One Dead in NY Reservoir Snowmobile Accident

One Dead in NY Reservoir Snowmobile Accident
Calendar icon February 13, 2021

The State Police confirmed that a fifty-six-year-old man died in a NY reservoir snowmobile accident that happened on February 1. He was driving a sled with another man when the sled broke through the ice on Orange County’s Goshen Reservoir and fell into the water.

This is one of more than three hundred accidents that New York Police responded to during the snowstorm that was going on for more than thirty hours, leaving more than 30 inches of snow. In Central Park, there were 17 inches of snow.

According to two State Police troopers, they responded to a call about an accident that occurred in Goshen around 5:30 p.m. on Monday. When they arrived on the scene they spotted a man, (he was identified as Richard Stetson) in the woods. The man was put on a backboard and taken to a hospital with an ambulance.

The law enforcement officials then found out that Stetson had been riding on a snowmobile with another man from Goshen (he was identified as Arne Jensen) on the reservoir when the ice broke. Stetson managed to get out of the water, and climbed onto the ice and called for help. This is how the State Police managed to find him in the woods. 

The cold water rescue technicians went into the icy reservoir and found Jensen; they pulled the man out and took him to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The state Police continue their investigation into the NY reservoir snowmobile accident.

If you have been involved in a similar accident, make sure to seek medical help immediately. Report the case to the police and then seek legal assistance. Even though recklessness and poor weather can easily lead to an accident, it’s important to investigate if the vehicle was in proper condition.

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