What Should I Ask My Slip and Fall Lawyer?

Questions for my slip and fall lawyer.

When you get hurt in a fall on someone else’s Manhattan property, the resulting pain, medical treatment and the hospital bills they cause are usually a great source of stress and worry. If the property owner refuses to cooperate and the insurance company wants you to settle for an amount that only covers a portion of your medical bills, bringing questions about your slip-and-fall case to our lawyers at Cellino Law can provide you with legal representation and peace of mind.

What Is My Case Worth? 

The value of your slip-and-fall case depends on a variety of factors, from the location of your accident to the extent of your injuries. Our attorneys review all relevant information to build the foundation of your lawsuit, including:

  • The cost of existing medical bills 
  • The cost of any future treatments or surgeries 
  • The cost of medications 
  • Loss of wages
  • Reduced enjoyment of life/chronic pain 

Our attorneys can continue to build the value of the case as you provide them with information regarding your fall, such as whether you will need physical therapy in the future to increase your mobility or to reduce pain in the injured area.

Does the Location of My Fall Matter? 

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen almost anywhere in Manhattan, including commercial businesses. Business owners must maintain their properties to protect their customers, such as shoveling and de-icing walkways in the winter, repairing uneven walking surfaces and placing caution signs on wet floors.

If you fall on someone’s private property, homeowners insurance may cover some losses under the premises liability law. This law holds the homeowner responsible for eliminating dangerous conditions around the property that could cause injury to a guest, including:

  • Old or unstable stairs 
  • Leaks that cause a slippery surface 
  • Slippery carpeting 
  • Ice-covered driveways 

Because premise liability requires that a homeowner notifies you of any possible hazards or that they remove them, the location of your slip and fall and the conditions of the environment can have a major impact on your legal case.

Is An Owner or an Employee Responsible for My Compensation? 

If you fell at a business, you may feel unsure whether to name the owner of the store or the employee who acted negligently as the defendant in your case. The employee, for instance, may have forgotten to put up a sign that lets customers know the floor is wet, and this resulted in your slip and fall.

In most cases like this, the store owner or manager is responsible for the actions and behavior of the employees there. Ultimately, the responsibility for providing you with a safe shopping environment falls upon them.

How Will You Prove My Fall Was the Fault of Another? 

Proving the negligence of an individual or business directly caused your injuries is the heart of your slip-and-fall case. Our attorneys gather a variety of information such as photos of the area where the accident took place, speaking to witnesses, and collecting medical reports from the hospital and emergency room staff.

If the home or business owner states you were partially responsible for your slip and fall, our attorneys can counter the accusation with police reports and any available video footage. Many homeowners today use security equipment that includes video. Security Magazine reports that 50% of American homeowners own such a system, so this may work to your advantage when it comes to proving you did not contribute to your accident.

Can You Handle Calls From Insurance Companies? 

If an insurance company becomes involved in your Manhattan slip-and-fall case and pressures you to settle out of court, the stress of repeated phone calls and letters can impede your healing. Our attorneys can represent you in many ways, including fielding communication from aggressive insurance agents, whether you are recovering at home or in a hospital.

How Can I Improve My Chances of Winning Compensation? 

Our attorneys will work closely with you during each stage of the personal injury lawsuit process, and providing us with as much information as possible can help build a strong foundation for your case. Keeping a few tips in mind as the court date approaches can also help protect you and the important details of the slip-and-fall lawsuit.

Avoid Discussing Your Case Online 

Friends and family may contact you on social media with questions regarding litigation. Do you plan to sue? Did your attorney say how much the case is worth? Is the homeowner trying to settle out of court? How many people are involved in this case? These are common questions people ask when they know someone else might have caused your injuries, but discussing your case online could lead to privacy breaches.

Keeping your developing case as private as possible avoids personal and legal entanglements that could seriously impact the outcome. Let loved ones know you appreciate their concern but that you need to refrain from speaking about the case before it goes to trial. This keeps the spread of misinformation and gossip at a minimum.

Let Our Attorneys Speak For You 

As the plaintiff in a slip-and-fall case in Manhattan, you and your attorneys carry the burden of proof. As such, allowing our lawyers to represent you in most matters regarding your case can prevent you from speaking out of nervousness or fear.

For instance, if an insurance adjuster who represents the defendant wants you to give an account of the accident over the phone, allowing us to represent you in this capacity can prevent damage to the case. Our attorneys understand that most insurance companies would rather settle out of court and have the necessary experience to handle insurance representatives and adjusters.

Practice Effective Record-Keeping

Keeping account of all paperwork regarding your case means our attorneys have all the information they need to determine the value of your case. Provide our attorneys with information as it comes to you, such as current medical bills and the projected costs of any upcoming surgeries connected with your injury. In cases such as this, providing detailed information about your losses allows our attorneys to seek appropriate damages. Remember to keep copies of all the necessary information related to your case and keep the information in one place so you can access it easily.

What Are Punitive Damages? 

You may be able to add punitive damages to your award if the defendant acted recklessly or especially negligently in a way that caused your slip and fall. For example, if a Manhattan store owner knew the wooden stairs leading to his business needed replacing, failed to do so out of laziness, and then you fell when a stair riser broke, this could point to negligent behavior by the owner.

A court typically awards punitive damages to punish the defendants once a judge delivers a verdict. This reminds them of their duty of care and that negligent or reckless behavior comes with serious consequences.

Let Us Assist You With Your Slip-and-Fall Case 

Trips, slips and falls can occur almost anywhere in Manhattan and disrupt your ability to work, take care of your family and enjoy life to its fullest. If you suffer from injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence, contact us here at Cellino Law and let us help you win the compensation you deserve. Call us today at (888)-888-8888 for further assistance.



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