Car Accidents: Expectations vs. Reality

Car Accidents: Expectations vs. Reality
Car Accidents: Expectations vs. Reality

Everyone had some sort of warning that car accidents were likely when they started driving. Whether it was from seeing wrecks in real life or reading about them in drivers’ education, it sums up with “accidents happen.”

The issue is that the expectation that people set is very unrealistic. The most common car accident is two people getting into a fender bender, exchanging information and everything is okay.

What really happens, even in minor accidents is that two or more people get out of the car shaken and upset. Immediately everyone starts taking pictures and avoids saying anything to anyone else. Or in rare and scary situations, one person is more than upset, they are threatening and combative.

At the Crash Site

You were just in an accident, it’s scary. Take a deep breath, and safely pull off the road. Do not rush out of your vehicle. Do not leave your vehicle until you are sure that you and your passengers are safe.

Immediately determine if anyone needs immediate medical attention. If so, contact 911 right away. If not, you can continue.

At the crash site, the expectation is that the other driver is compassionate and concerned. Don’t expect that. If anything, expect a combative or aggressive driver. Cautiously exit your vehicle, if it’s safe. Take all of your information with you including your insurance card.

Introduce yourself to the other driver, and exchange information. You must decide if you need to contact emergency services. Additionally, you need to call and file a police report.

The other driver may try to convince you that you don’t need to get the police or insurance companies involved. Always collect their information. If you don’t feel safe at the scene, call the police but do not leave.

Finally, get to where you need to go. For medical emergencies go to an emergency room, usually, an ambulance will be available. If you’re a little sore or have concerns for your health, or the health of your passengers, head to an urgent care center.

Otherwise, you may want to go home and rest. Make an appointment to see your primary physician, even if you feel okay after a crash.

Medical Treatment

People expect two scenarios when it comes to medical treatment. Either you need immediate medical attention and go to the ER via ambulance, or, you’re fine. That’s not the reality.

Most people, drivers, and passengers feel sore after a crash for a number of reasons. It could be muscle stress, tears, minor injuries, or even just the extra rush of adrenaline. But there are more common injuries as well that appear over time such as whiplash.

Medical treatment often comes in waves of treatment. Chiropractic care is a common method for rehabilitation as most car accident injuries are muscle related. Additionally, you might need various types of rehabilitation to rebuild muscle strength or recover from more serious injuries.

Dealing with Insurance

The expectation is that you call your insurance, they get you a rental car, pay for your medical bills and then you’re on your way. That is not the case. From the moment you call your insurance company you are under pressure to minimalize the situation.

Then you might receive a tiny check after being told that the crash was probably partly your fault. That means that they don’t fully understand the situation and don’t care to investigate more.

Dealing with insurance is also a hassle. You end up fighting for a rental car, fighting for medical compensation, and still end up paying for things out of pocket. Don’t deal with your insurance without a lawyer on your side.

Healing Time

The idea of recovering quickly is nice, but hardly a realistic standard. Many people don’t realize the stress of day-to-day activities and struggle to set clear lines for recovery.

After a crash, you will likely need medical attention. The best thing that you can do for your recovery is to rest, and your doctor may insist that you take time off work. Unlike bones that are set in a cast and left to heal undistributed, you’ll likely have muscle and tendon trauma.

Missing time at work is hard for anyone, but especially after a crash when you might expect to have a few unexpected bills. Take the time to heal. Your insurance compensation should include pain and suffering, including lost wages.

Involve A Car Accident Lawyer Early in the Claim Process

Car wrecks are unexpected and the injuries that come with them are often underplayed. Take the chance to protect yourself and get the help you need to handle your claim.

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