Father of Teen Killed in NYC Joyride Is Looking for Answers

Father of Teen Killed in NYC Joyride Is Looking for Answers
Father of Teen Killed in NYC Joyride Is Looking for Answers

The saddened father of a teen killed in NYC joyride on April 15 is looking for answers about what happened to his daughter. Ramon Cora Sr. was rushed to New York from his home near Scranton, Pa. when he discovered that his teenage daughter Christina was dead.

The eighteen-year-old Christina Cora was living in a homeless shelter on 10th Ave. near the Lincoln Tunnel in Manhattan. She was killed on Thursday night, April 15, in a horrific crash when nineteen-year-old driver Stephanie Jaramillo lost control of her Toyota Corolla on the Alexander Hamilton Bridge in Washington Heights. 

Cora, who was in the back seat, was partially ejected from the car when it flipped over. The girl was declared dead at the scene.

The nineteen-year-old driver is now facing charges of manslaughter. Her blood alcohol content showed 0.19 which is twice above the legal limit, said Manhattan prosecutors. 

The father of the teen killed in NYC joyride now wants to know how the accident happened. According to news reports, the man had begged his daughter to leave New York and live with him in Pennsylvania. 

Drunk drivers who cause accidents are facing harsh penalties; in case a person dies in such an accident caused by a drunk driver, they will face charges such as manslaughter. Driving under the influence is illegal in New York, and even if an accident has no injured or dead people, a drunk driver will still be arrested.

If you or your loved one were injured in an accident that was caused by a drunk driver, you may be entitled to a compensation claim. Losing a loved one in such an accident can be devastating, but you should give your best to remain calm and contact a New York car accident attorney. Our team at Cellino Law will answer all your questions related to your case; call our office today.

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