A Construction Site Accident Lawyer Discusses On-Site Injuries

A Construction Site Accident Lawyer Discusses On-Site Injuries
A Construction Site Accident Lawyer Discusses On-Site Injuries

If you ask any construction site accident lawyer, they’ll confirm that the sites are a dangerous place for workers. It isn’t uncommon for construction workers to end up with serious injuries if they fall, trip or fracture a bone.

Construction workers are entitled to workers’ compensation claims for their injuries as they work in a work environment that is of high risk (fractures, slip, and fall, spinal injury, explosions, chemicals, fire).

If you are a construction worker who ended up injured at the workplace, you should inform your employer and seek immediate medical help. You have the right to seek a compensation claim, and to do that make sure you hire a skilled construction site accident lawyer who will help you in the process.

Injuries and Claims After Construction Accidents

Construction accidents can happen even because of simple things such as tripping over a toolbox. These types of accidents can be catastrophic to a point where the worker may end up fatally or with spinal fractures and remain unable to walk for life.

These are the reasons for serious injuries that occur at construction sites:

  • Electrocution
  • Drowning
  • Highway construction accidents
  • Tunnel accidents
  • Machinery accidents
  • Explosions

What to do If You Were Injured at a Construction Site in New York

Report the Accident

In the construction industry, almost every construction site accident lawyer knows that many accidents are not reported. Workers may not be legal residents and fear reporting will jeopardize their job or immigration status. In other cases, construction companies don’t want reporting of accidents because it will put doubts on their safety practices and could lead to OSHA investigations and potential penalties. No matter the situation, an accident must be reported to your supervisor.

Seek Medical Help

Being injured at a construction site is a serious thing and you should seek immediate medical help. A proper diagnosis and treatment can save your life. Seeking immediate medical treatment will help to document the fact that an accident happened and you got an injury as a result. Construction companies will deny that an accident occurred and will deny the details. Having a medical record with the injuries you got in the accident will be persuasive evidence when your case gets in court.

Take Names and Photos

Injured people may not be able to get photos of the scene and the names of any witnesses. In that case, ask a co-worker to help you with that as soon as possible. Take photos with a cell phone to document the unsafe conditions; it’ will be of great help for your case (these photos should show clear details and should be done before the condition changes). Ask a co-worker to write down the names and addresses of any witnesses to the accident. This is very essential because a detailed investigation should be done as soon as possible. Memories fade and witnesses may fear repercussions if they testify. Your construction site accident lawyer may be able to help by directing you to good sources.

Workers Compensation

New York law obliges your company to provide you with workers’ compensation insurance coverage. These benefits will help you cover your medical expenses and lost wages to the extent allowed by the law in New York. Be prepared and file a report of the accident with your employer to collect the Workers Compensation benefits. The report is not complex, but there are rules and deadlines which must be followed so you can receive the full workers’ compensation benefits to which you are entitled. Your construction site accident lawyer can guide you in completing the forms.

Contact a Construction Site Accident Lawyer

The primary concern of yours is to get medical help and recover. Instead to seek justice while still recovering, make sure you hire a trusted construction site accident attorney to do that job for you.  Your attorney has the knowledge and resources to help you in this case by doing the needed paperwork and investigation. They will know what to do to help you get your claim.

As a construction worker, you are entitled to a workers’ compensation claim. Don’t fear to report because of your immigration status in the USA or because you may get fried. Your health is the most important and you have the right to get medical help and financial cover for all the expenses related to your injuries.

If a family loses a loved one in a construction accident, they can bring this type of lawsuit on that person’s behalf.

New York statute of limitations for workers’ compensation claim is two years. If you miss the deadline you risk having your claim denied.

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