Hempstead Car Accident Lawyer

Hempstead Car Accident Lawyer
Hempstead Car Accident Lawyer

It is very important after a car crash to meet with a Hempstead car accident lawyer.  can eventually obtain fair compensation for damages that were imposed upon you. Cellino Law offers a free consultation where our attorneys will evaluate your situation and can start pursuing compensation for you. Regardless of the scope of your accident, we will always give you the right legal advice for any questions that you may have.

Our Hempstead personal injury lawyers are fully trained to provide anyone with a proper defense, especially those that are car accident victims that need to have their rights protected. We will make sure that you will receive the maximum compensation possible and will back you up until we succeed.

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How People Can Report Car Accidents In New York

There is a law in New York that requires drivers involved in a motor vehicle accident to report what has happened, particularly when involved in an accident where people were injured or died in the car wreck. If an individual was responsible for the accident, they should be the very first ones to report what has happened. Although some people may have good intentions, you shouldn’t rely on people to do what is right, so you must report the accident as well.

If there was property damage caused in an accident, the driver who was at fault should report the damage, even if the other driver involved was not present. However, if the damages are estimated to be under $1000, an accident damage report may not be necessary.

Once you have been in an accident, you have a total of 10 days to make this report, specifically in the form of a written statement. There are certain circumstances, usually because of the accident, where the driver cannot make the report, but there are no stipulations as to when they should make it if they are unable to right now. It is beneficial for these reports to be made so that exceptional lawyers can pursue damages for the injured party.

What Information Should Be Recorded After A Car Accident?

Information should be collected at the scene of the accidents of possible, primarily because you can use this info at a later time:

  • The specific location where the accident occurred
  • The names, precinct, and badge numbers of the police officers that were dispatched to the incident
  • The year, make, model, registration, and the license number of each and every vehicle that was present at the accident
  • The driver’s license number, residential address, contact information, insurance information, and the name of all of the drivers that were at the accident as well.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Car Accident Attorney?

There are circumstances where expenses, such as medical expenses, can be reimbursed or obtained, and this is why you should contact Cellino Law Firm to help you with this personal injury case. We do not charge any type of upfront cost which allows anyone to take advantage of our services. Our payment is taken as a percentage of your settlement.

Schedule a free consultation with a Hempstead car accident lawyer.

Our ability to work on a contingency basis, covering all of our initial costs, is possible because we rely upon the compensation we will win for you. By using this contingency fee model, this is advantageous as we will need to win in order to be paid. Our attorneys evaluate each case very carefully, enhancing the possibility that a successful outcome will be waiting for you.

What Type Of Compensation Can You Receive For A Car Accident?

Personal injury claims can be filed and will be focused on losses that were experienced. These can be financial losses or even non-economic losses. It is possible to pursue punitive damages that may be available if misconduct and negligence were shown to be the reason the other driver caused the accident.

Economic claims and financial claims will allow us to become reimbursed later for losses that will have happened because of the auto accident such as:

  • A large loss of income
  • Significant damage to property or the vehicle that was driven
  • Medical expenses and medical costs that must be recovered now and for future treatments
  • The inability to earn a living wage now and in the future

It is likely that non-economic losses will only be awarded to cases where the State Insurance Law section 5102 states that serious injuries happened. These serious injuries include:

  • Bone fractures
  • Loss of a baby in utero
  • Loss of a limb
  • Severely limited functioning of a bodily system or organ
  • A physical disfigurement

Suing for punitive damages can be added to the personal injury lawsuit in some cases. This may include non-economic and economic damages, and these are typically the results of determining the misconduct and negligence of the driver that was at fault. This type of compensation is calculated on the basis of the compensation that was awarded through multiplication.

Statute Of Limitations For Auto Accidents In New York

There are certain forms of compensation claims that must be filed by a certain date after a car accident. It is so important to work with an attorney in Hempstead, NY, that can file the paperwork right after the accident

Within a week, specifically after the exact date of the car accident, filing claims for damages must happen. The statute of limitations is simply a deadline that is created by law and must be adhered to if you want to receive compensation.

Car accidents that are to be filed by the victim must be done three years after the accident occurred per the statute of limitations. The claim, if it is up against a government agency, these must be filed within 90 days against the plaintiff or victim.

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If your objective is to obtain your compensation as soon as possible, it is critical that you get started right away. Our Hempstead injury firm will ensure that you will get your compensation for damage to your car, your injuries, loss of income, and any other losses that have occurred as a result of being in that accident.

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