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As much as we love animals, sometimes they may end up causing us injuries in the form of animal bites. These types of injuries can be traumatic and in the worst case can leave one with permanent scars. Dog bites are some of the most common and often they happen with children. Dog bites can cause bruises, lacerations, and even scarring. When a person gets bitten by a dog, it is important to get medical care immediately so that they can receive professional treatment to prevent an infection. At times they may also require continuous treatment for a while.

If you have been injured in an animal attack, you should contact a Long Island dog bite lawyer right away. Cellino Law has a team of personal injury lawyers in Long Island that will be able to help you in getting the right compensation for the trauma and medical care you will receive.

What Should You do After Suffering a Dog Bite Injury?

It is crucial to know what to do after you have been involved in such an incident. This is what determines if you will be able to get the compensation that you deserve. Keep in mind that you may have an adrenaline rush from the attack and may still be confused and traumatized after such an incident. The best thing to do is to check how severe the bite is first. if it is bad, call 911 as soon as possible.

If you can take a picture of the dog, this will be a great way to help prove your claim. Take pictures or a video of the dog and the area where the incident happened. If there are any witnesses, get them to give an account or get their details. It is advisable to get medical attention even when you feel like it is a minor bite. It could be minor but have a higher risk of getting infected. If the owner of the dog is not available you should get rabies shots to prevent any risks.

A person having an arm attack treated by a medical professional after being attacked by a dog.

Not being able to identify the owner is usually a sign that you need to be extra cautious because you will not be able to get any information on the shots that the dog has. Seeking medical assistance is advisable because there may be other injuries apart from bites. The dog could also scratch you and cause you to get an infection.

You should not ignore getting medical assistance. Even with a small bite that you can treat yourself, it is advisable to get a professional involved. This way, the owner will not be able to argue that the dog did not cause any harm. There will be evidence that you can present to get the compensation that you deserve. It is a fact that any dog no matter the size or breed can cause injuries if they attack you.

Injuries Caused by Dog Bites

Our attorneys often help dog bite victims pursue claims for the following injuries:

Puncture Wounds

If you are attacked by a larger dog, they will most likely leave puncture wounds. This is because larger dogs might pounce on you with more strength than smaller ones. The dog might not puncture your skin immediately they bite because dog teeth are not as sharp. Whatever the type of wound you have, you need to make sure you get treated to get stitches if it is indeed a puncture wound.

Teeth or Claw Wounds

These are caused as the dog pounces to bite on you and rips your clothes. This often causes serious bleeding.

Broken Bones

if a large dog pounces on you and you fall to the ground then you may incur broken bones as a result. It could also happen if you are trying to run away and the dog attacks you by biting on your arm or leg.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

These injuries can occur when an attack causes someone to fall. This is common when bigger dogs attack and push the victim to the ground with force. Such falls could result in skull fractures if the force is too much. A victim of such an attack may sustain injuries such as mild concussions, however, it may be worse and a real brain issue could be the result. Traumatic brain injuries need immediate medical care as failure to do so could mean that the victim may be left with permanent damage.

Facial Injuries

Dogs can cause facial damage by attacking a person and biting parts of the face such as the nose, ears, etc. When this happens, it often requires various facial reconstruction surgery. In other cases, they also cause permanent scars.

Once you have seen a medical expert, you must get the medical report that has all the information that you need for the case. This will aid in getting the right amount for compensation because you will have all the necessary evidence. Cellino dog bite attorneys will help you get the compensation that you deserve. Having all the information to prove that you were indeed attacked will go a long way in making the case.

Consequences of Dog Bites

The CDC reports that more than 800,000 people reach out to medical professionals for the treatment of dog bites each year. Of these, about half the percentage are children. More than 20,000 end up seeking reconstructive surgeries due to the extent of the bites.

Insurance paid amounts to just above 16,000 dollars for compensation through homeowner insurance. Most victims get an average of 30,000 dollars which at times is not the actual cost of the medical care and other expenses the victims spend to cure the bite.

Cntact a Long Island dog bite lawyer today to file your injury claim.

If you need to get the right Long Island dog bite attorney, choose Cellino Law. They can help you get the right compensation. You are entitled to compensation if the dog bites you when you are not trespassing or if you had not provoked it. The dog owner should pay if the dog attacked you unprovoked.

The law also states that if there were other animals attacked during the incident then the dog owner has to pay for the treatment of said animals.

There are also other injuries that a person who has been attacked by a dog may suffer from. These are;

Disfigurement or Permanent Scarring

Since dogs attack children the most, they often end up with deep scars on their faces or necks. These can be permanent and reconstructive surgery may be necessary. Some marks can last up to adulthood.


