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If either you or a family member has suffered a severe head injury, concussion, or traumatic brain injury as a result of being involved in an accident, a personal injury lawyer can aggressively fight for your best interests and assist you with receiving the highest possible amount of compensation. Cellino Law firm has successfully recovered millions of dollars for personal injury victims in the city of Buffalo as well as across western New York. Find out how an experienced and skilled personal injury attorney in Buffalo, NY can assist you with moving forward from the traumatic brain injury you have suffered. Call our Buffalo traumatic brain injury lawyers today to get your free case evaluation scheduled.

When a traumatic brain injury is sustained it can result in life-changing consequences. It is possible you might not ever be able to work again. Your physical abilities and personality may change. You might need to have support, special treatments, long-term care, and other types of resources in order to make progress with your recovery. If a member of your family is the survivor of a brain injury, then you will also be faced with challenges.

Allow our Buffalo injury law firm to represent you. If another party’s negligence has caused an accident that resulted in either you or a family member sustaining a traumatic brain injury, then it is crucial that you receive enough compensation in order to ensure that all of your current and future needs are met. The personal injury attorney at Cellino Law in Buffalo understands what a serious impact a severe brain or head injury can have on both you and your entire family. This is why we fight very hard to recover maximum compensation and deliver justice.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is defined by the Mayo Clinic as being damage to the brain that is caused by an injury.

Traumatic brain injuries are the result of the brain and skull colliding. Every year, these injuries result in approximately 275,000 hospital stays and 52,000 deaths. They can take place during many different kinds of impacts, including violent acts, playing sports, and car accidents. The brain is not contained tightly inside the skull. Instead, there is a space surrounding the brain. Therefore, for example, when an individual is in a car accident, it isn’t only the neck that may snap back. The brain also can move into the skull which can cause injuries.

Whenever the brain gets shaken inside the skull it may cause the brain to bleed and bruise, and the tissues to tear. Traumatic brain injury is a very serious condition but hard to identify due to the fact that the injuries frequently are not visible. Ranging from the more recognizable and common brain injuries like concussions to those that are not easy to recognize such as Hypoxic Brain Injury, Anoxic Brain Injury, and Diffuse Axonal Injury. Whatever type it is, it is not easy to deal with a brain injury and complete recovery never is guaranteed.

How Are Traumatic Brain Injuries Caused?

Frequently brain injuries are caused by trauma to the head, especially when the head is struck with some force by an object, like the ground or a windshield. Some of the most common causes of TBI include:

Unfortunately, some people who sustain a traumatic brain injury will die. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, from 2006 through 2010, falls and car accidents were two of the leading causes of deaths related to traumatic brain injuries. The leading cause of traumatic brain injury-related deaths of individuals 5 to 24 years old is motor vehicle accidents, while the leading cause for people 65 years old and older is falling.

A stylized photo of a man in a room with a blurry background to imply difficulty focusing vision after a blow to the head.

If either you or a family member has sustained a serious injury or has died due to accident, call the traumatic brain injury attorneys at Cellino Law in Buffalo at (888) 888-8888 to get your free consultation scheduled.

How Is A Traumatic Brain Injury Diagnosed?

Tests are often used by health care providers in order to assess an individual’s physical condition, level of consciousness, nerve functioning, and brain functioning to diagnose traumatic brain injuries.

The following are some of the most common tests that are used for diagnosing traumatic brain injuries:

Diagnostic Imaging

If a doctor suspects a traumatic brain injury, an image may be obtained of the person’s brain, using a PET scan, MRI, or CT-scan, so they can visualize the injury better and treat it properly.

CT-scan (Computerized Tomography) uses X-rays in order to generate a 360-degree, cross-sectional image of a person’s brain. A CT-scan might show bruising, bleeding, and other types of brain damage.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) makes use of strong radio waves and magnetic fields to form images of the brain. Compared to a CT-scan, an MRI might generate an image of the brain that is more detailed.

A PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scan makes use of a tracker, which is a radioactive substance, in order to identify diseases or damage to the brain. A PET scan can show the way a brain is functioning to a doctor.

Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)

A person’s ability to open their eyes, speak, and move is measured by the Glasgow Coma Scale.

A person’s responses in each of the categories will be rated by a doctor and then come up with a total score. This total score is indicative of how severe a traumatic brain injury is.

In general, a 13 or higher score is an indication of mild TBI, a 9-12 score is an indication of moderate TBI, and an 8 or less score is an indication of severe TBI.

Physical Evaluation

A person who is suspected of a traumatic brain injury often will be given tests with one or multiple of the following specialists to evaluate the individual’s communication, motor, and cognitive skills:

  • Speech-language pathologist
  • Occupational therapist
  • Physical therapist
  • Neuropsychologist

After a person’s impairments have been identified and evaluated, a specialist will be able to recommend rehabilitation treatment in order to manage the effects and to assist an individual with getting as close as possible to normal cognitive functioning.

Although some TBIs might need more involved care compared to others, those who seek prompt diagnosis and medical treatment can help ensure you receive the care you need. If either you or a family member has sustained a traumatic brain injury or has died due to an accident, call the traumatic brain injury attorneys at Cellino law firm in Buffalo, NY at (888) 888-8888 to get your free consultation scheduled.

Traumatic Brain Injury Types

Depending on the way that trauma to the head took place, various parts of the brain could be affected. There are some forms of traumatic brain injuries that subside fast, which require limited treatment and rest. On the other hand, other injuries are permanent, which require much more long-lasting and intensive treatment.

The following are some of the most common forms of traumatic brain injuries:

Closed TBI

An outside force gets applied to the head. However, it does not break the skull. Closed TBIs can be classified as severe, moderate, or mild (concussion).

Penetrating TBI

This occurs when the skull is penetrated by a foreign object and the dura or outer meninges layer (membrane of the brain) is compromised.

Diffuse Axonal Injury

This involves rapid shifts of the brain inside the skull and causes the brain’s connecting fibers, or axon, to tear and twist.

Coup-Contrecoup Injury

This involves a bruising pattern in the brain tissues on the opposite side of the person’s head as well as the site of impact.

A brain scan highlighting an injury in red.

Skull Fracture

Fragmenting or disruption of the skull that may result in an infection or brain damage.

Intracranial Hematoma

A ruptured blood vessel results in a collection of blood in the empty spaces of the brain or inside the brain tissue.

If either you or a family member has sustained a brain injury due to an accident, call Cellino Law traumatic brain injury attorneys in Buffalo, New York for your free consultation at (888) 888-8888.

Symptoms & Signs Of Traumatic Brain Injuries

No matter what kind of accident has caused a traumatic brain injury it can seriously impact your life. Your symptoms could last for several months or years, and affect everything from being able to have healthy relationships to your capacity to work.

Our attorneys at Cellino Law understand the permanent devastation that can be caused by a traumatic brain injury. Our law firm focuses our national practice on providing brain trauma victims with legal representation. If you have sustained a head injury due to an accident, you might be eligible to receive compensation. To learn more, call us today.

Brain Damage: Common Signs and Symptoms

The human brain is highly complex, and every person can show different signs of damage. You don’t need to have lost consciousness to have suffered a brain injury. There are some symptoms that might appear very quickly, while others might not be evident for days or even weeks following the accident. The following are some general signs of a brain injury:

  • Nausea, dizziness, tremors
  • Impaired fine and gross motor coordination
  • Impaired spatial orientation, difficulties with hand-eye coordination
  • Unusually aggressive behavior
  • Difficulties with visually locating objects and recognizing faces
  • Poor control over voluntary movements
  • Losing the ability to speak or slurred speech
  • Mood changes; anxiety, irritability, feelings of sadness
  • Changes in sexual function or drive
  • Hallucinations or vision changes
  • Difficulty with writing and/or reading
  • Having trouble solving problems, concentrating, and remembering
  • Chronic low-grade headaches

There are a number of other signs. If either you or a family member is experiencing any new motor skill, sleep, memory, or behavior symptoms after being involved in an accident, immediately see a doctor and call us for legal assistance.

