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Cellino Law Firm Officially Launching in Buffalo, New York

Cellino Law Firm Officially Launching in Buffalo, New York
Cellino Law Firm Officially Launching in Buffalo, New York

More than six decades ago, Ross Cellino’s father started a law firm in New York. His goal was to help his clients get justice for injuries suffered at the hands of third parties. Ross Cellino followed in his father’s footsteps, serving the people of New York state for years, and now opening his own firm, Cellino Law.

Ross Cellino originally worked as a partner in the successful firm of Cellino and Barnes in New York state. Sadly, his partner, Steve Barnes and his niece were killed in a tragic plane crash earlier this month. Prior to the crash, the two attorneys had decided to part ways and start their own, respective firms.

Ross Cellino has proudly launched the Cellino Law firm. It’s going to be headquartered in Buffalo, New York and will be located in Main Place Tower. The firm’s masthead already has 35 successful attorneys to its name and will be looking to add more talent in the near future.

Mr. Cellino has stated that he is committed to providing his clients with the same expertise and passion that his father instilled in him many years ago. The firm specializes in personal injury and has the experience and knowledge to get their clients justice.

While the firm’s main office will be located in Buffalo, they will have satellite offices all over the state. At its launch, Cellino Law will maintain offices in Rochester, New York City and Long Island in addition to its Buffalo office.

Ross Cellino’s partner Steve Barnes’ team will also be opening their own law firm. It will be located at 500 Pearl.

If you or your loved one have suffered any sort of injury in New York State, make sure to call the Cellino Law team at 800-555-5555. You may have a potential claim for damages.

Source: https://www.wkbw.com/news/local-news/cellino-law-launches-in-buffalo

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