What are Some of the Most Common Construction Accidents in Long Island?

What are Some of the Most Common Construction Accidents in Long Island?
What are Some of the Most Common Construction Accidents in Long Island?

What are Some of the Most Common Construction Accidents in Long Island?

One of the most dangerous professions is construction. Construction workers have to work from great heights. They’re also dealing with heavy, dangerous equipment. They are more prone to get hurt on the job than almost any other profession. On any given day, you may read about a construction accident in Long Island. Thankfully, there are personal injury lawyers in Long Island, New York who can help you get compensation for your injuries.

If you work in an office, there’s not a big chance that you’ll get hurt at work. Sure, you could fall or sprain your wrist. Or, you may get into an accident on the way to see a client. Generally speaking, however, there are very few jobs that are as dangerous or as taxing as working in construction.

To put things into perspective, of the almost 5,000 worker fatalities last year, more than 20% of them involved construction workers. When someone leaves the house to go to work in the morning, the last thing they should worry about is dying. Sadly, when someone chooses this industry, they are putting themselves at risk. If you or your spouse get hurt while on the job at a construction site, you need to call and talk to an experienced workplace injury attorney in Long Island as soon as possible.

Many Construction Workers in New York Suffer Falls or are Hit By Falling Objects

Many of the construction accidents we see with our clients involve falls. This includes workers who fall and get hurt. It also involves falling debris or equipment. In either of these situations, there’s a good chance you’ll be entitled to workers comp benefits. However, if there’s negligence involved, you may also have a potential personal injury claim. The only way to know for sure is to talk to a skilled personal injury attorney right away.

Given the nature of a construction site, it isn’t surprising that a lot of workers fall and get hurt. In these falls, you can suffer a variety of injuries, including:

  • Neck and back injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Internal injuries

Any of these can put you out of work for a while. If the accident took place on the job, you should be entitled to benefits.

If you’re hit with a falling object, you may have a better shot at filing a personal injury claim. For example, if a piece of scaffolding is faulty and it hits you on the head, you may have a personal injury claim against the company that provided the scaffolding.

There are Other Common Types of Construction Accidents

Not all construction accidents involve falls. Many involve other sorts of injuries and accidents. Some of these include the following:

  • Vehicle accidents – If you need to drive a truck or other vehicle for work, there’s always the chance that you may get into a motor vehicle accident.
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals – You may have to touch or breathe in dangerous chemicals. Over time, this can cause all sorts of illnesses and injuries.
  • Burns – Depending on what sort of equipment you use, you may be at risk of getting burned. For example, if you do welding, you could suffer a burn.
  • Electrocution – If you are an electrician or work with this sort of equipment, you could be electrocuted. These accidents result in serious and painful burns.

No matter what sort of injury or accident you suffer, you need to talk to a personal injury lawyer in Long Island right away. Hopefully, your employer will take care of you. However, that isn’t always the case. If your claim is denied, you need someone by your side who knows what it takes to get you paid.

Call and Talk to an Experienced Construction Accident Attorney in New York Right Away

If you’ve suffered a serious injury in a construction accident in Long Island, call Cellino Law right away. You need to focus on getting better, not fighting with an insurance company. You can call and schedule your free initial consultation today. This way, you can sit down with someone who’s handled cases like yours before. They can answer any questions you may have. They can even let you know what they think your case is worth. The consultation is free and you don’t pay anything until your case settles. The insurance company will have a team of lawyers working for them and you should too.


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