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Three People, Including 6-Year-Old Student, Injured in School Bus Crash

Three People, Including 6-Year-Old Student, Injured in School Bus Crash
Three People, Including 6-Year-Old Student, Injured in School Bus Crash

Three people were injured, including a six-year-old student, in a school bus crash on October 21. The bus was transporting eight students to Little Britain Elementary School and was traveling eastbound on Route 207 in New Windsor when it was hit by a commercial tree service truck that had passed the double yellow line while going westbound, the new Windsor Police and Washingtonville Central School District said. 

The fire department and EMS team also responded to the scene, shortly before 8:30 a.m. According to the police they managed to extricate the bus and truck drivers and a female student who was sitting behind the bus driver. The three of them were taken to a hospital; the drivers were in critical condition and the student, although in a critical state, was stable.

According to the school district, the seven other students on the bus were able to walk off on their own. They were also taken to St. Luke’s Hospital in Newburgh for observation. After their treatment, they were released. 

The police continue investigating the school bus crash. They said a third vehicle was involved in the collision but didn’t share any further information. For now, the identities of the injured victims aren’t shared with the public, though the injured girl’s uncle said that the girl was six-year-old and practiced yoga breaths to stay calm while the authorities were trying to free her from the scene.

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Source: https://people.com/human-interest/3-people-including-student-critically-injured-in-horrific-new-york-bus-crash/

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