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Almost 3 million people fly in and out of US airports like Greater Rochester International Airport every day. Some encounter minor inconveniences, such as cramped seats or lost luggage. Still, most appreciate the speed and convenience of air travel.

Unfortunately, some passengers experience much worse. In 2018, 98 aircraft accidents affected scheduled commercial airline operations worldwide. Many were injured, and 514 people lost their lives in 11 deadly incidents.

In times of trouble, having support is essential. If a New York airplane accident injured you or your family member, Cellino Law aviation attorneys are ready to help you. Call (888) 888-8888 for a free case evaluation today. 

How Does Personal Injury Law Apply to Aviation Accidents?

The relationship between airline passengers and the airline industry is based on trust and duty. Passengers place their confidence in the skills and abilities of airline workers. In roles of pilot, air traffic controller, or flight or ground crew member, employees perform their duties to ensure a safe flight.

Yet, some airplane accidents occur when someone fails to meet reasonable standards in his or her job. In those cases, airplane accident attorneys investigate whether the following factors contributed to the incident:

  • Negligence: Would a reasonable person realize that an action or omission could hurt someone? 
  • Recklessness: Does a specific action or inaction show complete disregard for life or put others at obvious risk?
  • Malicious intent: Did someone intentionally cause injury to another party without reason?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, the injured party has the right to pursue a legal claim under personal injury law. Let’s look at some specific examples of how these factors may contribute to aviation accidents.

What Causes Airplane Accidents?

Since various factors will be involved, investigating aviation accidents is a complex task even for aviation experts. A combination of any of the following issues could contribute to a plane accident.

Pilot error

During a flight, licensed pilots do much more than operate an aircraft. They must communicate with air traffic control, read instruments, and monitor fuel levels simultaneously.

Pilots also respond to changing variables like weather and takeoff and landing plans. If something goes wrong, pilots might need to make quick decisions.

A pilot error, including the ones listed below, could have tragic consequences:

  • Runway: Taxiing to the wrong runway could result in a collision with another plane or vehicle. Colliding with objects on the tarmac could damage the plane. Pilots should also stay in touch with airports and air controllers to keep abreast of essential information related to flights and runways.
  • Takeoff and landings: Planes need to reach a certain speed to launch themselves into the air. Miscalculating the speed or the length of the runway could cause a pilot to lose control of the plane.
  • Navigation: Mechanical problems or bad weather conditions could force a pilot to alter his or her course. Yet, there is the risk of running out of fuel or colliding midair with other aircraft if situations are not handled correctly.
  • Handling: Just like a land vehicle, airplanes have their limits. When pushed past their top speed or altitude, aircraft might stall, or the pilot could lose control.

Our aviation accident lawyers can evaluate the complex issues behind your accident. Please contact us for a free pilot error evaluation if you were injured in a plane or helicopter accident.

Mechanical failure

Human error can contribute to dangerous mechanical problems. For instance, some parts require regular inspections and maintenance. Disaster might result if equipment, perhaps listed below, are not cared for properly:

  • Instruments
  • Landing gear
  • Fuel systems
  • Engines
  • Propellers and turbines
  • Structural components

Defective parts could also contribute to a plane crash. Airplane accident lawyers can take steps to ensure that negligent manufacturers and designers are held liable when their products fail.

Air traffic controller mistakes

Air traffic controllers monitor the ground and air around an airport. Making split-second decisions in a busy, high-pressure environment can take its toll on some workers. If they lose concentration or fail to follow procedures, they could be the reason behind a preventable plane accident.

Local airplane accident lawyers know how to use New York law to seek financial compensation for victims. To learn whether you qualify to file a personal injury claim, send Cellino Law a message with your contact details, and we will get in touch with you.

What Compensation Applies to Plane Crashes?

No one would argue that an airplane or helicopter accident is one of the most stressful experiences a person could undergo. Yet, as aviation lawyers, we often find we must intervene if profit is more important than compassion for an insurance company.

The good news is, at Cellino Law, we have over 60 years of experience serving residents in the area of Rochester, NY, affected by personal injury accidents. Putting our clients’ needs first has led to winning over $2 billion in settlements and claims. We can help you too, maximizing your compensation based on the losses you suffered.

Physical suffering

Serious injuries can result in pain and discomfort for years after an airplane accident. Disabilities can change the way you live, making some activities impossible. Pain and suffering damages acknowledge these traumatic and long-term effects of an accident.

Mental anguish

It is only natural to feel emotional distress after a traumatic event. Your personal injury lawsuit can include damages related to psychological trauma. You might be eligible to receive compensation if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

  • Are you afraid to fly after your aviation accident?
  • Do you have flashbacks or nightmares about the event?
  • Have you been affected by depression or anxiety since your accident?
  • Do accident-related scars or disfiguring injuries affect your social interactions or self-confidence?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping ever since the incident?

Your mental health matters. Would you like to learn about your rights? Call our compassionate representatives at (888) 888-8888 any time of day or night to schedule a free legal consultation.

Financial hardships

Airplane accident victims may know more than anyone that American healthcare is expensive. Severe injuries requiring years of treatment and rehabilitation can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. Medication, diagnostic tests, and adaptive devices can add even more to your debt.

As you struggle to recover, you may not be able to work for some time or as much as before. Loss of income can make a difficult situation seem impossible.

At Cellino Law, we know financial relief is an essential component of your recovery. Our attorneys look at the whole picture when determining how much compensation to pursue on your behalf. We can thus ensure that your case is based on your individual needs and circumstances, from your current expenses to your lost future earning potential.

What Deadlines Regulate Airplane Accident Cases?

By law, the aviation industry is accountable for its choices and mistakes. After an airplane accident, a lawyer can ensure that the responsible party is held liable. Yet, waiting too long could mean losing your right to compensation.

Statutes of limitation

Each state sets limits on how long victims have to instigate personal injury cases. New York is no exception. You must beat the clock if you want to be compensated.

As soon as possible, call Cellino Law’s 24-hour telephone line at (888) 888-8888 to speak with a member of our legal team. The call and consultation are free, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Insurance deadlines

Though insurers might seem to delay payments when it suits their interests, they can be quite strict with their own deadlines. If you are recuperating from an injury or grieving the loss of a loved one, confusing paperwork and seemingly endless documentation will only add unnecessary stress to your life.

Why not leave it to us to worry about the insurance requirements? Knowing that you have a capable and efficient team handling the fine details could help you regain your peace of mind. The earlier you reach out to Cellino Law’s representatives, the sooner we can start working toward a successful resolution to your case.

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