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Everyone has probably heard that aircraft, including commercial carriers and charter planes, are safer than automobiles. According to IATA’s 2020 Safety Report, the risk of an air travel fatality is only 0.13 percent. In other words, it is statistically unlikely that you would experience an accident with at least one fatality unless you flew every single day for 461 years.

Despite those facts, most aviation accidents are the stuff of nightmares for Melville residents who experience them. A helicopter accident or plane crash often results in death or catastrophic injuries. If an aviation accident has affected your family, civil litigation could be your only hope of justice.

Cellino Law has served New York airplane accident victims for more than 60 years. Call (888) 888-8888 for a free case evaluation to learn what protections personal injury law guarantees for you. Our phone lines are open 24/7, and there is no cost or obligation to learn your legal options.

How Aviation Accidents Happen

Determining the cause of an aviation accident is neither simple nor straightforward. Aviation experts have identified various potential causes of crashes.

Pilot error

Pilot decisions on the ground and in the sky affect the outcome of the flight. Proper training is essential. For instance, pilots must use flight equipment, respond to weather conditions and maintenance issues, and take off and land safely.

When pilots make bad judgment calls, they endanger the lives of their passengers and crew members. At other times, pilots work while they are too tired or under the influence of alcohol. Their reckless behavior puts innocent people at risk of serious injury in either case.

Air traffic control mistakes

An air traffic controller can see for miles from the 320-foot tower at JFK International Airport. From similar route centers around the world, air traffic controllers monitor and direct air and ground traffic near airports. At the same time, they share important information like weather conditions and runway closures with pilots and other traffic control centers.

Air traffic controllers often work exhausting rotating shifts, often in semi-dark rooms. Since they usually monitor more than one aircraft at a time, concentration is a crucial component of this job. With such a high-stress working environment, controllers can’t let their guard down since one moment of negligence could end in a disastrous aviation accident.

Poor design

Engineers and designers are continually refining airplanes to improve their speed and efficiency. Yet, they can’t ignore safety. When planes are not resistant to the stress of takeoff, landing, strong wind, or other predictable variables of air travel, this could be a result of faulty engineering.

Manufacturer defects

Planes are made up of hundreds of parts that serve different purposes. One defective part or improperly assembled piece could cause a big problem. Aviation accident lawyers can make sure that negligent manufacturers are held liable when their products cause injuries.

Maintenance failures

Just like a car, planes must undergo routine inspections and maintenance. An aviation accident could occur if a technician fails to report or repair an issue. In other instances, airlines might intentionally cut corners due to time or budget constraints.

Sabotage refers to a deliberate attempt to destroy or damage. Security at airports increased after the 9-11 attacks, so similar events are less common today.

Weather conditions

Potentially dangerous weather conditions include:

  • Fog
  • Snow
  • Hail
  • Ice
  • Rain
  • High winds

Pilots and air traffic controllers are trained to handle sudden inclement weather, but bad weather can be predicted most of the time. If an aviation accident occurs because someone ignored potentially hazardous conditions, victims could qualify for financial compensation.

How Aviation Litigation Works in New York

After an aviation accident, the first priority of potentially liable parties is usually damage control. If their main concern is avoiding financial strain, they will turn to corporate advisors and insurance companies for support. They will seek to protect their best interests, even if that means you don’t get the compensation you deserve.

Meanwhile, if you suffered personal injuries, your primary concern is likely recovery. Or, if you lost a family member in a fatal aviation accident, dealing with grief might take all the strength you have.

At Cellino Law, we feel strongly that victims should not have to suffer on their own. Our personal injury lawyers take legal actions to ensure liable parties compensate for the damage they caused.

In many cases, insurance providers prefer to cooperate with personal injury lawyers. They might offer a settlement, and your attorney can help you decide if it is fair. In other cases, our diligent personal injury law team will resolve matters in a New York court.

How much compensation do you qualify for, and how can you obtain it? To get answers to your questions, get in touch with us by leaving a message with our convenient contact form.

What Compensation Might an Aviation Accident Victim Receive?

Cellino Law has won over $2 billion in compensation for personal injury and wrongful death claims. We owe our success to the resources and experience we have built up over the decades. On your behalf, we can bring these strengths to the table to get you fair compensation for your pain and suffering.

Visit one of our convenient NY offices or call toll-free number, (888) 888-8888, to learn if you are eligible for the following types of compensation.

Medical bills

Medical treatment can save your life, but it can deplete your savings quickly. Even if your insurance company covers some of the cost, you could face substantial debt for years after an aviation accident.

In the United States, aviation accident victims can file legal liability claims if another party caused their injuries. Our aircraft accident lawyers can seek reimbursement for qualifying healthcare expenses, such as:

  • Emergency attention
  • Medical transportation
  • Surgeries
  • Aftercare and rehabilitation
  • Adaptive medical devices
  • Medications

Though the at-fault party’s insurance company should pay, it is not always easy to get fair treatment. A personal injury lawyer who knows what your claim is worth can help you to maximize your compensation for your medical expenses.

Wrongful death claims

If a close family member died in an aviation accident, you could qualify for wrongful death compensation. New Yorkers can seek restitution for both physical and emotional losses:

  • Medical bills
  • Loss of income or inheritance
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Damages for the loss of love, support, and companionship

Cellino Law offers free case reviews for surviving family members of aviation accidents. Our compassionate representatives understand that you are hurting, and we want to do what we can to advise you. Call us any time at (888) 888-8888 to schedule a consultation in Melville or another convenient New York location.

How Does the Statute of Limitations Affect NY Aviation Accidents?

When someone is injured in an aviation accident, he or she has the right to take civil actions to pursue financial compensation. However, these privileges only last for a certain amount of time. In New York, this deadline is called the statute of limitations.

How long you have to file depends on the details of your individual case. Our law firm encourages victims to get in touch with a lawyer right away. First, the statute of limitations starts as soon as the accident happens or the injuries are discovered.

Secondly, experienced attorneys know what steps to take to protect your rights. The sooner after an accident you contact us, the sooner we can begin the process to secure your compensation.

Contact Award-Winning Aviation Accident Lawyers Today

Claiming damages for aviation accidents is a complex process that involves more than filling out paperwork. A successful claim presents evidence that negligence occurred and demands maximum compensation from liable parties.

Personal injury lawyers work fast to investigate an accident to meet these requirements. They gather documentation and evidence to support the case, and they handle communication with insurance companies and other interested parties.

Our lawyers have the resources and know-how to accomplish all of the above while meeting deadlines such as the New York statute of limitations and other time limits which may be imposed by insurance companies.

Managing legal concerns as you recover from the devastation of an accident is a burden you should not have to bear. Our capable law team is here to assist you in Melville and throughout the State of New York.

Get help from our trustworthy lawyers who are dedicated to getting the best outcome for you. Call Cellino Law at (888) 888-8888 to learn how to get high-quality, professional legal representation today.



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