Ohio Man Dies in a Logging Accident in Ripley, New York

Ohio Man Dies in a Logging Accident in Ripley, New York
Ohio Man Dies in a Logging Accident in Ripley, New York

A 46-year-old Ohio man died in a logging accident in Ripley, New York, the authorities said on Monday, January 25.

According to Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office news release, David Byler from Middlefield, Ohio, was cutting trees in Ripley on January 23 when a tree fell on him.

The man was taken to a local hospital and later was airlifted to UPMC Hamot hospital in Erie, Pennsylvania where he died a day later.

In such accidents, the family of the victim faces an incredible loss, but even in such harsh times, it’s important to know that they can and should seek legal assistance. Even though such accidents are exactly that, accidents, there must be an investigation to determine what led to the tree fall, whether the person was using the right equipment, if the equipment was faulty, etc.

If it turns out that the person was injured or died in the logging accident in Ripley while doing the job, the family can seek workers’ compensation benefits.

In that case, hiring a workers’ compensation attorney will be of great help.

Dealing with the tragedy can be harsh, but the family should have a legal representative in the process. Your attorney will investigate the case, help you file for the workers’ compensation benefits, or a lawsuit if it’s necessary.

Doing this on your own may be complicated, especially if you have no experience with such things. Getting lost in the legal labyrinth can be frustrating and stressful. 

Losing the main breadwinner of the family can be especially difficult. The claim will cover the burial and funeral expenses, medical expenses for the days the victim spent in the hospital, as well as the percent of their wages.

If you aren’t sure how or when to start the process, our team at Cellino Law is here to help you; get your free consultation with a New York workers’ compensation lawyer today.

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