The psychological impact that the attack will have on the victim could lead to anxiety and a terrible fear of dogs, also known as Cynophobia. If the attack was really bad it may leave the victim with PTSD.

Affected Wages

Once a victim of a dog attack incurs deep wounds that force them to stay in the hospital for a while, they may end up getting a pay cut when they do not show up to work in weeks or even months. If the attack renders them disabled, they may not be able to return to work and as such their finances are deeply affected.

If a victim wants to get the compensation that they deserve, they have to prove without a doubt that the attack was unprovoked on their part. The owner also has to appear and state their side of the story. If it is proven that the dog owner knew that the dog was likely to attack the victim, they are responsible. Unfortunately, this is all hard to achieve if the dog owner also gets representation. There will be an investigation necessary to prove if the victim is entitled to compensation. The attorneys at Cellino law can get a dog bite victim the right results in such a case.

How can a Long Island Dog Bite Lawyer Help Prove My Claim?

Previous attacks that have been recorded- the dog may have bit other people in the past and these victims may also have reported it.

Leash Law Violations- If the owner knows the dog is aggressive they need to make sure that it has a leash when around strangers according to New York state laws.

Eyewitness Testimony- This could come from neighbors or people that were nearby when the incident happened. They can give an account of the happenings.

The attorney also looks for evidence to prove that the dog owner knows that the dog is a potential danger. If the dog has a history of being aggressive, growling at the owner or other people, then it could be a dog that is a risk.

What Compensation and Resources are Available to Victims of Dog Bites?

If the court concludes that you are liable for compensation and that the dog bite/attack was a result of negligence by the owner, you will get compensated. They can also get you compensated for issues such as;

Lost wages during the time that you took to recover. If the victim is badly injured and cannot be able to return to work then they are entitled to compensation in the amount that they would have received in wages.

The victim is also compensated for the pain and suffering they face when they are attacked by the dog. This can be hard to determine in the form of any amount, but with the evidence provided, the court ensures that the victim gets their compensation. The judge may check how severe the attack was and determine the amount that way. The victim’s testimony, as well as that of the witnesses, also counts in the final decision.

An attorney reviewing a dog bite injury with a client on the phone.

The dog owner may be liable for any costs that are incurred from surgeries, rehabilitation, injuries, etc. If the victim is disabled or maimed during the attack, the owner may also be liable for any costs.

All dog owners should know the laws about dogs and attacks that result in dog bites or any of the above damage. As a dog bite victim in Long Island, NY, you can discuss how the laws will affect your injury claim with the attorneys in Cellino Law. We have the experience necessary to handle these claims and will give you the right advice.

Common Dog Bite FAQs

Questions we often receive regarding dog bite laws include:

  1. What Number Of People Are Bitten By Dogs In America Annually?
    About 5 million people get bitten by dogs each year, and around one in each five gets serious injuries…
  2. Are Dogs That Aren’t Trained More Dangerous?
  3. Which Dogs Have Been Highlighted As Being More Aggressive?
    Yes. Dogs such as rottweilers and pit bulls are not allowed in certain places because of their aggressive nature. If a pet owner violates these laws they are fined.
  4. Are There More Dangerous Dog Breeds Than Others?
    Reports conducted over the years showed that there are more fatalities caused by certain dogs. The most dangerous breeds according to studies are;
    Pit bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, Malamutes, Wolf and dog hybrids, Chow Chows, Dobermans, and Saint Bernards.

Can You File a Claim If You are Bitten by a Dog at Work?

Yes. There are worker’s compensation claims that can be filed through the employer. If the employer is not the owner of the dog then the victim of the attack can file a legal claim against the owner.

Can an Injury Claim be Filed if You are Injured by a Police Dog?

Law enforcement receives training when handling police dogs. They should never use too much force/ unnecessary force to get their suspects. If the police dog attacks a person due to too much use of force then the victim has a right to contact a Long Island premises liability lawyer that can advise them on how to handle the situation. If it is determined that the police used excessive force and in turn caused injuries to the victim by having the police dog attack them, the victim is liable to compensation.

Can a Claim be Filed if Another Person’s Dog Attacks My Pet?

Yes. The compensation should be the licensing price and registration of the same pet, shots, and training costs if any. You can also file for any distress caused by the death of the pet.

It is advisable to talk to an experienced attorney as the laws always differ from state to state. Your attorney will be able to guide you through the dog bite laws and advise you accordingly.



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