Oyster Bay Car Accident Lawyer

Oyster Bay Car Accident Lawyer
Oyster Bay Car Accident Lawyer

It is the legal duty of any driver that witnesses an accident or is in an accident to report this to the relevant authorities in New York, especially if fatalities or injuries were caused. The driver responsible for the accident should be the first individual to report it. However, this may not occur so it is best not to assume that they will do so, especially if this individual was acting irresponsibly when they caused the accident. If this occurs you will want to contact an Oyster Bay car accident lawyer and report it yourself.

When these accidents lead to property damages, the at-fault driver is required to make a damage report, even if the other driver is not present. However, the accident report is only necessary if the damages that you are going to report are going to exceed $1000.

Once the accident has occurred, the driver must make an appropriate report within 10 days, along with a written statement. If there was an injury that will prevent the driver from doing the reporting, there are actually no stipulations as to when the report must be made. Our personal injury attorneys in Oyster Bay recommend these reports are made as soon as possible to pursue this course of action. If you wait too long to report an accident or file a claim it can prevent you from recovering any compensation.

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Is It Expensive To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer In Oyster Bay?

Cellino Law firm understands that expenses, such as medical expenses, that will happen after a car accident can make paying for representation or legal advice for a personal injury case very difficult. Our professionalism is going to be provided to our clients with no upfront costs which is going to make this affordable to just about everyone, even if they do have the money to pay for a lawyer. We are not going to ask for any fees at all until you are able to receive compensation for the injuries that you have sustained.

Our team of lawyers will work only on a contingency basis which means that we will pay for our own costs until compensation has been agreed upon and paid. By using this contingency fee model, you have the added benefit of feeling confident that you will be compensated for your personal injuries. When our lawyers evaluate each individual case, we do so on its own merit and determine whether there is the probability of a successful outcome which is why you can trust that we will do our best to represent your case.

What Compensation Can You Get For Injuries After A Car Accident?

There must always be some form of a loss in order to receive personal injury compensation when filing a claim in Oyster Bay, NY. These losses can be noneconomic or financial in nature. You can also pursue punitive damages which are attributed to the victims of these car accidents, specifically when misconduct or negligence by the at-fault driver is involved which has led to the accident.

An Oyster Bay car accident lawyer reviewing a claim with a client.

Economic claims or financial claims provide a form of monetary reimbursement for losses and expenses that occurred as a result of the car accident which may include:

  • Current plus future income loss as a result of the accident
  • Medical expenses that will be related to the injuries that will happen now and in the future
  • Loss of income because of the accident or injuries
  • The damage to the vehicle, or any other property, caused by the at-fault driver.

If these are noneconomic losses, these will only be awarded in incidents where serious injuries are caused based upon the state insurance law, section 5102. These serious injuries will include:

  • The complete loss of a limb or limbs on your body
  • Severe limitation of the use of bodily organs
  • Loss of functionality of your system or bodily organs
  • Bone fractures
  • The loss of a baby while in the womb
  • A physical disfigurement that may require reconstruction

There are some cases where punitive damages may be pursued as part of the lawsuit regarding this personal injury case. These are not regarded as noneconomic or economic and are typically due to the misconduct or negligence of the at-fault driver when determining that amount. The type of compensation is typically calculated by multiplying the already determined compensation numbers.

Is There A Statute Of Limitations For Car Accidents In New York?

You have a certain period of time by which to file claims for compensation in the state of New York if you are involved in a car accident. It is absolutely critical to work with a law firm in Oyster Bay that can start to help you right after the accident so that you can pursue getting a settlement for the injuries or financial loss that you have sustained.

A man with a neck injury after a car accident in Oyster Bay.

In New York, these claims must be filed within a week of the date of the car accident. The statute of limitations, along with the meeting deadline, must be met if you hope to get any type of compensation at all.

The statute of limitations will allow for claims that are the result of car accidents that are filed by the victim three years from the day when the accident occurred. However, with these claims against a government agency, the plaintiff or victim has only 90 days to do the same.

What Type Of Information Should You Get After The Car Accident?

There is certain information that you absolutely need while you are currently at the scene of the accident as this will help your case in many ways which will include:

  • The exact location of the accident
  • Badge numbers, names, and the precinct of any police officers that were first responders to the accident
  • The residential address, name, contact info, driver’s license number, and the insurance information of every single driver that was part of the accident.
  • The make, model, license number, year, and the registration of each and every vehicle that was part of the accident that occurred.

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