Police Arrests Suspect in Manhattan Attacks and Vandalism

Police Arrests Suspect in Manhattan Attacks and Vandalism
Calendar icon January 16, 2021

A man accused of a series of Manhattan attacks and vandalism has been arrested, officials said. The suspect is accused of embarking on a spree of violent attacks against ten people throughout Manhattan.

According to the police, the suspect walked into the Canal Street subway station on the evening of January 2 and hit three people over the head with a wooden bat. The three victims were waiting at the subway platform and didn’t provoke the attack anyhow.

The suspect then ran and attacked a woman on the street, hitting her with a bat (the accident happened near Varick and Canal Street).

Then the man swung the bat at a driver of a nearby parked car. The driver escaped the car and left the keys in the ignition. The suspect then drove off with their car at a high speed. He eventually lost control and collided into two cars near Laight Street and 6th Avenue. 

According to the police, the man fled the car and approached another car, breaking the back window and trying to remove the driver inside. When he failed to do that, he decided to do the same to a woman in a nearby Jeep. He broke the window and tried to get inside the vehicle.

After the two failed attempts of carjacking, the man approached two pedestrians and hit them with his bat. One of the pedestrians suffered a broken arm, and the other ended with a bruised leg. 

His violence didn’t stop there. The man continued to a parked car on West Broadway and started hitting it, forcing the driver to escape the vehicle and flee on foot. The suspect got inside and drove away.

Shortly after, the suspect was spotted near West 24th Street and 12th Avenue. He lost control, hit an NYPD radio vehicle and crashed into the center median on the West Side Highway.

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Source: https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/mans-assault-spree-ends-in-crash-after-bat-attacks-carjackings-across-nyc-nypd/2809495/



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