How Can Your Life Be Impacted By A Traumatic Brain Injury?

The results that a traumatic brain injury can cause vary greatly. However, in most situations, a person will need to learn how to manage and cope with the permanent mental or physical impairments that she or he has suffered.

Traumatic brain injury consequences can be either long-term or short-term and may affect the following:

  • Coordination and motor skills, such as holding and grasping objects, posture, and balance.
  • Mental behavior and health such as acting out, changes in personality, depression, or anxiety.
  • Communication skills, including understanding, expression, or speech
  • Sensory processing, including sight, hearing, touch, smell, or taste
  • Cognitive processes, including reasoning, concentration, and memory skills

A traumatic brain injury can cause serious financial difficulties for an injured person and their entire family. Extensive medical treatment may be required by a traumatic brain injury in order to manage it, and that can become expensive very quickly. Also, traumatic brain injury effects, as well as associated disabilities, may prevent a person from being able to continue working or from being able to advance in their career the way they had expected. A person can also have a hard time performing tasks that were previously routine and might not be able to participate any longer in activities that had been a regular part of their life before the accident.

How To Prove Your Traumatic Brain Injury Case

In order to prove your traumatic brain injury effective, extensive resources are required, such as expertise of specialists and medical experts. In some situations, you might not be aware until it’s too late that you have suffered a brain injury. That is why you should immediately see a doctor following an accident have a full checkup.

A Buffalo traumatic brain injury lawyer on the phone with a client going over the events that led to their accident.

Our law firm has access to some of the leading brain injury and accident authorities. We will draw on their expertise in order to build a strong claim for you that includes your injuries’ current value along with future projected expenses for long-term medical treatment, lost income, and much more.

Why Should I Hire A Lawyer For A TBI Claim?

Cellino Law only hires the most experienced and finest personal injury lawyers. The selective process we use has really paid off since our team has won a number of notable cases. In addition, we have been able to settle out of court, and save our clients a lot of hassle, money, and time. Our traumatic brain injury attorneys have successfully prosecuted all types of personal injury cases. Our experienced negotiating can help to reduce the financial burden of your injury.

We explore every option possible together with you and honestly explain what to expect when you work with us and the chances of success either out of or in court. We have been able to successfully argue and win claims of over $4 million for clients who have suffered due to negligence in motorcycle and car accidents. You do not need to deal with this on your own. Call our brain injury attorneys in Buffalo, NY so that we can honestly candidly assess your case.

How Much Compensation Can I Expect to Receive for My Brain Injury?

Substantial financial awards are received by numerous brain injury victims due to them being seriously incapacitated and because they will be faced with expensive medical costs for the rest of their lives due to their injury. The exact amount of compensation that you will be given in verdict or settlement for your brain injury will heavily depend on your case’s specific details, how serious the injury is, and the overall impact that the brain injury is having on your life. Potentially, your case may be worth thousands of dollars, or perhaps even millions. It depends. You may be eligible to receive compensation for the following:

  • All your medical costs, including long-term care expenses
  • Replacement services
  • Loss of earning capabilities
  • Lost wages
  • Punitive damages
  • Pain and suffering

Would you like to find out how much your case may be worth? Call the personal injury lawyers at Cellino Law in Buffalo today to get your free consultation scheduled.

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Whether you sustained a traumatic brain injury due to a slip and fall, a car accident, or some other kind of accident, you will soon find out that the insurance company does not care about your best interests. No matter what kind of brain injury or head injury you have, the insurance adjuster’s goal is to pay out on your claim as little as possible. The insurer may attempt to downplay how severe your brain injury is or claim you had a pre-existing condition. They might challenge how much of an overall impact the brain injury is having on your life and try pressuring you into accepting minimal compensation.

Do not allow the insurance company to threaten your future and well-being. Our Buffalo personal injury lawyers understand how important the outcome of your case is to you, and we do not take that lightly.



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