What You Need to Know About Ejection Accidents

What You Need to Know About Ejection Accidents
What You Need to Know About Ejection Accidents

Car accidents vary from minor, to severe or fatal. There is no rule as to how fatal crashes happen, but usually, when the impact is strong, people tend to get severe injuries, even get ejected from the vehicle. We term these “ejection accidents.” When this happens, the outcome can be deadly or with severe injuries that will recover a long treatment and recovery and often leave the victims with life-long disabilities.

If you were involved in such an accident, it’s best to seek a New York car accident attorney.

Ejection Accidents are Serious

When a person is ejected from a vehicle, they are at risk of many serious injuries. In such accidents, the victim may suffer bone fractures, spinal cord injuries, soft tissue injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and internal injuries. The ejection crash may involve another object hitting the victim or pinning them which could lead to a suffocation injury or other severe injury.

How Ejection Accidents Happen

Almost every accident can be prevented, including ejection accidents. These accidents happen as a result of the following:

  • A vehicle rollover If a vehicle flips over after a crash, the risk of ejection is very high. Ejection is not as common in non-rollover accidents.
  • Not wearing a seat belt – The seatbelt can protect you from many injuries during a crash, but it can be crucial in roll-over accidents when ejection happens. It reduces the risk of you being thrown outside the vehicle.

How To Prevent Ejection Accidents

Although every accident can lead to broken bones, skull fractures, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, loss of limbs, or death, these injuries are far more common in ejection accidents.

To prevent such injuries, and the crash itself, you should do the following methods:

Check your seat belts and windows regularly. Regularly check if the doors of your car close properly. Be sure that all passengers have seat belts on. If you drive children, be sure that they are seated in suitable safety seats (install them properly).

When driving, don’t go over the speed limit. Always wear the seat belt, keep a proper distance, and follow the road signs. Never drive if you drank alcohol or took drugs before (even if you feel sufficiently sober).

What to Do If You or a Loved One Get Injured In an Eject Crash

Such accidents can be traumatic for both the victims and their families.

If you or your loved one were injured in an ejection accident, the injuries and damages will be severe. These injuries and damages will have to be covered, and often the medical bills will be extremely high due to the severity of the injuries that require long treatments (sometimes this can last for a lifetime).

Be sure to get a skilled and experienced car accident attorney who has worked in this area. Recovering from such an accident can be long and traumatic, so the last thing you want to think about is filing lawsuits, thinking of money, stressing over further expenses, and thinking about insurance companies.

Your attorney would work on this while you recover. They would collect the needed evidence, hire an expert who will reconstruct the accident, file a lawsuit against the liable party (on your behalf), and negotiate with the insurance company.

One thing to keep in mind is that the insurance company of the liable driver won’t be empathetic towards your injuries and damages. They would work hard to prove that you somehow contributed to the crash. This is just their tactic to offer a lower settlement or deny it completely.

Your best interest is to get a higher settlement as possible. This is why you need a lawyer. They will help you construct a demand letter where you explain things carefully (your damages, injuries, calculations of your medical bills).

This way you will show the other party that you are serious about your claim and that you won’t give up until you get it.

Most accidents are settled in this phase and don’t end in court. However, if your case gets to court, your attorney would represent your case and would do their best to help you get your much-deserved settlement. If your loved one has died due to fatal injuries, you may file a wrongful death suit.

This lawsuit should cover the medical expenses your loved one had during the treatment, funeral and burial expenses, and other accident-related fees. This money can help you continue with your life, after the tragedy.

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