadways. There are numerous hazards related to roadwork. Construction companies that handle these jobs must exercise care in managing sites to protect the driving public. If there are issues related to construction projects that cause you injury, companies can be held liable.

Government Agency

Government agencies are frequently responsible for hiring private contractors for road projects, or they may have hired crews. When local or state agencies may play a role in why an accident occurs, you have the right to pursue them for compensatory damages.

What Happens If I Exceed My Personal Injury Protection Coverage Limit?

New York is a no-fault insurance state, so persons injured in accidents are typically reimbursed for expenses through PIP insurance. However, when a head-on collision occurs, medical costs often quickly exceed the coverage limits of PIP policies. In this situation, New York allows individuals to sue liable parties to recover costs above policy limits. A personal injury attorney helps you file a lawsuit to recover economic and non-economic damages.

What Are Types of Damages You Can Recover?

In a head-on collision accident, you can recover for both monetary and non-monetary damages.

Special Compensatory Damages (Economic)

These are types of losses that special compensatory damages cover:

  • Loss of earnings and potential future earnings
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Past and future wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Property damage
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Household services

An attorney will total your losses that fit into the category of non-economic damages.

General Compensatory Damages (Non-Economic)

These are types of issues general compensatory damages cover:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Mental anguish
  • Quality of life

Many factors determine a general compensatory damage amount. The seriousness of an injury is essential in determining your ability to recover and move forward. In head-on collisions, the chances of having a permanent disability or chronic pain are high. You need the right attorney to get the compensation to protect you through the years ahead.

Hire a Melville, NY Attorney To Handle Your Head-On Collision Accident

Cellino Law is the Melville, NY firm you need to represent you in a head-on collision case. The devastating nature of injuries from these car crashes frequently leads to long-lasting health conditions. You need a knowledgeable and capable attorney to handle the legal complexities of these lawsuits.

We are recognized for our services on behalf of injured clients. It is important to us that you get the help you need after a serious accident changes how you live. We hold responsible parties accountable for negligent actions. There are no upfront fees, and we don’t get paid unless we win. Contact us to get started with a free case review.

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