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Call Cellino Law today to work with a Huntington workers compensation lawyer.Welders are some of the most important skilled workers on New York construction sites. Without them, most buildings could not be created. However, this extremely valued profession is a dangerous one. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), every year some 500,000 people are injured in welding accidents.

Due to the fact that welders are exposed to extreme heat and incredibly bright light, the more common welding injuries involve severe burns, eye damage, and death. New York welders deserve compensation for their work-related welding injuries, especially when these are caused by the employer’s negligence or failure to meet safety guidelines. If you suffered a welding accident while working in construction or a similar industry, our personal injury lawyers want to help.

At Cellino Law, our experienced personal injury attorneys are available 24/7 to offer injury victims a free consultation. We have over 60 years experience in personal injury cases, and we have won over 2 billion dollars for our clients all over the State of New York. We have the resources to hire experienced experts to help you prove your case and receive the benefits you may need. Contact us today for a free consultation with a welding injury lawyer at (888) 888-8888.

Causes of Welding Accidents

The men and women who work as skilled welders in New York are exposed to hazards daily. However, there are a few unique factors that regularly put welders in even more danger of a welding accident.

Confined spaces

Every building is unique, and so is every welding job. From working high up in the air on scaffolding to working overhead on the ceiling, or crouching down to reach lower levels, welders are required to be in a variety of positions in order to do their job. The more confined these spaces are, the more risk for the welder to suffer an eye, hearing, or burn injury, as well as to be exposed to dangerous gases and fumes.

Welder fatigue

Construction schedules can be a nightmare, with many welders, solderers, and brazers working overtime or double shifts to finish their work in time for the next crew to come on-site. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1 in 5 welders works 50+ hours per week. This may lead to fatigue that can result in welding injuries.

Ignoring OSHA safety regulations

OSHA has put many safety regulations in place in order to protect welders from on-the-job injuries and welding accidents. For example, requiring safety shoes, masks with protective lenses, properly ventilated work areas, and scaffolding safety devices. However, property owners and contractors sometimes ignore these safety rules, and welders suffer the consequences. In the State of New York, both owners and contractors can be held liable for injuries caused by dangerous working conditions or a lack of personal protective equipment.

If you sustained a welding injury caused by one of the above factors or another cause, you may be entitled to compensation or to file a personal injury case against your employer. The best way to know is to speak to trustworthy and experienced New York welding accident lawyers. At Cellino Law, our personal injury attorneys are ready to assist you at any time. .

Common New York Welding Accident Injuries

New York construction sites are a risky place to work for any worker, but for welders, there are even higher risks involved. From the more obvious like explosions and burns to the seemingly minor such as electrical shock, welding accidents can cause severe injuries to eyes, skin, ears, and respiratory systems.

Eye injuries

Welding equipment creates intense heat, as well as radiation of ultraviolet and infrared light. This intense light can damage the retina, cause cataracts, and even blindness. In addition, sparks and metal particles may be thrown from the welding area and can cause serious eye trauma, even with sufficient eye protection. Injured workers may have a hard time finding other work.

One of the most common eye injuries related to welding is called Arc eye, or “welder’s flash,” which is an inflammation of the cornea after exposure to the UV radiation of the flame of the welding arc. The symptoms of Arc eye develop over time and include eye pain, sensitivity to light, eye-watering, eye reddening, and the feeling of having grit or sand in the eye.

Skin injuries

Another injury related to UV radiation is the burning of the skin. This type of burn can even cause skin cancer if there has been long-term exposure. Besides radiation burns, other skin burns may result from the close proximity of a welder to extremely hot metal or other dangerous materials.

Hearing injuries

Welding machines are very loud, and prolonged exposure can cause hearing damage. In addition, debris from welding can also strike the ear and cause injury or hearing loss.

Chemical exposure and fume injuries

Welders apply intense heat to metal-based materials, which produces chemical byproducts. These fumes are often toxic, and microscopic particles invade the lungs when inhaled. Over time, the inhalation of these toxic fumes can cause severe health problems such as neurological or nervous system disorders, cancer, kidney damage, and lung and bone diseases.

There are several metals, in particular, which cause the greatest health risks according to OSHA:

  • Manganese is a commonly found byproduct in welding fumes and can cause damage to the kidney, liver, lungs, and central nervous system. Over many years, exposure to manganese can result in symptoms like those of Parkinson’s disease, such as muscle rigidity, body tremors, and poor balance.
  • Cadmium can cause extreme lung damage even if only exposed for a short period of time. The first signs often include flu-like symptoms, but if exposure is prolonged can cause kidney and bone diseases.
  • Arsenic is most commonly found by welders in older buildings or in the mining industry. Exposure can lead to many symptoms from vomiting to heart failure and cancer.
  • Lead exposure can be severely damaging, even in small doses. Lead damages the nervous system, heart, and brain. It is among the most common hazardous substances encountered in construction work.

If you have suffered one of these injuries or another type on a New York construction site, call Cellino Law’s award-winning personal injury team today. We pride ourselves on making a difference in our clients’ lives every day.

What To Do Immediately After a Welding Accident

It is vital that you seek medical attention as soon as possible after your injury. After receiving the necessary medical treatment, report the incident to your employer. Be sure to give an honest account of what happened, but don’t admit guilt or sign anything they give you.

You may feel that it was your fault and that your employer is looking out for your best interests, but oftentimes employers just want to avoid paying out any unnecessary workers’ compensation to keep their insurance company happy. As the injury victim, you should be focused on healing , not defending your rights or getting the workers’ compensation you deserve. Let us help you with that.

Call Cellino Law as soon as possible after your personal injury to speak to one of our lawyers. Your New York City welding accident lawyer is here to give you quality legal advice and help you figure out your next step.

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Just like many other workers injured in a welding accident in New York State, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim. Your accident lawyer, welding or otherwise, is dedicated to helping workers of all industries to be protected against a failure to meet safety standards at the workplace.

Our lawyers can help you recover compensation, including lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering damages, and more. Call us today to schedule your free consultation with a New York welding accident lawyer at (888) 888-8888. 



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