Car Crashes Into a BMW Dealership on Long Island

Car Crashes Into a BMW Dealership on Long Island
Calendar icon March 16, 2021

A car crashed into a BMW dealership on Long Island and left the place in ruin. According to the officials, the accident happened sometime after 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 9, at a BMW dealership located at Sunrise Highway in Freeport.

The video shows great damage to the building, but also damage to the vehicles that were exposed for sale. The authorities are investigating what caused the accident. 

So far, there is no information about any injuries sustained when the car crashed into the BMW dealership on Long Island.

Crashing a vehicle into a building or another object, usually happens because the driver was speeding, was driving under the influence or because they had a medical condition. 

In such a case, the police should investigate how the accident happened and if none of these factors contributed to the crash, the victim’s family should hire a car accident attorney who will investigate the crash. In some cases, the accident might happen because of faulty car parts, road hazard, or a medical condition caused due to unsuitable medications. In that case, the attorney might advise the family to file a lawsuit against the agency that maintains the road, or against the car manufacturer or doctor who obviously made a mistake in the drug prescription.

If this is your case, things are complex and you shouldn’t go into the legal process on your own. Seek help from a car accident lawyer who has a history of similar cases. 

Our team at Cellino Law is here to review your case and help you with the next step. If your case is clear and you can see a compensation claim, you might come across challenges; insurance companies aren’t fond of giving money just like that.

This is why a skilled New York car accident lawyer is a necessity. Our team will negotiate until you get your compensation. Contact us and schedule your first consultation today. 




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