Buffalo, NY Truck Tire Blowout Accident Lawyer

Buffalo, NY Truck Tire Blowout Accident Lawyer
Buffalo, NY Truck Tire Blowout Accident Lawyer

Tires are the only part of your vehicle that touch the ground while you’re behind the wheel, so a tire blowout can cause a serious accident. Tire blowout accidents can be even more severe if the vehicle is a large vehicle, like a semi-truck. When tires fail on 18-wheelers or any other commercial truck, other nearby motorists can be at risk for collision as the truck veers or brakes abruptly.

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What is a Tire Blowout?

A tire blowout occurs when a tire can no longer withstand pressure and bursts. If you have ever seen tire fragments on the side of the highway, you have seen the aftermath of a tire blowout.

In the moment of a tire blowout, the vehicle will suddenly jerk to a side. This unpredictable problem may cause the driver to panic. If the driver is unable to regain control of the car, it can roll over or cause an accident. Since blowouts often happen when the truck is going at a higher speed, these types of accidents can be extremely dangerous.

Statistics of Truck Accidents

According to a data report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 146,930 injuries involving large trucks in 2020. The occupants of other vehicles, not in the truck, made up 68 percent of those injuries.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) conducted a research study and concluded in its analysis that 6 percent of accidents involving large trucks between April 2001 and December 2003 were caused by tire-related problems.

What Causes Tires to Blowout?

The condition of your tires directly relates to your safety, as many of the conditions leading to blowout are preventable with proper maintenance. The lifespan of the tire can be greatly affected by many factors that need constant monitoring such as air pressure, wear, or punctures. Any or any combination of these factors can cause a neglected tire to burst.

Underinflated tires

If a tire is underinflated, there is a greater surface area touching the road which means that there is greater friction. The tire can then become overheated and can wear out in a short amount of time. This dangerous situation is the main reason why blowouts occur.

Overinflated tires

If a tire is overinflated, the increased pressure inside the tire makes it more unforgiving to bumps in the road. The tire can be more vulnerable to damage from poor road conditions and cause uneven or distorted treads. Like an overinflated balloon, the added pressure can also cause the tire to burst on the road.

Aging tires

Tires are consumable goods and are not meant to be used indefinitely. This means that it needs to be properly maintained and regularly checked to see whether replacement is necessary. All drivers have the responsibility to check the treads on their tires before they go on the road. In the case of commercial trucks, these vehicles drive long distances which makes regular checkups on the tires even more important.

Overloaded vehicles

If you overload the truck with cargo, this can cause extra pressure on the tires and cause them to fail. Trucks have a maximum limit of weight that they can carry. Therefore, if the cargo exceeds the weight, it puts more pressure on each tire.


Although tire blowouts can happen anytime in the year, tires are especially susceptible to blowouts in the summer months. In fact, the months between May and October are sometimes referred to as “blowout season.” Why?

The rubber that is used in tires can only take so much heat and lead to a buildup of pressure. The added combination of friction that comes from driving on the roads at a high speed can lead to a blowout.

Preventative Measures Against Tire Blowouts

Safety measures are put into place to reduce tire-related accidents from happening in the first place. On November 1, 2000, Congress passed the Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability, and Documentation (TREAD) Act.

This act improved labels that contained vital information needed for the proper care of tires and required all cars to be manufactured after 2007 to warn drivers of underinflated tires via a Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Despite these improvements, tire-related accidents including blowouts can still occur if an individual or a group deliberately ignores these warnings. It is also the responsibility of the driver to check his or her air pressure and check the tread of their tires even if no warning appears through the TPMS. When preventable measures are not acted on, that carelessness can bring adequate reason for establishing liability.

Who is Liable for Truck Accidents Caused by Tire Blowouts?

Tire blowout accidents often occur due to negligence. Immediately after an accident, many may be quick to find fault with the other driver. However, negligence can also be found on the part of multiple parties besides the driver who shares the responsibility for the accident. Although a blowout is an instantaneous occurrence, the factors that led to the blowout may have been many weeks or months in the making.

Truck drivers

All drivers should keep the good practice of checking their vehicles’ air pressure. Especially since trucks often carry heavy cargo over long distances on the highway, truck drivers should particularly be observant of the condition of their tires. If truck drivers fail to inflate their tires and properly care for them, it could make them liable.

Trucking companies

Companies also have the responsibility of maintaining the trucks that they own. If regular maintenance is not done, or if they failed to address a request for maintenance, then the companies may also be liable for the injuries of the victim.

Maintenance companies

Many drivers and trucking companies entrust maintenance companies with the task of caring for their vehicles. If they did not do their job of repairing an issue on a tire that led to a blowout, they could be liable for the accident.

Tire manufacturers

If there was a fundamental flaw in the design of the tire, then the manufacturers would be liable. Proper steps may not have been taken to recall a product with a known defect. The liability would then fall on the makers of the product.

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