Top Reasons You Shouldn’t Take on A Car Accident Case Alone

Top Reasons You Shouldn’t Take on A Car Accident Case Alone
Top Reasons You Shouldn’t Take on A Car Accident Case Alone

Most people go through their claims process with little or no help from an attorney. But most people also take their first compensation offer and miss out. There are many reasons why you should enlist help when you’re going through a car accident case.

Get help now before your claim closes. After your claim closes you will have severely restricted options in seeking the rest of the compensation that you deserve.

You May Have to Defend That It Wasn’t Your “Fault”

In New York, the insurance companies involved in your claim could determine that any percentage of the wreck was your fault. This percentage will directly impact your claim and how much compensation you can receive.

For example, if you have 50,000 in damages and deserve a $50,000 payout, you won’t receive the full amount if part of the crash was your fault. If the crash was 20% your fault you can’t expect to receive more than $40,000. Meaning that you could have over $10,000 in medical bills to cover on your own.

That’s not fair. It’s made worse when you consider that people don’t have a chance to defend themselves. You don’t get the chance outside of your initial statement to show that something was or was not your fault.

This is where a lawyer comes in to play. A lawyer can help you navigate this struggle and take a fight partial fault assignment.

Car Wreck Cases Are Complex

If every crash was a simple rear-end fender bender then you wouldn’t worry about starting a claim. You would have total trust that every case was treated the same and that your payout would be fair.

That doesn’t happen and every car wreck case seems to be more complex than anyone could have predicted. Car crash complications can come from the obvious hit-and-run scenarios to an uninsured motorist providing you with false insurance information.

Dealing with the aftermath of a crash is something that no one should handle alone because there’s no way to predict the outcome. You could start with a goal in mind but it’s likely that you won’t be able to handle your own case while also recovering.

Any injury in a car crash will substantially impact the complexity of the case. Unfortunately, this means that you’ll be handling a tough claim process while trying to recover physically.

You Are “Up Against” Giant Companies

Have you stood up against an investigator from Geico, Farmers, State Farm, or Allstate? These high-powered companies send out people who aim to get answers that benefit the company.

When an insurance representative asks questions or interviews you, they focus on getting answers that minimize the payout. They phrase their questions such as “Were you okay after the crash?” rather than, “What pain did you experience after the crash?”

Your impulse is to assure them that everything is okay. Then when you have medical bills to add to your claim, they begin a fraud investigation. They say that you were fine at the time of the crash, so where did these medical bills come from.

Then there are the times that the other driver’s insurance company contacts you. You do not have to talk to them, but most people don’t know that. When you take on the claims process alone you can open yourself up to all variety of pitfalls.

No One Is Looking Out for Your Best Interest

Insurance companies don’t want to provide you with a fair or substantial payout. They want to keep their payouts to a minimum, keeping money in their own pocket. So, if the other driver’s company wants to avoid a payout, and your insurance company wants to avoid a payout, what happens?

Usually, companies will work together to decide a percentage of fault. Then they use that percentage to determine how much the insurance carrier of the most at-fault driver must payout in compensation. Often this system results in people receiving far less than the damages they experienced.

When you hire an attorney, you can finally put someone on your side that will be part of all the important discussions. They can get information from your insurance company and work for you.

Get in Touch with A Car Crash Lawyer Now

A car wreck lawyer is the best companion to have during an insurance claim process. Not only do they bring a range of knowledge to the table, but they also give you a voice.

Call the law offices of Cellino Law to schedule a consultation for your case now. You can discuss the finer points of what makes your case complex and what to expect from the insurance companies involved.


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