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One of the best investments is real estate investing. This is because of the rate of returns it can yield. Investing in real estate seems simple, like investing in and owning property, but it is not that simple. The law requires property owners to uphold the safety of the people around their properties and the status of their properties. This involves renovating their properties and eliminating any defects that can endanger the safety of the people around their properties and the ones living in their properties. Have you been hurt because of the poor conditions of a property? Call a Melville premises liability lawyer. You will discuss your legal options with the lawyer.

If it is established that the main cause of the accident is the negligence of the property owner, the property owner is bound by the New York State laws to compensate you for any damages caused. If you have enough proof upholding your premises liability claim, then the remaining step is to prove your case. If your premises liability claim ends up in a court trial, the jury might decide to give you compensation. That is why you must hurry to call a lawyer. Are you entangled in such a case? Call our Melville personal injury lawyers!

What Are Common Types of Premises Liability Cases?

Here at Cellino Law, our experienced attorneys are familiar with premises liability cases, which include insurance claims. Do you want to handle any form of accident, including a property hazard case? Our lawyers can help you build a strong case. And the following are the cases our attorneys offer legal counsel:

Slip and Fall Cases

Slip and fall accidents in the property of someone else can lead to injuries. Once you suffer an injury, regardless of the severity, due to the negligence of the property owner, we can offer you with legal assistance. We provide legal assistance whether the accident happened in residential, commercial, or industrial property. That is why you must contact a lawyer at Cellino Law. Our lawyer will help with your slip and fall case.

Stair Accidents

We also provide legal assistance with staircase accidents. The owner of the property can be held accountable for stair accidents. If you get injured in a stair accident due to bad lighting or you get hurt due to poor conditions in the staircase, you can seek the right compensation by calling our lawyers. Our lawyers will help you seek the rightful compensation by assessing the legal way to go about it.

Lead Poisoning

A lot of the people, who live in New York, are exposed to lead. Lead is bad for a person’s health. Many people living in rental units are exposed to some form of lead poisoning. This is because water pipes and paint formerly used in neighborhoods in New York contained lead. Lead poisoning can lead to some form of complications. If you or one of your loved ones develop one of these complications, you can call us today. Our attorneys will help you by offering you top-notch legal counsel.

A Melville premises liability lawyer filing an injury claim for a client.

Escalator Injuries

We use escalators every day, and they do not harm our bodies. But this does mean escalators are accident-free. Escalator failure has caused serious injuries to several people. In some cases, people can suffer from serious injuries if their body parts get stuck in the moving parts of the escalator. Call our lawyers at Cellino Law if you are involved in an escalator accident. Our lawyers will offer legal assistance.

Elevator Accidents

Elevator accidents happen regularly in New York. That is why you should be careful when using an elevator. Elevators must be maintained properly and well serviced, and their design should make them sustainable for a very long time. However, you can get injured due to an elevator flaw. If this happens to you, our lawyers can help you build a case, so call us today.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Do not joke around with swimming pool accidents. Why? They can threaten the life of a person. If you or your loved one suffer from a swimming pool accident, we highly encourage you to pursue recovery for any injuries you or your loved ones suffered from the accident. We will look at your case carefully, and we highlight the important points that we will use to get you the rightful compensation.

Amusement Park Accidents

We use amusement parks to have fun. However, amusement park accidents can happen, cutting short the amazing day you were having in the amusement park. People can get hurt if amusement park accidents happen. If you are involved in one of these accidents, do not hesitate to call our attorneys. They will work on your case immediately. A well designed and maintained amusement park should eliminate dangerous elements, which usually lead to accidents.

Airport Accidents

At Cellino Law, we regularly get communication from people who were involved in airport accidents. They sustained injuries from these accidents due to the dangerous conditions at the airport. If you get involved in an airport accident, we encourage you to act swiftly. Call our lawyers. Our lawyers will handle your airport accident lawsuit. We want to help you get the compensation you duly deserve for your injuries, so we will provide you legal counsel on the next steps to take.

Hotel Accidents

It is possible to suffer some form of injuries while relaxing and enjoying your time at a hotel in Melville, NY. If this happens to you or your loved one, we highly recommend you come to us today. We can help you file a strong lawsuit. And we guide you as you file the lawsuit. The only way you will get compensation for the injuries sustained is to file a lawsuit. The hotel owner and management are responsible to ensure that the hotel is safe for all of their guests.

Ceiling and Roof Collapse

The cases of roof and ceilings collapsing are not common. However, our lawyers can still offer legal assistance in such cases. If a falling roof, ceiling, or wall hurts you, you can contact us today for legal advice. If the property owner did not repair the roof, the property owner must cater for all the damages.

Burns and Scalds

The law requires house owners to ensure there is hot water in their units for their tenants. Apart from that, they must ensure the temperature of the hot water does not exceed 120 degrees. The tenants using the hot water can suffer from burns and scalds if the hot water temperature goes beyond 120 degrees. The house owner can be held liable for negligence if they do not control the temperature of the hot water using the correct equipment.

