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Minor car accidents are low-speed, low-impact crashes. They result either in no injuries or ones that are not life-threatening. However, minor accidents can still involve significant property damage and trauma that leads to doctor visits, therapy and missed work time.

Minor Car Accidents in Manhattan

In 2023, Manhattan saw 14,149 total crashes. Of those, almost 9,000 resulted in no injuries or fatalities. The people involved were lucky enough to walk away without getting hurt.

However, motorists, pedestrians or bicyclists experienced injuries in nearly 5,000 accidents that year.

minor car accident lawyer

Causes of Manhattan Accidents

The majority of crashes in 2023 resulted from driver inattention or distraction. These drivers may have been:

  • Using a cell phone
  • Eating or drinking
  • Reaching for something
  • Daydreaming

Distracted drivers may also look at navigation devices or the sound system, taking their eyes off the road.

Other accidents happened when drivers followed too closely, ignored traffic signals or failed to yield the right-of-way.

If you’ve been in a minor car accident, the attorneys at Cellino Law can review your case to determine if another driver was at fault.

Injuries in a Minor Car Accident

Minor car crash injuries usually involve soft tissue, such as the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Significant organ trauma or broken bones are typical of a major crash.


Bruises or contusions happen when you strike something in the car, like the steering wheel, seatbelt, dashboard or projectile. Bruises can be minor or cause significant pain and swelling, affecting your range of motion.


Cuts and scrapes can happen when the windshield or side window breaks and scatters glass. You can also get lacerations from metal objects or sharp projectiles. They may require stitches or wound care.

Sprains and strains

A crash can cause a sudden impact, pulling your joints in the wrong direction. These forceful movements can lead to sprains and strains, especially wrists and ankles.

Sprains and strains can affect your ability to move the joint, walk without support or leave you unable to move your hands and wrists freely.


Whiplash is a common car accident injury. When a vehicle comes to a forceful stop, the head and neck can get jerked back and forth.

Whiplash is especially a risk in a rear-end collision. It can lead to stiffness and muscle aches in the head and neck.


A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury. It can happen when the head strikes something in the vehicle during an accident and causes the brain to bounce around in the skull. Concussions result in swelling, bruising or bleeding around the brain. The side effects of a concussion include:

  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • Trouble with balance
  • Difficulty concentrating

They can also cause mood disturbances and trouble sleeping. Concussions usually require rest and time away from stressful activities for the brain to heal.

Back Injuries

The sudden jerking movements during a crash can cause muscle sprains and strains in the back. They can also cause slipped discs or pinched nerves. A back injury can keep you from your job or make walking hard.


Burns can result from a fire after a wreck. They can also happen if chemicals or hot liquids come in contact with the skin. Burns can be mild or cause blistering and become very painful.

Emotional Trauma

Minor accidents can lead to mental anguish. An accident doesn’t have to be major to affect someone’s mental well-being.

People may experience anger, mood swings, insomnia, anxiety and stress. These symptoms can affect relationships and the ability to work.

Seeking Medical Treatment After a Minor Crash

Minor crashes can be deceiving. You may have adrenaline in your system to get you through the immediate events. However, an adrenaline rush can often mask pain or trauma. You may have injuries you aren’t aware of until later.

It’s a good idea to have a doctor check you after an accident, even if you feel fine. Injuries sometimes present themselves days or weeks later after an accident. Seeking medical treatment right away helps you get a diagnosis as soon as possible.

It can be hard to prove your injuries were related to the accident if you wait to seek treatment. The insurance company may try to claim that the accident didn’t cause them since you didn’t go to the doctor right away. Treatment can help you prove your claim and ensure you receive compensation for your accident-related injuries.

What To Do After a Minor Accident in New York

Your next steps after a crash depend on if anyone was hurt.

After a Crash With No Injuries

If you have a minor crash resulting in no injuries, you can move your car out of the way of traffic. This step protects you and others on the road. The law does not require you to call the police. However, you must exchange your driver’s license, insurance and vehicle registration information with all other motorists.

You must also file a Report of a Motor Vehicle Accident for insurance purposes. It must be filed within 10 days of the accident if the crash caused damage of over $1,000 to anyone’s property.

You can still complete the report even if you aren’t required to do so by law. It may help if you don’t know the monetary amount of damage.

After an Accident With Injuries

If anyone has injuries, the law requires you to remain at the scene and call the police. Exchange information with the other parties, including license, registration and insurance information.

You will also need to file a Report of a Motor Vehicle Accident, even if law enforcement takes a Police Accident Report.

Contacting Our Attorneys After a Minor Crash

Whether a car accident is major or minor, it can still involve a lot of questions, challenges and paperwork in the aftermath. The attorneys at Cellino Law can help. Our first consultation is free, so you can get answers without worrying about financial obligations.

How Cellino Law Attorneys Can Help

An attorney can assist you with your claim even if it doesn’t lead to a trial.

Talking to the Insurance Companies

Insurance companies may offer you an immediate settlement. Usually, this figure is lower than the value of your claim. They do this knowing that you want to quickly put the accident behind you; therefore, you may accept a low settlement.

Our attorneys know the value of your claim and can work to get you a higher settlement.

Filing Paperwork Within the Statue of Limitations

The statute of limitations in New York state for an accident claim is three years from the accident date. Our attorneys can help you with the required paperwork and ensure it is filed on time.

Gathering Evidence

Our attorneys have experience with minor car accidents. We can get information from the accident scene, talk to witnesses and review the police report. This information may support your claim and help determine fault.

Assessing Your Claim Value

The value of your claim includes lost wages, reduced earning capacity, medical bills and other factors. We work to ensure everything is accounted for in the claim value.

Call Cellino Law After a Minor Accident

The attorneys at Cellino Law have decades of experience and success with personal injury claims. No accident is too minor when it comes to your well-being. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.



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