How Long Does An Accident Lawsuit Take To Settle In Buffalo, NY?

People don’t expect to be involved in accidents as they go about life, yet Buffalo, NY, residents are vulnerable to many types of accident injuries each day. In Erie and Niagara counties, on average, 67 people are injured in auto crashes daily. Many of these people require medical treatment. Car crashes are the second leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations throughout New York. Buffalo residents also get hurt seriously in other ways, such as motorcycle, bicycle, slip and fall, pedestrian, and construction accidents.

Accidents caused by negligent actions that lead to serious injuries and pain and suffering often require the services of personal injury attorneys to handle these claims. Cellino Law is ready to begin your personal injury case and protect your rights after an accident. We have a proven record of excellence and effectiveness in handling personal injury cases for our clients. Every injury claim involves unique circumstances, so resolving a lawsuit can take time. These are important things to know.

What Is the General Timeframe for a Buffalo, NY, Personal Injury Settlement?

The time it takes to reach a settlement or obtain a judgment in a personal injury case relies on a host of factors. The average time is around two years. If you polled a group of plaintiffs, you would hear answers ranging from a few months to a few years. The reason is that every case comprises crucial elements that prompt a liable party to either settle or proceed to trial. Once a defendant sees the facts laid out, a settlement timeframe may become evident. Your lawyer knows how to keep your case moving forward no matter what.

What Are the Key Issues That Determine Lawsuit Resolutions?

Though cases present unique challenges that determine outcomes, the reasons cases often require time to resolve are not unknown. These are some significant issues that factor into settlement determinations.

Victim Injury

Injuries are a big reason why personal injury cases take time to settle. After an accident, it is necessary to understand the extent of your injuries and whether your condition is permanent. You may need rehabilitation and months to years of healing time. You may not be able to work or return to your previous way of life. Some people suffer disfiguring injuries requiring multiple surgeries and advanced therapies. A lawyer can use time as an advantage to properly assess damages that fit the seriousness of your past and future losses.

Accident Investigation 

Accident investigations under the best circumstances take time to conduct. Even so, the details may come up short. An accident attorney may enlist the services of an accident reconstruction specialist to put all the pieces together. This is highly important to present a clear picture of what occurred, especially if your case goes to trial. Other expert witnesses might be needed to consult on your case. Minor details can make a difference in winning a case. All of these preparations may lengthen case time but are indispensable.

Case Complexity

If you do an internet search about filing a personal injury case, you often see these cases referred to as complex or complicated. These words are accurate because injury cases have lots of steps. Even before you file a lawsuit, there is much work to be done evaluating whether the facts prove a defendant’s liability. If there is more than one liable party, the legal hill gets steeper.

Once the lawsuit process gets fully underway, the pre-trial motions, depositions, discovery process, written and verbal communications, and paperwork grow in proportion to the permanency of injuries and the amount of damages sought. All of this takes time before fair compensation for a settlement is understood.

Plaintiff Commitment

It may seem an easy decision at the start, but as the months pass, you can begin to feel discouraged by perceived setbacks or delays. In most instances, these matters are not unusual for a personal injury case, as your lawyer will explain. However, your decision on whether to continue or take an offer may determine the time to settle.

Attorney Know-How

Undoubtedly, a skilled attorney is a critical part of settling a lawsuit. An attorney can never guarantee when a suit will be resolved because legal matters are always subject to change. However, a legal professional with years of accident case experience works diligently toward a particular outcome and knows when to advise a client that the best possible settlement offer or damage award amount has been reached.

What Should You Know About the Statute of Limitations?

In New York, as an injured victim, you have three years to file a personal injury lawsuit to seek compensatory damages. This gives you time to decide about filing a lawsuit and prevents the possibility of a lawsuit from hanging endlessly over a defendant’s head. It is never recommended that you wait to file until the last minute. If you fail to file before the statute of limitations runs out, you will likely lose any chance to make a damage recovery. Moreover, a lawyer must gather evidence to build your case while facts are available and witness recall is fresh.

Work With a Buffalo, NY, Attorney After an Accident

It is never easy when you are hurt and expenses pile up to wait on a fair settlement offer in a personal injury case. Insurance companies and other legal teams take advantage of your vulnerability and frustration and often make a lowball offer tempting you to be done with the process. However, it is in your interest to listen to an attorney about persevering through the legal journey. Your quality of life, health, and future may depend on the outcome.

At Cellino Law, we have years of experience handling personal injury cases and are proud of our record of service to clients. We know it’s essential to find the right attorney who’s ready to go from day one. We provide counsel throughout the legal process, so you know what’s happening at all times. We don’t ask for upfront fees, and you don’t pay unless you win. One of our Buffalo, NY, lawyers is waiting to talk with you. Our 24/7 availability makes it easy to contact us for a free case review.



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