NY Car Accident Injuries and More

NY Car Accident Injuries and More
NY Car Accident Injuries and More

Someone becomes a victim of a car accident every few seconds. A car accident attorney might be the best resource available for victims. Businesses, courts, and awareness support groups use statistics to paint a realistic picture for drivers.

Every year Buffalo, NY emergency rooms see tens of thousands of people in need of immediate treatment from car wrecks. If you or a passenger were hurt in a car accident, you need the help of a car wreck lawyer.

Motor Vehicle Related Deaths

Although there are more restrictions on distracted driving, and cops cracked down, there are more deaths than ever. Reasonably, there are more drivers than ever. The ideal situation of fewer deaths relies on safe driving, not on a reasonable ratio.

The average of motor vehicle-related deaths between 2012 and 2014 was 1,098 deaths per year. Motor vehicle injuries and wrecks were the fourth leading cause of injury-type deaths in the state.

Too often families lose loved ones to drowsy drivers, intoxicated drivers, and poor judgment. They often feel that there is little that they can do in these situations. After a grieving period, when the family is comfortable, there is often the possibility of a wrongful death lawsuit.

Car accident attorneys can help grieving families understand the processes of insurance claims and medical expenses that come after these tragic situations.

Injuries and Hospitalizations

Annually, about 12,000 people are taken into the hospital for injuries from car wrecks. Then there are nearly 136,000 annual visits to the Emergency Room because of car accidents. Injuries and hospitalizations aren’t minor issues.

Every year about 2.35 million people become injured or disabled because of car wrecks.

These major mishaps in life can derail a person’s career, financial stability, and their family. A car wreck can impact a person’s mobility for life. It can severely affect how they are able to continue their life for the years or decades to come.

Common injuries from car wrecks include:

The Expense of Car Accident Injuries

The estimated cost per person for crashes is about $820. That is not accounting for the number of people on the road, that’s the entire population. In the United States, the annual cost of car accidents is about $231 billion per year.

That figure includes the work lost and the lifetime medical expenses that come from car accidents. These statistics are scary, and many people face these extreme bills on their own.

Anyone who has ever been in a car crash will know that it’s terrifying being behind the wheel in a wreck. But more people learn each day that is debilitating deciding between extraordinary medical debt or lifelong pain and suffering.

In some cases, victims will experience overwhelming medical bills and pain throughout their life. Loss of limb or function are things that will follow you, even with medical advancements.

How Car Accident Lawyers Help Victims

Whether it was a wrongful death, traumatic brain injury, loss of limb, or a concussion that kept you from work, you need help. The statistics show that car wrecks can wreak havoc on anyone’s life.

Safe driving and being aware of the road conditions will only get you so far. If you were the victim of a car accident, get help from a lawyer. Your insurance company may be able to help a little, but they won’t be able to guide you through your recovery.

Get the help that you need to start putting your life back on track.

Get A Car Wreck Attorney

It doesn’t matter how bad the car wreck was, or how many cars it involved. You can start taking immediate action to put yourself in order. If you experienced any type of injury, or needed medical attention on the scene, you have options to help with your medical bills.

An insurance company can only do so much to help you with your medical recovery. A lawyer can help you explore alternative resolutions to recover from the crash. Even accidents with minor injuries result in damages to the vehicle and often lost work.

You should be able to take the time you need to make a full recovery and have access to necessary medical treatment. Additionally, if you were in a fatal crash as a driver or passenger, you have your mental recovery to consider as well.

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