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Challenges are always going to be involved with slip and fall cases. Overwhelming evidence, if it does exist, can be used against the property owner that will have to provide you with fair compensation if you can present the right way. You need to fully recover from any injuries that you have had, but once you are on the road to recovery, you should contact a Hempstead slip and fall lawyer to get this legal process started. When you start to work with an attorney, this is going to enhance your chances of getting the maximum amount of compensation that you are able to obtain by law.

Our Hempstead injury firm has many highly skilled lawyers that concentrate on personal injury cases and we can build a strong case for you as well as gather strong evidence to support your claim. The objective is to always collect irrefutable evidence which means talking to witnesses, getting their testimonials, and also speaking with professionals that were related to the incident.

Property owners and the insurance company will have to negotiate with us. If you do have very strong evidence, this will increase your chances of leveraging a much larger settlement, something that would not be possible without legal help. The insurance company and property owners may provide you with an offer that is less than satisfactory which means that we will take this to trial in order to get you the settlement that you deserve.

What Should A Person Do After They Are Hurt In A Slip And Fall Accident?

According to the latest research, there are literally millions of people across the United States that are admitted to the emergency room because of fall-related injuries. Similar to most other accidents, there is a wide range of injuries from minor cuts and bruises to those who have suffered from major injuries including head injuries, spinal cord damage, broken hips, broken bones, and you may have also developed a concussion. Some of these can lead to a fatal resolution.

If you would like to take action after your accident, you have every right to do so. If you are wondering what you should do next, here are some things that you should consider doing after a slip and fall accident near Hempstead.:

  • Call an attorney
  • Take videos and images of the incident
  • Contact witnesses that can provide you with pertinent information
  • Never shared details about the incident
  • Get medical attention
  • Report the incident as quickly as you can

Who Will Be Liable For Slip And Fall Accidents In Hempstead?

Those that will have a responsibility to keep the property safe for guests and visitors are going to be the homeowners or the property owners. If they do not take proper corrective action regarding safety issues, they can certainly be held liable for any injuries that people will suffer as a result of a slip and fall accident. Frequent inspections are recommended, yet this depends on the purpose of the property and whether guests are going to be there on a continual basis. If people are just visiting for business purposes, and are not there on a leisurely visit, the property needs to be inspected regularly to identify and resolve any safety hazards that are there.

On the other hand, if you are visiting a friend, they do not have to legally check for potential safety hazards regularly as that is not their responsibility. However, it is absolutely their duty to inform anyone that will be visiting that there are safety concerns that they may encounter on their property. The property owner can be held liable if safety concerns were known, but they did not inform the people that would be visiting.

A couple meeting with a Hempstead slip and fall lawyer to discuss a claim.

Landlords, homeowners, and business owners, along with government agencies, can be held liable for injuries that people experience on their properties. You need to get information about those that would be legally responsible for such an incident. New York law allows you to get compensation from those that are responsible. Cellino Law is representative of many experienced lawyers that are well aware of how to help people that are in these types of accidents, plus they can identify the cause of the accident and track down those that would be responsible for paying a settlement.

Calculating The Value Of A Slip And Fall Accident

When these accidents occur, every single one of them is going to be unique because each one will be based upon different circumstances. The assessment of the value of the settlement really depends on the circumstances that led up to the accident happening. Our attorneys are going to help you obtain a fair settlement amount which is often based upon a multitude of different factors:

  • Compensation for pain-and-suffering
  • Punitive damages
  • Medical expenses now and in the future
  • Loss of current earnings and future earnings
  • Receiving compensation for the personal injuries that were sustained

Cellino Law attorneys are going to fight for you to get maximum compensation for the injuries that have happened to you. We can contact life care planners, or even an economist, to narrow down the final dollar amount of the compensation claim as this may be helpful toward getting the maximum amount.

Relatively Common Injuries Related To Slip And Fall Accidents

When slip and fall accidents occur, as mentioned above, this can lead to substantial injuries. Some of these can be extremely serious, whereas others may only be minor. Some people have lost their lives because of these injuries. The severity of the injury often depends upon the environment, age of the person that was injured, and where and how the fall occurred. Some common injuries that are related to slip and fall accidents may include:

  • Sprained wrists and ankles
  • Damaged knees
  • Brain trauma
  • Muscle strain
  • Nerve damage to the spine
  • Broken bones and shoulder dislocations
  • General or severe cuts and bruises

The Statute Of Limitations Regarding Slip And Fall Injury Cases

Speaking with an attorney right after the fall accident is absolutely imperative for many reasons. One of those is the fact that the statute of limitations can run out on some of these quickly. Simply stated, there is going to be a time limit for when you are able to file your claim. It is going to begin on the same day that your accident occurred. If it is not filed by the time that the statute of limitations runs out, you will not be able to file for your claim and will lose out on your potential compensation. In Hempstead, NY, the statute of limitations is a total of three years regarding slip and fall incidents.

The statute of limitations will also be dependent on each set of factors related to each individual case. You do need to file within 90 days if you are injured at a government agency, or a municipality, which is very different from a standard slip and fall case. The limitations in such cases are limited to one year and three months, yet it still must be filed within three months of the injury.

Contact Our Hempstead Slip And Fall  Lawyers Now

We have a highly experienced team of Hempstead personal injury lawyers at Cellino Law. We will do our best to use the evidence we can collect, and that you will provide, to build a strong case. Once you have spoken with a representative at our law firm, we can begin to gather testimonials and collect the most compelling evidence, plus speak with witnesses so that when we talk to the property owner or the insurance company we can begin the negotiation process.

For us to obtain a good settlement for you, testimonies play an essential role in giving us the leverage that we will need. Once an offer is made, if you are not happy with the offer presented, your case can go to trial and our professional team of lawyers will not hesitate in doing this for you.



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