Cellino Law’s Gregory Pajak Talks About The Beginning of Cellino Law

Cellino Law’s Gregory Pajak Talks About The Beginning of Cellino Law
Cellino Law’s Gregory Pajak Talks About The Beginning of Cellino Law

Gregory Pajak, managing attorney of Cellino Law, discussed the opening of the new firm in an interview on WBEN radio. When asked how he felt about the new venture, Gregory said everyone was excited because it had been a long road. Ross Cellino and Steve Barnes, who were partners for decades at Cellino & Barnes, were involved in a long, public court battle. This dispute led to Ross Cellino launching his own firm, Cellino Law.

Gregory said that although the team at Cellino Law is excited to start a new chapter, their excitement is obviously “tempered by the tragic loss of Stephen Barnes and his niece Elizabeth Barnes in that horrible plane crash.” Still, Gregory Pajak believes that Barnes would tell them it’s important to continue servicing clients.

Gregory Pajak explained “we have a lot of great, wonderful people that have been here 15, 20, 25 years that have been servicing injured clients throughout Western New York, Rochester, Buffalo and downstate as well,” and “we are looking forward to doing that again under Cellino Law.”

Gregory was asked if it would be easy or not for Cellino Law to move forward as a new firm given the impact of Cellino & Barnes on the legal community and branding. The interviewer noted that “for decades, everyone had known the Cellino & Barnes’ jingle” in the western New York area.

Gregory answered that “nothing is ever easy in life” but he feels the transition will be “relatively easy for Cellino Law.” He said “Ross Cellino’s name has always been first in Cellino & Barnes” and “people will naturally understand that Cellino Law is Ross Cellino from Cellino & Barnes.”

Gregory also pointed out the local Western New York phone number 800-555-5555 will be familiar to those who remember the number for Cellino & Barnes. Cellino Law is launching a new 1-800-555-5555 number statewide. Gregory also shared Cellino Law’s new jingles “Car Crash, Call Cellino” and “Hurt When You Drive, Call 5.”


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