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If you have been involved in a car accident in your lifetime, you know how important a reliable Staten Island car accident lawyer is to represent you in order to receive the proper amount of compensation for your damages. One must consider what would happen if an insurance carrier refused to cover your medical expenses or the repairs to your damaged vehicle. Additionally, consider the amount of lost wages as a result of the accident or due to an injury that was sustained.

Cellino Law offers professional car accident lawyers in the borough of Staten Island with a free consultation designed to evaluate your case and get the process started on gaining compensation. Regardless of how big or small the accident was, we will offer you experienced legal advice as well as answer any questions and concerns you may have about the process.

We offer a professional team of personal injury lawyers in Staten Island who have years of experience in providing a strong defense and protecting your rights as a car accident victim. We will be by your side the entire way and work diligently so you receive the maximum amount of compensation that is possible by law. We are a leader in the personal injury law field throughout New York due to our knowledge of the law as well as our success rate and skills in the courtroom.

How A Car Accident Is Reported In New York

It is a requirement of the law that a driver reports any accident in Staten Island, NY, to the proper authorities as soon as possible, this is especially true if there are vehicle-related injuries and fatalities. The driver who is at fault for the accident should be the one to report first. However, never rely on another individual to report the accident.

If there was property damage due to the accident, the driver who is at fault we will need to make an accident damage report regardless of whether the other driver is there or not. Keep in mind that an accident damage report only needs to be filed if the estimated damage may exceed $1000.

Following an accident, drivers will have 10 days in which they can make the appropriate report and written statements. If an injury prevents a driver from filing a report about the accident, there are no specific stipulations to when a report must be filed. It is recommended to have a lawyer to file a report as soon as the injured individual has been able to recover sufficiently.

What Does It Cost To Hire A Staten Island Car Accident Lawyer?

We understand after a car accident, the thought of paying for an attorney is next to impossible when one is out of work and has mounting medical bills. This is why the legal representatives of Cellino Law Firm work on a contingency basis, requiring no upfront fee from you. In fact, our offices will never request a fee from you unless you receive compensation for the injuries you received during the accident.

When we work on a contingency basis, we cover all of our own costs until your compensation has been received. A contingency fee model allows you the opportunity to recuperate without worrying about money for our services until the case has been one. Additionally, our attorneys will evaluate your case and offer our opinion as to the likelihood of the outcome.

Typical Types Of Compensation Awarded After A Car Accident With Injuries

Claims for personal injury compensation must come with a loss. These losses can either be non-economic or financial in nature. In some situations, punitive damages may be available to the victims of a car accident in gross misconduct, or negligence is concluded by the at-fault driver.

Financial claims are designed to provide monetary reimbursement due to losses and expenses resulting in an auto accident and can include:

  • Property Or Vehicle Damage
  • Loss of Income
  • Past and Future Medical Expenses
  • Current and Future Income Due To The Ability To Work

Contact a Staten Island car accident lawyer today to review your injury claim today.

According to section 5102 of the States Insurance Law, non-economic losses may only be awarded in cases where a serious injury was created. Serious injuries can include:

  • Bone Fractures
  • Physical Disfigurement
  • Loss Of Function In A Bodily System or Organ
  • The Loss Of The A Baby In Utero
  • Loss Of A Limb
  • Limited Function Or Use Of A Bodily System Or Organ

There are some issues in which it is possible to sue the negligent driver for punitive damages due to a personal injury lawsuit. These forms of damages are non-economic or economic and in most cases are due to severe negligence or misconduct of the driver at fault. In most cases, this form of compensation is usually calculated as a multiplication of the other various compensation that is to be received.

What Is The Statute Of Limitations In New York For Car Accidents

Within the state of New York, there is a specific timeframe in which an individual must make a claim for compensation due to damages from a car accident. Therefore, it is essential to get in touch with a Staten Island car accident lawyer as quickly as possible after an accident.

In New York, any claim for damages against the defendant is recommended to be filed within one week from the time of the accident. With a statute of limitations in place, it is absolutely essential to meet all deadlines to receive fair compensation.

New York’s statute limitations will allow claims following car accidents to be filed by a victim three years from the date of the accident. However, if the claim is against a government agency, the victim will only have 90 days to file that claim.

Essential Information To Get After A Car Accident

There is specific information that should be collected while at the scene of the accident which is going to help your case tremendously at a later date:

  • It is always important to take down information regarding the make, model year, license as well as registration of all vehicles involved in the incident.
  • Additionally, you’ll want the name, address driver’s license number as well as insurance information of all drivers involved in the incident.
  • The names, badge numbers as well as the precinct of all responding officers to the accident.
  • Write down the precise location of the accident including cross streets and mile markers.

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