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Woman Severely Injured in a T-Bone Crash in Brooklyn

Woman Severely Injured in a T-Bone Crash in Brooklyn
Woman Severely Injured in a T-Bone Crash in Brooklyn

A thirty-two-year-old woman is fighting for her life after the Lyft she was traveling in was hit by a driver in a souped-up sports car who ran through a red light. The T-bone crash in Brooklyn happened early Monday, November 30.

The passenger was traveling north in the back seat of a hired Honda Accord on Bedford Ave. The car was hit by a Dodge Charger that was speeding west on Dekalb Avenue. 

The impact ejected the woman from the vehicle. According to the officials, she was immediately transported to Bellevue Hospital in a critical state.

The surveillance footage shows the Honda slowly entering the intersection when it was crashed from the side by the speeding Charger. The video clearly shows the Charger speeding through a red light, and hitting the backside of the car where the victim was sitting.  

The Accord started spinning around from the impact, smashing into a parked white van and climbing the sidewalk.

The driver of the Charger was identified by police sources as twenty-two-year-old Ryan Ortiz from Middletown, New York. He was taken to Kings County Hospital in good condition.

The Charger was decorated with a wrap-around design from the horror movie “Scream”; the vanity plate read “SCR3AM.”

Being injured as a passenger is never easy. But, since you weren’t at any kind of fault, you can easily file a claim by both your driver and the other driver involved in the accident.

This can be a complex case, so it’s best to hire a New York car accident attorney. Covering your medical expenses can be stressful, especially in the period when you have to stay at home and lose your wages.

We offer a free case evaluation; let our experienced New York car accident attorneys work on your case and help you get your claim.

Source: https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/ny-passenger-ejected-crash-brooklyn-20201130-kqedx5b4wnfnjd5kjnf6q23faa-story.html

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