Municipal Liability

If the authorities own the property and you suffer injuries on that property, you have the legal right to file a lawsuit. But before suing the municipality, you must first file for a notice of claim within 90 days. The deadline is 90 days after the accident. That is why your claim will not stand if you do not file for the lawsuit within the stipulated deadline.

What Are the Risks That Can Lead to Premises Liability Claims?

There are several ways a dangerous property is risky to those living in the property. The state statutes of New York require the property owners of these properties to act responsibly even if it is difficult to notice all the hazards regarding their properties.

Here are the common hazardous things on several properties:

  • Internal building structural flaws, including poor construction, structures, and designs that can collapse.
  • Poor property maintenance and management.
  • Fall hazards and slip/trip.
  • Insufficient security.
  • Dangerous accumulation of items.

A photo of a wet floor in a poorly lit room. Schedule a free consultation with an attorney to discuss your Melville premises liability claim.

If there is an accident on a property due to one of the dangerous conditions mentioned above, the property owner can be held liable for the harm, damages, and injuries caused by the accident in their property. You should know that the court does some investigation about the accident. Why? This is because the court wants to know if the property owner was able to stop the accident from happening in the first place. The property owner will be held accountable if the cause of the accident was by an issue with the property.

Insufficient Security Measures and Premises Liability

Here at Cellino Law, we help people get the compensation they deserve for injuries, which happens because of a lack of security. In fact, we have helped a lot of people. Many people handling security issues, like assault and robbery, usually forget that the property owner is answerable for any losses or damages caused by the matter. This is because the law requires property owners to put in place proper security measures to prevent any wrongdoing.

Do you want to ascertain that there was negligence regarding security? Then, leveraging foreseeability in crime is the best way to ascertain that there was negligence. Property owners have an advantage if the criminal incident could not be anticipated or it happened for the first time. This is because the property owner had very little power to prevent the crime from taking place or to anticipate the incident. Showing that the property owners failed to pursue the required legal course even though they knew about all the criminal actions taking place in the neighborhood is the only sure way to establish the liability of the property owners.

There are so many measures that property owners can implement to provide the required level of security in their buildings. Some of the measures they can implement include; installing adequate lighting in parking lots and ATMs, installing security gates and fences, and hiring security guards to protect their premises. In most cases, people find it easy to sue the owner of the property. This is because the identity of the proper owner is readily available. However, it is hard to sue the criminal perpetrator because criminals conceal their identities.

How do Melville Premises Liability Lawyers Prove Negligence?

In Melville, New York, you can take someone else to court and seek compensation if you get injured on their property. Before pursuing your claim, it is important to prove that the negligence of the owner of the property was the cause of the injuries. Here are some of the things your attorney must show:

  • The owner of the property understood all the potential hazards
  • The owner of the property did not repair the issues with their property, even though they had enough time
  • The presence of a poor condition on the property

Once an accident occurs, property owners will try to cover their tracks by doing quick fixes. They eliminate proof of their negligence by doing these haphazard fixes. That is why you must gather evidence for your case. How? You must take photos and record a video of the defects.

We highly encourage you to act swiftly once you get involved in an accident. Contact our lawyer at Cellon Law. Our lawyers will help you gather the needed evidence. And we will move to file the claim and seek compensation once we have all the things we need.

What Damages Can You Receive in a Premises Liability Claim?

At our law firm, we know all the potential challenges, which can arise once you get injured due to the negligence of someone else. That is why our lawyers work hard to ensure our clients get the rightful compensation they deserve. The following are some of the several forms of compensations that claimants may bring in a premises liability claim;

  • Drastic lifestyle changes
  • Affected earning capacity
  • Emotional suffering
  • Suffering and pain
  • The money paid for the therapy and rehab
  • The cost of medical treatment both now and in future
  • Disability
  • Lost wages

A man with a knee injury after tripping on a poorly maintained staircase.

The amount the claimant is given for premises liability cases usually depends on the extent of their injuries. For instance, the claimant gets a small figure that caters for the cost of treatment if the claimant suffered from small injuries. If the claimant suffered from extensive or life-threatening injuries, the amount awarded can become significantly higher.

Who Can be Held Liable for a Premises Liability Claim?

You have the right to take the owner of the property to court. However, if a company manages and maintains the property, you can take that company to court and hold the company liable for the injuries and losses suffered from the accident. For example, if the owner of the property hires a security company to guard the property and you get attacked in the property. In this case, the security company will be held liable for all the injuries you suffered from the attack.

If you are injured because of your own negligence and you are at fault for the incidence, you can be blocked from receiving any compensation.

However, it is important to know that premises liability claims are held in high regard by the New York state. If you are a victim and there is a negligent party involved, you can try to get the compensation you rightfully deserve. However, it is important to remember that if you are found to be at fault for the accident, the compensation amount might be cut but by half.

Call the Melville Premises Liability Attorneys at Cellino Law

You can be viable for some compensation for the injuries you suffered from negligence or poor conditions on the property of someone else. Contact an experienced and well knowledgeable lawyer to help you deal with premises liability matters. Call our Melville personal injury firm at (888) 888-8888 or present your case using the online tool.



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